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I always make short prayers, so I’m safe here. Seriously, watch for the pastors – especially at megachurches – who are all about their glory and not that of Jesus. Also, note that some sins have greater consequences than others. All sins separate us from a perfect and Holy God, but not all sins have the same temporal or eternal consequences. 

Luke 20:46–47 “Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes, and love greetings in the marketplaces and the best seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at feasts, who devour widows’ houses and for a pretense make long prayers. They will receive the greater condemnation.”




Yes, this is super-gross. This food delivery company made a video telling gays how to get less feces on their penises when having sex. Ironically, while the homosexual lifestyle is disgusting, they exploit the “ick” factor in knowing that most people don’t want to talk about what they actually do. But toilet paper is a 20+ billion dollar industry for a reason. The fact that gays have to be encouraged to use condoms — and often still don’t! — is an additional sign of their pathology. There is nothing wrong with periodically reminding people that homosexual sex involves feces-covered genitalia.


Transanity of the week: Transsexual wants surgical reversal

Via Transsexual Chelsea Attonley who had £10k surgery on NHS wants to be man again — This is the sort of thing we should expect in a culture that refuses to state the obvious about the LGBTQX agenda.

You’ll see the same thing in the U.S. soon.  After all, how can you deny this “necessary” surgery?  And the political correctness of it will drive fear into people so that things like this will get prioritized over real medical issues, veteran care, etc.

As tragic as this is, hopefully it will be a cautionary tale to others who want to mutilate themselves and to those cowards letting males go into public bathrooms with females.

Chelsea, now living in London, said: ‘I have always longed to be a woman, but no amount of surgery can give me an actual female body and I feel like I am living a lie.

‘It is exhausting putting on make-up and wearing heels all the time. Even then I don’t feel I look like a proper woman.

‘I suffered from depression and anxiety as a result of the hormones too.

‘I have realised it would be easier to stop fighting the way I look naturally and accept that I was born a man physically.’

Chelsea, who spoke on ITV’s This Morning earlier this year about Katie Price’s encouragement, says she does not feel guilty about asking the taxpayer to pay for her reversion.

‘Now I have decided I want to live as Matthew, I am desperate to have my FF-cup boobs removed,’ she said.

‘I can’t afford to have them done privately, so I am hoping to have the op on the NHS.

‘I can’t work at the moment because I am too upset after what I have been through.

‘I am considering having penis reconstruction too. I don’t feel bad about the NHS paying for the surgery as I don’t consider it a choice.

Chelsea Attonley: ‘Meeting Jordan inspired my transformation’

‘I need to have these operations for the sake of my mental health. I am lucky enough to live in a country where there is free health care.’

Chelsea, who changed her name by deed poll from Matthew in 2008 after a £5,000 boob job in Thailand partly funded by benefit money, says she gradually began having doubts about the sex change.

She said: ‘I thought the surgery would make me feel complete, but it didn’t.

‘I knew deep down that, even though I had had surgery, I had still been born a man.

‘But I tried my best to block out my feelings.’

Chelsea said living as a woman is exhausting.

‘No matter how much make-up I put on or how I dressed, I knew people would not know me as a real woman.


Chelsea, now living in London, said: ‘I have always longed to be a woman, but no amount of surgery can give me an actual female body and I feel like I am living a lie’

‘It was draining to constantly think about how to walk and speak like a girl.

‘I was fighting a losing battle. When people found out about my past, they treated me like a liar and a fake. I suffered from anxiety and depression.’

She said she lost the support of her mother when she died from a heart attack.

She said : ‘I could not keep up the act of pretending to be a woman any more. It was making me miserable.

‘I had to go back to living as Matthew.’


She said she had always struggled with her identity while growing up in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. As a child she would dress up in women’s clothes, and in her twenties she became a drag queen known as Miss Malibu

Chelsea has already had testosterone injections to begin her transition to becoming a man again.

She has also had testosterone injections to stimulate hair growth and has cut his hair.

She added: ‘If people criticise me for wanting treatment on the NHS, it does not bother me.

‘I know I need these changes to make me happy and no one should deny me that.’

The TaxPayers’ Alliance yesterday insisted the NHS should not be expected to pay out again.

Research director Alex Wild said: ‘The NHS must prioritise crucial frontline services over ridiculous vanity operations.

‘This whole saga has simply cost far too much. If the Health Service is to be properly funded, this sort of waste must be cut out.’

Another important point from the comments section:

“Dr. McHugh in a 1992 essay wrote about its long-term consequences: ‘Age accentuates the sad caricature of the sexually reassigned and saps their bravado. Some, pathetically, ask about re-reassignment.’”


This what coveting looks like.

The green bars below are the percent of people in various UK political parties who would increase taxes on the wealthy even if it didn’t yield extra tax money.  That’s coveting, pure and simple.  Guess which political party had 72% who admitted to coveting?  The Labour party, the UK equivalent of the U.S. Democrats.


Think about this carefully: The Left wants to take money from prosperous people even if it doesn’t help others.  That speaks volumes about their worldview and their other policies.  

Via Most British Labour Voters Would Impose Taxes Purely Out of Malice:

Here’s the legend: Con = Conservative Party (Tories); Lab = Labour (equivalent to USA’s Democrat Party); Lib Dem = Liberal Democrat (not as left-wing as Labour); UKIP = UK Independence Party.

The esteemed countermoonbat Daniel Hannan provides some analysis:

Sixty-nine per cent of Labour supporters would want a top rate tax of 50 per cent even if it brought in no money.

That is, they would impose the tax simply to punish people for having created wealth — on moral grounds.

Politicians either know or should know that increasing tax rates doesn’t always increase tax revenues.  Even JFK knew that!  But they appeal to people’s covetous nature and want to “soak the rich,” even though they are usually remarkably waterproof.

Appealing to people’s sinful desires may help people get elected, but it is still evil.

The problem is in the church as well, where Leftist false teachers encourage people to covet.

By the way, Obama is officially on the green bar, having supported the concept of ineffective tax hikes just to support the appearance of “fairness.”

More from the link:

Theft motivated purely by maliciousness is regarded as moral by these freaks.

No doubt they would wrap their malice in rhetoric about reducing income inequality…

. . .

We can encourage by far the most common forms of legal tax avoidance: shorter hours and earlier retirement. All these things will make our country more equal. All of them will make it poorer.

Lately Obama has been demagoguing the income inequality issue like a true Marxist. Appallingly but unsurprisingly, he has revealed that he believes wealth should be confiscated even if it actually reduces government revenue, “for purposes of fairness.”

Shocking news: People who kill unwanted human beings for a living may break the rules

Via Hypocrisy In The UK:

Oh dear, dear me, the evils of vice and corruption! The Daily Telegraph spells out the newest moral quandary of the British NHS below.

Doctors at British clinics have been secretly filmed agreeing to terminate foetuses purely because they are either male or female. Clinicians admitted they were prepared to falsify paperwork to arrange the abortions even though it is illegal to conduct such “sex-selection” procedures. Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, said: “I’m extremely concerned to hear about these allegations. Sex selection is illegal and is morally wrong. I’ve asked my officials to investigate this as a matter of urgency.”

Got that?  Taxpayer-funded killing of innocent but unwanted human beings is morally  acceptable for any reason except gender selection.

The Wintery Knight lists some good (by which I mean bad) quotes from related articles:

Another consultant, Claudine Domoney, who works with 132 Healthwise clinic in Harley Street, central London, agreed to arrange for a woman to abort a boy after being told that she and her husband already had a son from his first marriage. The practice is known as “family balancing”.

In a consultation room in the Chelsea and Westminster hospital, the woman, who was about 18 weeks pregnant, explained her reasons for the termination “It’s a boy, and that’s the reason, we don’t want to have a second boy.”

Scientific fact: They already have two boys.  One is just “safely” located in her womb.  They have two, but only want one, so they plan to kill the second one — at taxpayer expense, of course!  Because Liberals think it is a human right to be able to kill some unwanted human beings.

“It’s obviously taken a little bit of time to decide this?” asked Miss Domoney, in reference to the fact that the woman was 18 weeks pregnant.

Well, gee, if you took a long to think about killing an unwanted human being I guess that makes it OK.

The vast majority of gender selection abortions kill female human beings for the sole reason that they are female human beings.  This puts feminists in a quandry, but they love unrestricted abortion so much that they can never clearly denounce gender selection abortions.  They realize that fighting these would lead to an obvious question: If killing an unwanted human being because of gender is wrong, why is killing because of education, career, love life, economics, etc.?


Yes, Virginia, there really is a website called www.dogflatulence.com.  My wife discovered it when trying to solve the problem one of our dogs has.  My oldest daughter had a coffee mug made for my wife with this picture plus the name of the web site.  Best. Valentine’s Day Present. Ever.

(The tips didn’t work for the dog.  She’s hopeless.  Maybe they will for your dog!)

Coming soon to a country near you: What do you think of the 2nd Amendment

A Canadian columnist has his door practically beaten down by Toronto’s stormtrooping police because he had a 30-year-old bird rifle that he forgot to re-register. America THIS is coming to YOUR door if the left gets its way in banning guns.

The evils of “heterosexism” — your [United Methodist] apportionment dollars at work — it is endlessly disgusting that people who teach the opposite of Jesus take the money of authentic followers and promote nonsense like this.

Get your pro-choice license plates here!  Note the typical way they never complete the sentence: “Trust women.”  Uh, to do what, exactly?

More coming soon to a country near you: U.K.’s Conservative Leader Pledges Full Support to Gay Agenda — lots of creepy quotes. 

“right of gay children to have a safe education trumps the right of faith schools to teach that homosexuality is a sin”

Note the false dichotomy.  Teaching the truth about homosexual behavior being a sin does not mean gays can’t have a safe education.  Using that “logic,” Michelle Obama is responsible every time an overweight kid gets bullied and AA is responsible every time a drunk gets beat up. 

Religious schools, they have said, must not teach Christian doctrine on sexuality “as though it is true.”

Asked his stand on the Christian marriage registrar who was sacked for refusing to perform homosexual civil partnership ceremonies, Cameron said that “faith-based organizations and charities” should be encouraged: “As long as they are not discriminating in any way in the services that they provide, you’re fine.”

“I mean, I think, yes. I think….. [long pause] that if our Lord Jesus was around today he would very much be backing a strong agenda on equality and equal rights, and not judging people on their sexuality.”

Don’t you love lessons about Jesus from guys like this?  I’d love to quiz him to see how much he really knows about what Jesus taught.


Will someone please take Pat Robertson’s microphone away?  Thanks. 

Seriously, it would be for his own good.  One should be very, very careful in claiming to speak for God.  The safe way is to quote the Bible, in context.  God could judge any person and any country at any time for the evils that go on today, including the U.S. 

How secular leftists restrict free speech on college campuses — the thin-skinned PC police are out of control on college campuses.  In just a generation they went from bastions of free speech to shameless oppressors.  They are beyond parody.

California Is Moving On from ESCR (Embryonic Stem Cell Research) — how many billions of dollars and human beings were wasted?  As pro-lifers said all along, experimenting on human beings is immoral and the real promise was in adult stem cells.  We were right and are still right. 

U.K. Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is wooing the vote of British homosexuals by stating  that his party (the third largest party in the U.K.) would legislate that all faith schools in the UK would be legally obliged to teach their students that homosexuality is normal and without any risk to physical or mental health.In an interview with the gay lifestyle magazine Attitude, Clegg outlined a number of proposals to advance ‘”gay rights” in the UK, including forcing all schools, including faith-based schools, to implement anti-homophobia bullying policies and to teach that homosexuality is “normal and harmless.”

Clegg said that faith schools must not become “asylums of insular religious identity.”