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California Gags the Gig Economy — Once again, the malice and/or economic ignorance of the Left will harm countless people while benefiting just a few.

All of this flexibility would go away as soon as I become a “permanent employee.” As Uber and Lyft have pointed out, this means that employees would have to work only in predetermined scheduled shifts. No more picking up a rider on the way to or from work for a few extra bucks. No more deciding last minute to use a few hours off on the weekend to generate some side income.With 76 percent of Lyft drivers working less than 10 hours a week, that means a majority of Lyft drivers would lose the flexibility they’ve enjoyed. For many, that’ll likely mean having to give up the gig altogether.

So this bill that supposedly supports the rights of gig workers will punish up to 76 percent of Lyft employees in order to provide higher wages to those who survive the decimation.On top of that, the sudden loss of drivers coupled with the increase in expenses will only result in higher prices. Let’s face it: Uber and Lyft aren’t going to eat the cost. They’ll pass it on to us, the consumers. The latest estimate says ride-sharing will cost up to 30 percent more per ride.

Once again, the people who suffer are the very people the bill claims it will support. 41.8 million Americans used Uber in March 2018 alone, many of whom relied on Uber to get to and from work. This bill could destroy the livelihood of these people living day-to-day, trying to make ends meet, who find that now their commute costs have increased 30 percent while they also lose the extra income from a convenient side gig.

Proponents of the bill have gained support by asking gig workers, “Do you want more money?” Of course the answer is yes. And for a small portion of them, they’ll get what they wished for.I don’t deny that the bill will raise some gig workers’ average hourly wage. But let’s face the facts: while this bill could benefit some gig workers, it would undoubtedly harm many more. Perhaps voters in California should reconsider and vote according to the facts, not according to a misled heart.

ERLC Releases Soros-Approved Immigration Propaganda Guide for Children

The guide did not inform parents or children that nearly 80% of people who cross our borders illegally are men. Neither does it mention that nearly 20% of immigrants are trafficked like slaves. Neither does it mention that nearly a fifth of children who come into the United States are actually kidnapped hostages not related to those posing as their parents because kids make it more likely for immigration officials to let criminals pass checkpoints. Neither does it mention that nearly a quarter of illegal aliens are known to have committed felonies inside the United States.

NYC Repeals Prohibition Against Reparative Therapy Because It’s Unconstitutional – Good news.

California adds another state to its “no travel” list — California won’t like you if you don’t force taxpayers to fund “trans” procedures.

Rent Control Hurts Renters — Leftists don’t know (bad) or don’t care (even worse).

Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute explains that rent control inflicts the following:

1. Hurts the people it’s supposed to help

2. Gives landlords little incentive to improve their housing stock

3. Discourages construction of new housing for all but the rich

How Do I Choose a Spouse? Seven Principles for Marrying Well — I mentioned to someone that we were so blessed that our daughters had married well.  The listener assumed I meant they married into money, but that wasn’t what I meant at all (though the husbands are great providers).  I meant that our prayers had been answered and they married solid Christian men who are a great fit with them.

Reflection of Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum | The Domain for Truth

First it seems my generation idealized socialism and even communism. But we must see communism as the evil that it is. Uncensored, un-sanitized and its fruit. Its tryannical. Its capable of causing some of the greatest evils we have seen on earth. It promises so much but deliver the least than any other ideology and isms. It promises so much because it assumes the state has the power of a god, capable of fixing everything and coercing others to follow one’s social agenda. But that all encompassing power means the ones having it become corrupt or they become paranoid that someone will want their power. Either way through paranoia or intent incredible evil against dissidents (real or imagine) takes place, all under the justification of ensuring a political agenda not be stopped.

Secondly sometimes you hear people say religion causes suffering and evil in this world. But organized secularism has a history of doing the same thing if not at a scale more horrifying than most leftists college in a “safe space” university can imagine. I’m thinking of purposeful mass starvation, genocide and tryanny over the people. The irony of some organized secular humanistic worldview with a political ideology is that historically speaking from the 20th century once they are in charge that are the biggest jihadist in imposing upon others their own blasphemy codes. You have Tuol Sleng become a temple offering sacrifices to the state and Marx is the prophet of their utopia. But their utopia is hell on earth.

WORLD Magazine Cover Story Suggests ECFA Accreditation is a Rubber Stamp

However, the WORLD article does a great job of revealing why ECFA does such an abysmal job of holding organizations accountable. The group is paid by its member organizations, not donors. In fact, more than 75-percent of ECFA’s total revenue comes from fees charged to members. So there’s a clear financial incentive for ECFA to continue accrediting its members, regardless of performance.

Baby Born Alive at 23 Weeks, Abortion Clinic Put Her in a Bag and Threw Her in The Trash — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

Best of the Bee

Beto: ‘Hell Yes I’m Going To Violate My Oath To Defend The Constitution’ | The Babylon Bee — Republicans should use his real quote 24×7 along with a simple question: What makes you think he’ll stop with confiscating AR-15’s?

Not the Babylon Bee

Nation’s Murderous Psychopaths Undecided On Whether They’ll Follow New Gun Laws | The Babylon Bee

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

BBC Children’s TV Show Tells Young Children There Are Over 100 Gender Identities — Child abuse.



5 incredible revelations from this week’s abortion hearing in California

ONE. The prosecution was initiated by Planned Parenthood asking Loretta Lynch (at the time, the US Attorney General) to reach out to Kamala Harris (at the time the State Attorney General in California) to investigate the journalists who made the videos. In other words, the investigation was obviously politically driven, and Harris took orders from Lynch, while Lynch took direction from Planned Parenthood. The State was forced to turn over a letter from Lynch to Harris, which was cited as the reason for initiating the case. That’s not the way any of this is supposed to work.

Two. The State of California let Planned Parenthood see and edit the search warrant to be served on Daleiden, before it was executed. Thus, Planned Parenthood got to ensure that the devices Daleiden used were included on the warrant, and got to approve the scope of the investigation.

Three. The search warrant deceptively edited California law to cover the violence of abortions. California law prohibits “wire-tapping” without consent. In other words, you cannot record a private conversation without both parties consent. However, the law has an express exception—if the purpose of the recording is to uncover evidence of a crime of violence, then the recording is not illegal. Obviously the defense would say that the illegal sale of fetal tissue acquired through “crunchy” methods is a violent crime, and obviously the prosecution would disagree. Yet Planned Parenthood and the State of California edited the exception clause out of the law included in the search warrant. So the judge who signed off on it didn’t have the full text of the law in front of him to being with.

Four. Planned Parenthood originally went to the LAPD and filed a criminal complaint against Daleiden and Merritt. The LAPD declined to pass along the complaint to prosecutors, because it was on its face absurd. The law prohibits recording “private conversations” and because the videos were made in public restaurants, there was nothing illegal about them. This is why Planned Parenthood then reached out Lynch and asked her to pressure Harris.

Five. The most important revelation at this hearing was the admission from one of the doctors in Daleiden’s video that the videos themselves were not edited or doctored. Remember that when the stories first broke, the standard pro-abortion line was that the videos were “deceptively edited.” But now, in court and under oath, that is shown to be false.

Amy Klobuchar Inadvertently Makes Perfect Argument for Concealed Carry — Hey, we agree!  Even fast police response time isn’t enough.  You need concealed carry to deter criminals and protect people.   And how about proving that you can confiscate all illegal drugs and current illegal weapons before you come after legal gun owners!

“In Dayton, Ohio where in thirty seconds one man guns down innocent people. The cops got there in one minute and it still wasn’t enough to save those people.”

When Do You Need Life Insurance?  Good advice.  Key question: Are there people who depend on your finances that would be negatively impacted should you die?  If so, you should have some sort of policy.

The Impending End of The Age of Oil. But Not This Week.  This graph has some of the best news in decades.  Less dependence on foreign oil is profoundly good for us and bad for our enemies.  So of course the Left wants to stop drilling.

I’d even make the case that when energy is cheap, freedom flourishes.  Why have a slave?  It’s much cheaper to have a gas powered weed trimmer.  Slavery is immoral, but cheap energy removes that pesky incentive.  Why have serfs?  You have to feed them, which is a big drawback.  If the Russian Emperor had used tractors instead, he might have lived long enough to be on Dancing with the Czars®.

Houston Hatefest: Dems Go Nasty — What’s not to hate about their platform?  Republicans across the board should offer their positive ideas, but just repeating the Dems’ foolish and evil ideas and saying, “I’m for the opposite of that” would be effective.

That ideological vision includes a doubly unconstitutional confiscation of weapons through executive fiat endorsed by Senator Kamala Harris and O’Rourke (“Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47”), abolition of private health insurance in a bill sponsored by Senators Sanders and Warren, former Vice President Joe Biden’s insistence that “nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime,” reparations for slavery supported by O’Rourke, a wealth tax proposed by Warren, Senator Cory Booker’s call to “create an office in the White House to deal with the problem of white supremacy and hate crimes,” Harris demanding that government “de-incarcerate women and children” (even ones who murder?), Andrew Yang wanting to “give every American 100 democracy dollars that you only give to candidates and causes you like,” and the entire stage endorsing open borders, if in muted terms during this debate, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Gallp Poll: 83% Say Mental Health To Blame For Mass Shootings — It is encouraging that many can see what the real issue is.  That highlights all the more how the Leftists exploit these issues to grab our guns.

Jackie Hill Perry Rebukes Judgmental Christians … in a Non-Judgmental Way, Of Course — Apparently her followers are as tone-deaf as she is.

Michael Brown Defends the Worst of the Worst Blasphemer and Idolater — Todd White is a transparently false teacher.  Anyone who can’t see that — or worse yet, who affirms White — is not to be trusted.  Any assets that Michael Brown has are vastly overshadowed by his liabilities.

Best of the Bee

Church Singles Group Not As Attractive As Website Suggests | The Babylon Bee

Archaeologists: Pre-Inca Child Sacrifice Site Was Actually A Planned Parenthood | The Babylon Bee

Not the Babylon Bee — big week for ridiculous news!

New York Times Blames “Airplanes” For 9/11 Attack

New Sexual Fetish; Couples Getting Pregnant and Having Multiple Abortions — According to the reasoning of the anti-science, Molech-worshiping Left — including the “Christian” Left — this is just another lifestyle choice, because life doesn’t “really” begin until after the child’s first breath.

Ship Carrying ‘Climate Change Warriors’ Concerned About Melting Arctic Ice Gets Stuck in Ice — Schadenfreude alert!

New Monopoly Game Gives Women More Money Than Men — What pathetic virtue-signaling.  Females should be offended that they need to be given more money to begin and as the game goes on just so they can compete with males.

Burger King Removes “Ham” From “Hamburger” to Avoid Offending Muslims  — Both sides know there is no ham in them, and even if if there was, so what? This is another case of Muslims pushing the bullying envelope and wimpy Dhimmis being obedient. The Muslims just laugh and plot there next humiliation of the West.  Somewhere Nelson Muntz is laughing.


Trump-shaped 9th Circuit hands White House major win on asylum policy — Great news!  Good for Trump.

The San Francisco-based 9th Circuit now has seven Trump-appointed federal judges — more than any other federal appellate bench. The radical transformation of the court, which has 29 seats, is largely the result of Trump’s push to nominate conservative judges and bypass traditional consultations with Senate Democrats.

Thirteen of the 29 seats are now occupied by GOP-appointed judges. Last year, that number stood at six.

Debunking Howard Zinn’s Amerikkka — Zinn was an America-hating Communist, so of course the Leftist controlled government schools make this a must-read for children.  It is no surprise that people like radical pro-abortionist and false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way but He sure is a bigot” Currie of the UCC (Unitarians Counterfeiting Christ) worships Zinn.

That’s the scumbag that has been screwing up all my friends!”

So said Zach, a student who walked into my office and noticed the copy of Mary Grabar’s new book, Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America. The title reflects Zach’s complaint. Twenty years old, Zach has watched many of his generation be turned against America by the dubious history of Howard Zinn.

Islam Escalates Ignored War of Extermination Against Christianity — The Left — including the “Christian” Left — is too busy worrying about microaggressions, pretending there are more than two genders, taking your guns, killing children without restrictions, saying how peaceful Islam is and how these poor Muslims are discriminated against, etc. to report on things like this.  Islam started, spread and continues with violence.  So shame on President Bush for saying Islam is a “religion of peace.”  I realize he was trying to be diplomatic, but there is never a reason to tell such a brazen and counterproductive lie.

“They asked him to deny Christ and when he refused they cut off his right hand; then he refused [again], they cut to the elbow. In which he refused, before they shot him in the forehead, the neck, and chest,” a Nigerian Christian, Enoch Yeohanna, recently recounted about his father’s murder in 2014. …Boko Haram terrorists recently cut off the ears of Christian women after snatching them from their homes during a night-time raid on a mainly Christian town in northern Cameroon. … A few days later, also in Cameroon, a Bible translator, Angus Fung, was butchered to death and his wife’s arm cut off. Then, a Catholic priest, David Tanko, was killed in Nigeria and his car and body set ablaze. Last month, another Nigerian priest, Paul Offu, was murdered. …Four Christians in Burkina Faso were recently murdered for wearing crosses.

Illegal immigrant invites ICE to town hall. Is shocked to find he’s being deported — The Left is trying to spin that as ICE being big meanies and targeting advocates, but this moron invited ICE to visit, thereby rubbing their faces in it and practically challenging them to do something.  And they did.  And why not target advocates who are actual illegals?  Seems like a win-win!

Idolaters Flock to Worship a Crying ‘Virgin Mary’ in Chicago — If she’s crying it is because of foolish people who worship her instead of Jesus.  I’ll bet 99% of those superstitious people never read their Bibles.

Hot Air exclusive: Michelle Malkin’s 10-Step Action Plan from Open Borders, Inc: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction? — Anyone pushing open borders is an enemy of the country.

Two Planned Parenthood Locations to Close, Thanks to Defunding Efforts — Yea!

5 Simple but Essential Reasons to Stop Watching Porn Today — You’d think the Left would oppose porn because of how misogynistic it is.  But because it is so Satanic they quickly rationalize that away and present it to all – including kids – as normal and healthy.

Religious Freedom, Democrat Style — Because money is fungible this would be purely symbolic, but because he’s a Democrat he and his followers probably don’t know that. Either way, note how he wants people to be able to opt out of funding the defense of their country but not be able to opt out of paying to have children killed.

Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) filed H.R. 4169, the “Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act.” The bill would allow taxpayers “who are conscientiously opposed to participation in war” to send their tax dollars to a separate fund that would spend the revenue on non-military purposes.

In contrast, In December 2016, he joined 106 other Democrats in urging President Donald Trump to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which protects taxpayers from being forced to fund abortion…

Democrat Party Makes Hostility to Christianity Explicit — They’ve been hostile to real Christians for a very long time, but they’ve quit pretending.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

The BBC: 100 Genders, 92 League Teams — Child-abusing Leftists are beyond parody.  Trigger them as often you can by reminding them that there are only two genders.  Consider how fast the Left was able to tell these vicious and poisonous lies to children, and imagine what they’ll do in another 5-10 years.  Never give into them.  They’ll still hate you and just regard it as weakness.

In one question-and-answer session a young boy asks: “What are the different gender identities?” He is then praised by a head teacher for asking a “really, really exciting question”.The film cuts to a PSHE teacher called Kate Daniels, who explains to two other young children: “We know that we have got male and female, but there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now.”



Gay ‘Christian’ Journalist, Jonathan Merritt, Leaves Evangelical Faith — Finally!  It is always good when wolves take off the sheep’s clothing.  The video was illuminating.  He obviously didn’t care what the Bible said. As with most apostates, they never explain what changed with the Jesus they allegedly worshiped.

The First Sexual Revolution: The Triumph of Christian Morality in the Roman Empire — Great summary of the history as well as the right applications for us.

If there were “winners” and “losers” in the Christian transformation of sexual morality, you could say that gay men and promiscuous Roman males were the losers, while women, slaves, prostitutes, and young boys were the big winners. “At the beginning of our story,” Harper writes, “the Mediterranean was home to a society where an emperor’s male beloved, victim of an untimely death, would be worshiped around the empire as a god; in this same society, the routine exploitation of slaves and poor women was a foundation of the sexual order. By the end, we are in a world where the emperor will command the gory mutilation of men caught in same-sex affairs, even as he affirmed the moral dignity of women without any civic claim to honor”

. . .

Lessons to Be Learned

Harper’s book is a work of academic history. For the most part, he doesn’t comment on the history he presents either to approve it or condemn it. It should go without saying—but I’ll say it anyway—that the first centuries of the church’s history were not necessarily purer or better than subsequent centuries. I trust that few Christians today are pining for Christian Empire, let alone the enforcement of Christian morality by physical mutilation. The lesson for the church today is not to attempt to recreate the church from another age.And yet, there are lessons to be learned from the transformation of sexual morality in late antiquity. Let me mention three.First, for most of its early history, the church’s power came through preaching, writing, and through its own rigorous system of membership and discipline. Even when she was ignored, harassed, or outright persecuted, the church still wielded important power simply by consistently preaching the truth, developing an apologetic for the truth, and insisting that its members believed and lived out the truth. You can’t win the larger culture by losing your own.

Second, Christianity went from cult to culture in part because the sexual ethic was considered better and safer and more freeing for more people. Obviously, not everyone found Christian morality to be an improvement on traditional Roman standards. But Christian ethics meant a profoundly improved lot in life for women, children, the enslaved, and the poor. The changes came slowly—over centuries, not over years and decades—but changes did come. Virginity, for example, became a loud advertisement for the Christian religion, and women in particular took notice.

Third, we should expect conflict over sex. If Christians in late antiquity had made peace with the world over sex, Christianity would not have been true to itself. The same can be said today. Profoundly different versions of sexual morality cannot be wished away by civil discourse (though civility is good), nor washed away by theological compromise (that would be bad). “Because the problem of sex is inevitably tied to the problem of Christianity’s relation to the world, it is a tension that will surface during any great readjustment in the relationship between Christianity and the world” (160). In other words, the problem is not going away. Let’s hope the church’s winsome commitment to beauty and truth doesn’t either.

StemExpress CEO admits selling beating baby hearts, intact baby heads in Daleiden hearing — Sick, but not surprising.  The media did a great job of aiding and abetting these ghouls by perpetuating the “highly edited video” lie.  I was so sad when I heard my parents reflexively repeat that sound bite.

Don’t Be an Islamophobe and Notice His Name — Political correctness is deadly.  Muslims and their Leftist enablers both exploit it 24×7.

An American Airlines mechanic accused of tampering with the navigation system on a flight scheduled from Miami to the Bahamas had reportedly been fired from Alaska Airlines a decade ago after a series of performance issues. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, 60, was arrested by the FBI on Thursday and charged with willfully damaging, destroying or disabling an aircraft after he allegedly obstructed a tube underneath the cockpit with foam.Alani’s reported motivation was to collect more overtime pay.

His past performance issues included maintenance errors. At one point, his mechanic’s license was suspended by the Federal Aviation Administration. Alani appears to be a malcontent and troublemaker; he has unsuccessfully sued American Airlines for “discrimination.”

Alani was born in Iraq and became a US citizen in 1992 — 27 years ago. Yet he still required an interpreter when brought before a judge yesterday. Assimilation has been a little slow.

Finland: Christian MP Under Police Hate Crime Investigation After Posting Bible Verse — Coming soon to a country near you.  Be ready.  And remember all the ignorant and/or cowardly and/or malicious people who said LGBTQX rights and oxymoronic “same-sex marriage” wouldn’t hurt you.

Bernie: Let’s fund abortions in other countries for population control — No matter what the problem, they think that killing children will help solve it.  Sick.

Benny Hinn: Pretending to Change His False “Seed Offering” Sales Pitch — No surprise that his video where he said he was changing his ways was just another scam.

Best of the Bee

Parents Fulfill Duty To Bring Kids Up In The Lord By Dropping Them Off At Youth Group For An Hour Every Week | The Babylon Bee — I knew countless parents like that.  Took their kids to church and youth group, where they mainly played.  Never talked about it or made it real at home.  Never read the Bible on their own or taught their kids to.

Not the Babylon Bee

Trump Administration Considers Letting Tech Giants Help Determine Who Shouldn’t Have a Gun — I really, really wish this was the Babylon Bee.

Gov’t Intelligence Analyst/Counterterrorism Expert Issues Warning About P&P, “Evangelical Dark Web” — We aren’t going away.  Interesting that they fear Christians.

Pastor Questions Bible’s Truth Because Not Enough Black People Helped Translate It — Wait, what?!  Hey champ, learn Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew then show us what the translators got wrong.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Drag Queen Who Acted Inappropriately With Children Responds, Blames Children — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.




How the Quest For Power Corrupted Elizabeth Warren — She actually had some insightful ideas 15 years ago.  But she’s a fraud and a sell-out.

Ironically, her great failing could be her lack of moderation — the moderation she abandoned in her quest for progressive power. If Elizabeth Warren circa 2003 were running, she’d be the odds-on favorite for president. But Warren circa 2019 would hate Warren circa 2003.

Red Flag Laws Are Lethal Leftist Weapons — These will save zero lives but will cost lives and freedom.  The gun-grabbers are winning.  It was also sad that Wal-Mart caved to the bullies.  Both sides know that Wal-Mart’s actions won’t save a single life, but both sides also know that the gun-grabbers claimed another scalp and intimidated them into this.

Maryland Abortion Clinic Offers Photos and Remembrance With Murdered Child — So creepy.  At least they call them babies.  But it is like serial murderers posing their victims as a souvenir.

Mattis: You won’t believe how Obama and Biden bungled Iraq and allowed the rise of ISIS

Diversity Bridge Is Falling Down, My Fair Lady — This is a story from last year but worth remembering.  A diversity-inspired bridge collapsed, killing 6.  The media memory-holed it quickly because until that point it had been held out as an example of the power of diversity.

Nice.  Always liked this song.

European Version of Democrat Death Spiral Hits Filipstad — Be sure to use and define the Democrat Death Spiral as often as possible.

“a vicious cycle by which miserable economic conditions lead to government dependency and class envy, leading to Democrat electoral victories, leading to higher taxes and crippling regulations, leading to still more miserable economic conditions.”

Yep.  I think this is at the root of a lot of our ills today.  So many people have accomplished nothing meaningful in their lives, but being a victim, or “trans,” or homosexual, or whatever, gives them a false sense of importance.  So they’ll hold onto that with everything they’ve got even if it means destroying others – and this country – in the process.

It's no wonder there is a mad scramble for victim status on many campuses today. It confers authority and prestige. - Christina Hoff Sommers

Top Investor: Big Tech Using Smart Speakers For Surveillance — No kidding.  I still can’t figure out why people buy Alexa and such.

Best of the Bee

Walmart Discontinues Auto Part Sales To Prevent Car Accidents | The Babylon Bee

Not the Babylon Bee

Charismatics Gather to ‘Rebuke’ Hurricane Dorian Off Florida Coast — Just another embarrassment from these people.


I love this brief passage.  Paul was filled with the Holy Spirit while he whaled on a fake like this.  Yes, I know we shouldn’t open all our conversations like that, but it sure applies to people like Chuck Currie, Mark Sandlin, Rachel Held Evans (when she was living), Benny Hinn, Bill Johnson, and so many other “Christian” Leftists and false teachers.  Bonus feature: It corrects the mistaken notion that Saul changed his name to Paul.

Acts 13:9–10 But Saul, who was also called Paul, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked intently at him and said, “You son of the devil, you enemy of all righteousness, full of all deceit and villainy, will you not stop making crooked the straight paths of the Lord?”

I’ve had this conversation multiple times, except for the part where the phony admits he is deflecting.  They do it so reflexively.

Christian: Romans 1 teaches that homosexual behavior is a sin.

“Christian” Leftist: But it also teaches that many other things are sins – you need to read the rest of the chapter!

Christian: I did, and I agree that those things are also sins. So you agree that homosexual behavior is a sin?

“Christian” Leftist: No, of course not. I was just deflecting.

This is probably wishful thinking on my part, but I’m hoping that the ridiculous excesses of the “trans” movement make a few middle ground people revisit the rest of the letters in the LGBTQX alphabet soup of perversions.  After all, if one of them insists, with a straight face, that biological males have a right to taxpayer-funded womb transplants from dead women then perhaps some of the other sexual preferences are equally wrong.

P.S. People may want to reconsider organ donations to ensure they don’t end up as part of some Frankenstein freak show someday.

The Comey-Brennan Conspiracy to Violate Trump’s Civil Rights — When Nixon went bad even Republicans knew he was wrong.  But the Left still thinks Trump was guilty and doesn’t want to know what really happened.  And the media does know and still covers it up.

The report demonstrated that Comey serially lied, violated FBI and Justice Department rules and policies, and leaked documents all in his effort to defeat Donald Trump’s candidacy and then stymie Trump’s presidency. It proved a hundredfold that Trump was entirely justified in firing Comey.

. . . Make no mistake: their abuse of power is the worst in American history. Nothing any president has done even comes close. Durham and Attorney General Barr need to throw the book at them.

Hypocritical Leftists don’t want the undesirables that they’ve imported to the rest of the country.  Ship all the illegals there until they change their views.

Elizabeth Warren is a foolish, hypocritical clown.  Her platform would be terrible for the country.  We are so much better off economically if government stays out of things.  No coercion necessary!  And for such an open borders anti-American, she sure hates foreign workers.  We all outsource things — all day, every day.  I don’t know anyone who makes all their own food, tools, clothes, etc.  The distribution of labor is  a beautiful thing.

Why We Must Ban Sledgehammers –She called the police.  Now she’s dead.  But as the post notes, Leftists who demand “equality” insist that this woman should be unarmed, even though her having a gun — or even the murderer thinking she might have a gun — would have truly equalized things.  Use this example on any of the gun-grabbers: “If you want equality, why do you oppose women arming themselves to equalize the strength difference with men and to prevent rapes and murders?”

It’s funny that the party making so much noise about equality is adamantly opposed to equalizers. How is a woman to defend herself from a guy coming at her with a sledgehammer if not by exercising her Second Amendment rights? Calling the cops won’t help. Not even already being on the phone with them helped the victim in this tragic story.

10 Reasons Why You Should RUN AWAY From Bethel Redding — They are so bad on so many levels.

We’re Looking for the Harrisburg, PA, Pastor Born With Polio That Todd White Healed! — Great exposure of a notorious false teacher.  Hat tip: Doug

More than Half of American Satanists Identify as LGBTQ – Gee, what a “coincidence.”

New Scientific Study: There Is No “Gay Gene” — Seemed like old news to me, but hopefully it will get some press.

We found several personality traits (loneliness and openness to experience), risky behaviors (smoking and cannabis use) and mental health disorders, but not physical traits, to be significantly genetically correlated with same-sex sexual behavior … We emphasize that the causal processes underlying these genetic correlations are unclear and could be generated by environmental factors relating to prejudice against individuals engaging in same-sex sexual behavior, among other possibilities.

Not the Babylon Bee

Women’s Rape Relief Center Vandalized By Transvestites For Not Allowing Transgenders

WATCH: Abortion Activists Burn Effigies Of Babies


‘Trans Women’ Now Entitled to ‘Womb Implants’ from Organ Donors So They Can Experience Childbirth — Pure transanity, Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

The law that makes this atrocious act possible is The Gender Recognition Act 2004, which says that a “trans female” can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate if they wish for their acquired gender to be legally recognized in the UK. Because that’s the case, they can now get donated wombs.Women in the United Kingdom should reconsider their organ donation status, lest their wombs be used for tragic and disgusting medical experimentation and they give birth to a Frankenbaby post mortem.

Pamela Mastropietro, Face of Europe’s Colonization — The Left loves to manipulate with images, except when it comes to the impact of things like unrestricted, culture-destroying immigration and their beloved child-killing.

The anti-West media and irresponsible liberal politicians got major mileage out of Alan Kurdi, the dead Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach. It was a nuclear bomb in the propaganda war. People who want to defend the West need to answer back. “Every day we are bombarded with tearful images of barges loaded with migrants that the Left would like to receive without worrying about the consequences. The same Left that remained silent when Pamela was raped and murdered with unspeakable ferocity,” said Verni.

Could I Get That Drunk Illegal Migrant ‘To Go’ This Labor Day?  But all the Leftists want open borders, even though they know that illegals take job, suppress wages of remaining jobs, increase your taxes and make your life less safe overall.

In 2014, young Latinos were responsible for about one-third of all DUI accidents in Houston — 535 — though they made up only 8 percent of the population.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell sneered at President Trump’s June 2018 meeting with family members of Americans killed by illegals, saying most of their dead kids were killed in traffic accidents. As if that doesn’t count.

What Islam Says About How Rep. Ilhan Omar Should Be Punished for Adultery — I’m not sure the Leftists will enjoy Sharia Law as much as they think they will.

Why Don’t America’s ‘Woke’ Evangelicals Care More About Ending Slavery?  Great question to ask the next time an SJW virtue signals about reparations and such.

Currently, the best estimates place the world’s current slave population at 40.3 million people. This is 3.5 times the number of slaves kidnapped in West Africa and transported across the Atlantic to serve on plantations in the Americas (90% of slaves who crossed the Atlantic went elsewhere besides the American colonies).

However, that figure – 40.3 million – isn’t over a three-hundred-year time period, as was the trans-Atlantic slave trade. That’s how many slaves presently exist throughout the world.Why don’t America’s woke evangelical leaders seem to care about these slaves at all? Is it because they’re caught on on skin-color, and other people groups don’t matter to them? Are they racist?

“Trans” people are truly delusional, yet this insanity is being pushed by ignorant/delusional/malicious people onto adults and children.  This is a great video.

Baltimore and NYC cops “afraid to arrest anyone” — Sad, yet so predictable.  But it made Leftists feel good for 15 minutes and helps Leftist politicians, so there’s that.

In the wake of Freddie Gray’s 2015 death while in Baltimore police custody, the city installed a series of reforms — such as the consent decree — aimed at giving more transparency for the department and how they treat suspects. But the intended consequence of the measures is that many police feel they cannot enforce the law, and that elected leaders simply look for any excuse they can to throw officers under the bus if it helps them politically. New evidence shows this is making the city more dangerous.

The result? A skyrocketing murder rate, increases in rapes, assaults and property crimes across the board, and nearly 700 people being shot through the first eight months of this year. The gang members have eyes and ears. If they know the police are backing off, they become bolder. How this is supposed to improve community relations is anybody’s guess.

Stanford Offers Segregated Physics Courses — The harsh bigotry of no expectations. Wait, it is worse than that. They are sure that blacks can’t handle real physics. These are the most racist moves of all, yet they do them with completely tone-deaf sincerity.

The Amazon fires – morons gotta moron. — Apparently there are multiple levels of journalistic stupidity and audience gullibility factoring in here.

Not the Babylon Bee

Liberals Say Feces Can’t Be Cleaned Off Sidewalks Because “Water Hoses Are Racist”

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Feds Charge Transgender Activist With Raping 4-Year-Old on Video — Shocking, eh?  But the Left will still blindly support these perverts.

A three-day circus — I recommend reading all of this.  The “trans” movement is leveraging the successful bullying and intimidation tactics of the other LGBTQX alphabet soup of perversions movements.  They want parents to suppress their natural desire to protect their children because they fear being punished by the Leftist perverts.

Nothing is what it seems at the Trans Wellness Conference down at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The legal and medical professions are heavily represented. (“Where there is carrion there the vultures will gather.”) A curriculum sampling:“State and Local Advocacy for TGNC [Trans/Gender Non-Conforming] Youth in Schools”; “Parents of Trans Youth Ages 12 and Under”; “Facial Feminization”; “Tips to Work with Your Health Insurance Company”; “Intersections Between Fashion, Mental and Sexual Health”; “Top and Bottom Surgery”; “Combating Dysphoria Through Fitness”; “Care of the Aging Transgender Person”; “TGNC Youth and Homelessness”; “Self-Massage Techniques for Chronic Pain”; “Packers, STPs, Masturbators, and Sex Toys”; “Becoming an Activist for Trans Rights in School”; “Self-Care Strategies for Trauma and Anxiety in Trans and Non-Binary Bodies”; “Cross Hormone Therapy”; “Hormones and Handcuffs”; “Trans Porn.”

This is the most damning admission, where a speaker pretends there isn’t a social contagion impact on small children because of their movement then is bold enough to tell the truth and say he doesn’t care.

“Aren’t you concerned that you are not so much responding to 5-year-olds’ felt needs as creating them by planting suggestions? Now that ‘trans’ is becoming cool, don’t you worry about a bandwagon effect?” The room is collectively appalled. His smile fades and he says, “No. Next question,” and moves on.

Two questioners later, evidently still piqued, he comes out with the most revealing statement of the three-day circus: “As for the concern that a child might decide to become a trans in imitation of another child, … SO WHAT?”

Yeah, so what if you pressured a 5 yr. old to ruin his life just because you live to mock God?