Mario Lopez is Being Attacked For Saying 3-Year-Old Children Shouldn’t be Encouraged to be Transgender — Those who oppose him have no excuses.  They are sick, God-mocking perverts.

Frequent Mistakes Skeptics Make with Alleged Bible Contradictions — Excellent resource!

Campus Crusade For Christ Teaching Kids That It’s Okay to be Gay — Another one bites the dust.

Giving power to the deviants — It is amazing how much society has given in to the “trans” lobby, and how quicly.

We do not need courtesy, reason and compassion to have a debate about the moral turpitude that is transsexuals. More to the point, by attempting to frame the discourse in such a manner this plays into the hands of the trannie activists. If you take them seriously then they must by default have serious arguments. But their arguments are not just frivolous; they are insane.

This is great.  Even many preachers I like get tithing wrong, but I think MacArthur nails it.

“Ooh, you can smell the rats” — Democrat hypocrites lining up to attack Trump, but forgetting that national and local leaders and media, Animal Planet, PBS, etc. have made the same points about Baltimore (but of course only Trump is the racist).  And of course the Left is attacking the minority citizens who agree with Trump.  And what irony of the Left assuming that pointing out facts about rats and trash must have meant they were associated with black people!

14 Facts the ‘Women in Tech’ Movement Doesn’t Want You to Know

14. The Number One Reason Women Don’t Work In Tech Is: Other Women — Most women are not highly competitive. The ones who are terrify the timid sorts, aren’t looking for a sisterhood and, like their male counterparts, compete for power, resources, and prestige.While women who got by with their looks will often embrace feminism when they lose those advantages and have to survive on merit, the women who have been talented all along don’t have time for your nonsense, and are going to tell you so. And you are going to be triggered.Women who can in tech don’t need to get by on their gender, and they are often the first people to push social climbers and weak performers out so they don’t have to be judged by them. (That’s why women have a reputation for backstabbing at work: it’s the hard asses kicking out the dead wood.) So while they may sign your feminist e-petition or read your Tumblr post for a quiet life or for their own professional advantage, just watch what happens when you’re competing for a promotion. You’ll learn that sisterhood ends where Christmas bonuses begin.In short? Other broads don’t have your back. Leave the coalition-building to politicians and focus on your own career, because the only people showing up to women in tech meetups and pounding the hashtag are losers, burn-outs and the terminally mediocre.

The Devil You Know | The Cripplegate — Excellent article and reminder.

1 Peter 5:9 Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.

Contrary to popular teachings on resisting the devil which include exorcism and rebuking – which we are never told to do in Scripture – Peter tells us to resist him by standing firm in the faith. This is not as flashy as exorcism – but it is the only command we have to deal with the temptations of Satan. Whatever Satan brings us – sickness, fear, persecution and temptation – we trust God, we trust his word and we don’t waiver. Remember how Jesus prayed for Peter – “I have prayed that your faith may not fail.” Luke 22:32

Best of the Bee

Innovative New Process Converts Vegetables Into Meat By Feeding Them To Cows

Liberal Research Vessel Returns from Global Search; Unable to Locate Anyone Not Entitled to US Health Care, Welfare Payments, or Voting Rights — Not the Bee, but good satire — but barely removed from reality.  Ask the Dems if there is anyone on the planet (other than persecuted Christians, of course) they wouldn’t welcome to the U.S. with medical care, welfare and voting rights?

Not the Babylon Bee

Gender Confused Democrats Put ‘Preferred Pronouns’ on Their Social Media Profiles — I saw the headline and really thought it was the Bee.

LOL. Top Democratic Staffers Fired Because They’re Not “Diverse” Enough — Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.


If your community thinks it appropriate to douse policemen with water or to riot and destroy your own town when police do their jobs, please don’t be surprised if I don’t want to open a business there or when the police pull out and leave you to your own devices.

My 84 yr. old Mom said that her church was talking about poverty and how some poor folks have to drive a long way to get food and such.  I enlightened her about the Ferguson Effect.

And can we stop pretending that the real minimum wage isn’t zero, which is what you get when your job gets automated, outsourced or eliminated because the company went out of business?

Jews Ignore the Democrats’ Rising Anti-Semitism — The Democrats have been the biggest U.S. enemies to the Jews and Israel.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

“Justice Democrats” Symbol a Variation of Communist Hammer and Sickle — Subtle.

Breaking: Joshua Harris Announces He is Not A Christian — Denounces purity culture.  Announces divorce.  Goes pro-LGBTQX. Says he’s not a Christian.  This dude has been busy.  But I give him props for admitting he’s not a believer.  If only more “Christian” Leftists were as honest! (And of course, he was recently published in Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis’ Sojourners magazine.  I’m sure Harris is quite the SJW).

More: Why Joshua Harris’ Apostasy is Good for Purity Culture — This really is good news.  He’s just another non-Christian mocking biblical sexual ethics.  How progressive and how surprising!

If Rachel Held Evans weren’t already in hell, she’d be squealing in delight instead of torment. Her good friend, Nadia Bolz-Weber, couldn’t be more excited about Harris’ departure from Christian holiness. From far-stretching corners of “evangelicalism,” countless thousands spiked the football for the news that purity had failed Joshua Harris. After much ado about nothing, the Prince of the Purity Movement was divorcing his wife. It was all for naught, is the narrative.Those who have a hatred for Biblical courtship, physical boundaries and personal chastity applauded Harris’ absconding from the movement, just as they applauded his divorce like happy little demons.

Purity Culture, they told us, was dead.

THE SILVER LINING Only a few days later, Harris denounced Christ altogether. The real threat to Purity Culture was extinguished the moment that Harris made his denunciation of Jesus public. You see, the real and present danger of Harris’ turn on purity would be if he continued the charade of being a faithful Christ-follower while denouncing a godly sexual ethic. What would have truly hurt the Purity Movement would be an established Christian figure claiming that you can both believe in Jesus and have sub-par sexual standards. What would have been downright catastrophic is if a major leader in the movement, like Harris, had claimed you could be both a Christian and denounce personal holiness.

Unedited Ilhan Omar Video Is Even Worse

“But I mean, I think, like I said, the focus of our policies should be about keeping Americans safe, keeping us domestically safe, and where we actually find a solution is looking at our foreign policy. Looking at how we are engaging with these the members of these communities and the kind of rhetoric that is being spewed out of leaders within our city halls, within our state capitals, and within our nation’s capital.”

In other words, if you don’t like Muslim violence, then comply with Muslim demands regarding foreign policy and don’t say anything Muslims don’t want to hear.

Robert Mueller Not ‘Being There’ — I am so glad I ignored all the Russia nonsense the last couple years.  But if there is any justice we would spend the next two years reminding people what a farce this was and how the Leftist media and politicians abused our system out of spite while ignoring the real crimes of Hillary & Co.

This man held the Trump presidency hostage for 678 days?

Mueller’s lack of familiarity with his own report, listlessness, and ignorance of very basic players in the scandal such as Fusion GPS reinforced a long-held fear that partisans used the respected lawman as a Trojan Horse to provide cover for the politicization of a legal inquiry. Mueller’s staff included Trump hater Peter Strzok (for a time) and lawyers — 13 registered Democrats and zero registered Republicans — who gave $23 to Democrats for every $1 they gave Republicans.

The Clintons’ own files contradict their Epstein narrative — You mean the Clintons lied about Bill’s ties to this sex criminal?  Shocking.  Even though she lost the election they are still going to skirt justice on this.  Imagine if she had won!

Some questions for American Airlines — Some great questions exposing the double standards for when women abuse men — even in public, and when millions see the direct evidence.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

NYC Budget Sets Aside Money for Drag Queen Story Hour – Because of course they are.


Portland Library Hides Drag Queen Story Hour Photos

Oh yes: Bernie Sanders’s campaign hit with … federal labor complaint — Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer Socialist.

Study: No evidence white cops more likely to use lethal force against minorities — “You mean we destroyed Ferguson, LA, Baltimore and more for no good reasons? Sorry, our bad.”  The race-baiting Democrats and media are complicit in perpetuating these lies that cause unnecessary division, violence and property damage.

Casting Crowns to Tour With Elevation and Hillsong — What a disappointment!

Casting Crowns is set to begin touring in November with the bands of two of the most notorious false churches in the world today — Hillsong and Elevation. Both of these churches (to be accurate, they are not churches) are built upon the foundation of the false prosperity gospel. Their bands exist for the sole purpose of propagandizing the organizations they represent. Their music consists of shallow lyrics that mimic the preaching of their respective leaders — Brian Houston and Steven Furtick.

Simply put, they are cults — and they are dangerous.I can hear the arguments now. Just because they’re traveling together and singing together doesn’t mean they endorse each other (in a high-pitched, mocking voice). Actually, yes, it does. Unless you’re going to rebuke them or speak out against them, you’re tacitly endorsing them. You share a stage with them, sing with them, worship with them — you’re according with Belial, and the Bible warns against that. Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols?

Final Jeopardy Clue Stumps All: No One Knows “What Democrats Would Do Differently if They Were Deliberately Trying to Collapse Western Civilization” – LOL.

Democrats’ “Equality Act” Will Duplicate Canada’s Brazilian Wax Horror Show in America — Yep.  And they don’t care.

Beating the Diderot Effect — Good advice on finances.

The Diderot Effect states that obtaining a new possession often creates a spiral of consumption which leads you to acquire more new things. As a result, we end up buying things that our previous selves never needed to feel happy or fulfilled.

The article uses an example from the life of Denis Diderot, the French philosopher for whom the effect is named, in which he uses a windfall to purchase new clothes, then notices that all of his other clothes now look shabby by comparison, spurring a round of clothes-buying that ended up hurting him financially.

In short, the new clothes, which he bought so that he could feel better about how he dressed, actually ended up making him feel worse and spurred him into a clothes spending spree just so he could feel good about his clothes again but damaging his financial state along the way.

This is a sentiment I’ve observed in my own life. As someone who uses digital devices for almost all of my work, I find that when I upgrade or replace one device, I have this strange gut feeling that I should upgrade or replace all of the devices I rely on – my main desktop computer, my laptop, my tablet, and my phone, all of which have very distinct use cases and all of which I use at least a few times a week. The ones I’m not replacing feel old and shabby and I’m noticing all of the features of the newer models far more than usual. I don’t need a new iPad yet, but the new model with the Pencil that sticks to the side of the tablet and charges automatically… so, so tempting.

Study: 9 In 10 [European] Antifa Protesters Still Living In Mom’s Basement — Surprise!

New York dives into the black hole of wind turbine energy — What a farce these Leftists are bringing on themselves.  Their costs will triple — and that’s before the impact of union-only labor kicks in — and the power companies aren’t allowed to itemize bills to highlight the ridiculous costs.  More and more people will flee this ridiculous state, making it worse for those left behind.  Once again, Leftists fail at basic economics.

Not the Babylon Bee

Governor of New York Bans Cat Declawing in the Top Baby Killing State

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Oregon Law Now Requires Schools Teach LGBTQ Curriculum to All Ages


Trans Activist Organizes Topless Swimming Session For Girls as Young as 12, Parents Not Allowed to be Present — Any pro-LGBTQX person should be forced to read and defend that.  It is worse than the title suggests.  If I didn’t know better, I’d accuse this freak of being a conservative plant designed to expose the LGBTQX lobby for the perverts that they are.  But those people really are some combination of ignorance, cowardice or malice — ignorance if they are stupid enough to believe you can change genders, cowardice if they know the truth and give in to peer pressure to pretend otherwise, and malice for pushing this on normal people and children.

No matter how good a public school teacher, he or she will always be required to teach the state's values and the state's perspective on subjects from sex to history and biology. - Cal Thomas

From Moonbattery

$15 An Hour Isn’t Nearly Enough — Yeah, Bernie, make with the “living wage” and “free” health care!  What a shameless hypocrite.

Creating Slums With Rent Control — Basic economics, which means the Left will do the opposite of what makes sense.  Rent controls results in slums.

Please, Women, Stop Reading Ann Voskamp — And also stop reading Sarah Young, Priscilla Shirer and others with similar “hearing from God outside the Bible” nonsense.  People follow these phonies because they think the authors are special Christians who get direct revelations from God, but that’s the reason you should not follow them at all.  They aren’t really hearing anything new, they are blaspheming God by making things up and saying that He said it.

She saw a defacement on the sidewalk, and because, in her mind, she is seeing something that she wants to see, and hearing what she wants to hear — erotic affirmation –, she is attributing it to God. Outside of Scripture, we have no way of hearing directly from God, and the Bible is very clear that by attributing things to God that he did not say, you run the risk of blaspheming the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31-32). And this is exactly what Ann Voskamp is doing. She is claiming that God has revealed himself to her through this writing on the sidewalk, through personal experience, one that involves no Scripture whatsoever.

This is part of the larger problem, particularly with these charismatic women Bible study teachers that are running rampant within evangelicalism. These women, such as Voskamp, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, etc., tend to write and speak in ways that are emotionally captivating to women and draw them into the experience. While so much of it seems to be benign on the surface, at a deeper level, it’s very dangerous and borderline blasphemous. Essentially what Voskamp is saying is that Jesus sacrificial death on the cross wasn’t enough for God to express his love and grace to us, and that Scripture alone isn’t enough for him to communicate it. She needed to hear it from a source outside of Scripture, and then she was able to praise God, and “experience” his grace.

Consider another excerpt from the same book in the last chapter, The Joy of Intimacy, she writes “I fly to Paris and discover how to make love to God.” There is not one place in Scripture that speaks of God’s love for us that way. It’s gross. Stop it!

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza Thrown in Twitter Gulag — Social media is begging to be broken up or regulated.  They are ruining Democracy.

Mendoza was suspended from her Twitter account and told she would not be able to sign back in unless she deletes a series of posts about crimes committed by illegal aliens and the impact of sanctuary city policies on American citizens.

Supporting the enforcement of US immigration law is “hate speech,” according to Twitter.Also highly discouraged by Twitter is criticizing policies supported by leftists like Kamala Harris. One tweet that she was ordered to delete reads,

“@KamalaHarris What law can I break and have you defend me so staunchly? Provide me sanctuary from our laws? Political cleanup from YOUR INACTION FOR DECADES is what it’s called. You have #bloodonyourhands for every death of an American killed by an ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL you are protecting.”

Say stuff like that on Twitter and it is only a matter of time until they cart you off to the gulag. Don’t try using a Twitter alternative like Parler if you like your job.

Meanwhile, Twitter enjoys special legal protection as a neutral platform, as if it were not a publisher with an aggressive leftwing slant.

Liar, Liar: Georgia House Minority Leader Caught In A Hate Hoax — Pass the popcorn.  She almost got away with it, and would have if this guy hadn’t shown up for her media show.  The only sad part is that the guy insists he’ll still always vote for Democrats.  Some people never learn.

The Babylon Bee was all over the story: Georgia Lawmaker Claims Chick-Fil-A Employee Told Her To Go Back To Her Country, Later Clarifies He Actually Said ‘My Pleasure’ | The Babylon Bee

A major face of the Democratic party.


Fight for 15 because tipping is slavery or something — As if minimum wage laws weren’t stupid enough to begin with.  Yeah, tipping is sometimes odd cultural norm (one of the few things I like about going to Japan is that you should never tip there).  But to call it racist takes an extra-incidious form of woke-ness.

But the Feds should not be involved in this at all.  For starters, the minimum wage will always be zero, which is what you get when bureaucrats force your employer to replace you with a machine or go out of business completely.  But even if there was some reason for minimum wage laws at a local level, what makes anyone think that a Federal law could possibly find the right number for every sub-economy in the 50 states?

Oh, and there are no Constitutional grounds for such silly laws, but they gave up caring about that a long time ago.

President Trump Announces His Support for Reparations for Socialism — If only this wasn’t a parody!

“Our constitution guarantees all citizens a Republican form of government. However, the tragic truth is that too many of our citizens, especially those in large cities – from New York to Portland, from New Orleans to Seattle, from Detroit to San Francisco, and dozens of cities in between – instead suffer under the crushing boot of a localized socialist dictatorship, complete with one-party rule and arbitrary persecutions. It is my intention to free these prisoners from their economic and political shackles.”

“Therefore be it resolved that, under my proposal, all open advocates of socialism will see their pay garnished by 50%, such monies to be placed in a trust fund used to compensate all business owners who can quantify or reasonably estimate their losses attributable to the laws, regulations, and enforcement procedures of any and all practicing socialists, whether they use the name itself or hide behind a more socially palatable euphemism.”“Such practitioners will then be given the choice of one year in jail, participating in a public apology, or being publicly flogged. Actually, the choice will be which one comes first, because they’re getting all three.”

Archbishop Gregory’s Roommate — As if the first 95 reasons weren’t enough, the vast perverted corruption of the Catholic Church should send you running.

Shortly after his elevation to archbishop of Washington, D.C., Wilton Gregory made a great show of promising to listen to a “wounded” laity. It was total BS. Gregory is notorious for freezing out lay Catholics and priests who dare to criticize the ultimate source of the wounds: a gay mafia that has promoted pederasts for decades.

Gregory, of course, knows these concerned Catholics are right. Recall that during the first iteration of the abuse scandal in the early 2000s he acknowledged that the priesthood was dangerously close to becoming a “gay profession.” But Gregory is too addled with compromise and modernism to lend wounded Catholics any real aid. A protégé of the wicked Joseph Bernardin — a deviant of staggering proportions who, with the help of the media, passed himself off as an ecclesiastical Mr. Rogers — Gregory was selected by the Bergoglio gang to perform devious mop-up for the sociopaths who preceded him.

How business as usual are things in the D.C. archdiocese? So much so that the disgraced Cardinal Wuerl’s right-hand man, Monsignor Charles Antonicelli, is serving the same role for Gregory; so much so that one of McCarrick’s protectors, Mario Dorsonville, an auxiliary bishop, is bunking at the palatial penthouse that Gregory now occupies.

After a Century of Chaos, Totalitarianism, and War, Versailles Treaty Still Haunts the World — Good piece on WWI and the Versailles Treaty.

. . . the overall system is known as Versailles, after the treaty signed by Germany. The system’s great flaw was that it was neither brutally Carthaginian nor progressively conciliatory. Either of those might have worked, but the midpoint — harsh enough to antagonize the defeated while sapping the will of the victorious to enforce it — seemed doomed to fail. And fail it did.

Kids Are Idiots & Letting Them Dictate Their Gender is Child Abuse: A Thread — The ignorance/malice/cowardice of parents who affirm these delusions is staggering.

Is Alcoholics Anonymous Compatible with Biblical Christianity? — No.

David Daleiden Triumphed in Court—Even With a Planned Parenthood Favorite for His Judge

God’s people are grateful Planned Parenthood did not silence David Daleiden’s voice. More than that, we rejoice at what his videos did to show the wicked depths of this bloodthirsty industry. Child sacrifice is a sin that defiles the very land we live in.

Workers Moving From San Francisco To Austin Would Get An Immediate 46% Raise Due To Less Regulation — This is even with Austin being a Leftist freak show in its own way.

Major Lutheran (ELCA) Leader Says “Hell is Empty” — Of  course he says that.  He’s a “Christian” Left wolf.  They are Satan’s cabana boys and point people straight to Hell.

One connection that stands out to me in particular: A young man shook my hand and said something to me that, amidst the joyful noises around us, I didn’t catch. “Could you say that again?” I asked. In a quiet, tentative voice he repeated, “You mean I’m not going to hell?” I was stunned. “No,” I said. (Along with Bishop Eaton, I believe there is a hell but it is empty, by the grace of the Father and the love of Jesus.) “God loves you!”He held my hand a little longer and then said, “Come here. Give me a hug” As I did so, he repeated his initial question, “So I’m not going to hell, right?” “No!” I repeated, maybe a little more emphatically this time. “God LOVES you!”

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

I lost my dad the day he told me he wanted to become a woman— The “trans” movement is just another example of selfish people putting the wants of adults over the needs of children.


Philippians 3:20–21 But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself.

Friendly reminder: There are still just two genders, and you can’t change them.  Anyone claiming otherwise is ignorant and/or malicious.

Wife: How much bacon do you want with dinner?

Me: All of it.

Read this before you eat anything else today — It says eating ice cream for breakfast is good for you!

Number 3, Awesome Assumptions That Can Destroy​ Your Happiness: Assume That Equality Is A Real Thing And Is Attainable — The Democrats are evil but not all stupid, as they pick issues that will never be solved (relative poverty, weather, pretending perversions aren’t perversions).  So no matter how much power you give them they’ll always need more to “solve” the problems.

Most of the words used in the cry for equality are really nothing more than empty boxes into which the speaker and hearer can put their own personal meanings based on their own personal feelings. Whether those feelings are more self-righteous or vague it’s hard to say. One thing is for sure though, if any of us really do want to feel righteous about desiring equality, vagueness and obscurity are indispensable assets.

That’s pretty much how it goes with everything in the equality crusaders’ world. To be outspoken for the poor is to be saintly. But to be outspoken necessarily means the use of vague ideas of what and who poor people are, and to present vague notions of how it’s not fair that some people don’t have nearly as much as others. Likewise, to have disdain for whatever one’s vague notions of “rich folks” are, and to desire that those “rich folks” be forced to have some of their richness confiscated so that they will then have some vague notion of less, can give the out-speaker a saintly glow.

Compassion in Action: Church Sends Mission Teams to Help Texas Border Guards — Good for them!

“They were so grateful, some in tears, telling us that nobody appreciates what they do,” tweeted Mike Buster, a leader at Graham’s 42-thousand-member church.

Associated Press on Chappaquiddick: 50 years ago today, Kennedy’s car did something — The 50th anniversary of the media covering up for Ted Kennedy.

Charismatic Preacher Calls Out Bill Johnson for Denying the Divinity of Christ — Bill Johnson and his Bethel church are really bad news.  Even this highly suspect teacher can see Johnson’s heresy!

It would be petty to point out how petty it is. — I didn’t realize that Amelia Earhart didn’t accomplish anything other than being a passenger.

A big part of the problem is that we don’t recognize envy in women because it seems so normal. If a man had set out to upstage Lindbergh by hiring someone to chauffeur him across the Atlantic (or anything else short of real achievement), he would be a laughingstock. But when we observe this same kind of pettiness from women we reflexively overlook it; pointing out pettiness in women feels petty.

Again, this was not about women setting out to create their own achievements, it was about extinguishing manly pride. The desire wasn’t to inspire little girls so that one day, if they worked hard enough, they too could have a man fly them in an airplane. This wasn’t about inspiring little girls, it was about not inspiring little boys. Feminists understand this in their guts, which is why feminists today still love Earhart’s absurd book about the time a man flew her across the ocean. Earhart’s ride was triumphant not because she accomplished anything, but because she helped change the subject away from Lindbergh.

Mainstream Media Abandons Journalism for Activism on Climate Change — The media is evil and lazy, often taking their “news” straight from Planned Parenthood, LGBTQX lobby, climate lobby, Democratic party, etc. talking points.

Best of the Bee

Man Drowns As Politically Correct Passengers Struggle To Describe What Just Went Overboard | The Babylon Bee

Not the Babylon Bee

Colorado State University Erases the Word “America” — They should be cut off from any Federal loans and any sensible alumni would never donate to them again.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

National conference teaches librarians how to sneak drag queens past parents — It is worse than the title suggests.  These perverts go out of their way to harm your children without you knowing.  You cannot trust them.


The Truth About Cheese — Short version: It tastes good and is good for you, so keep eating it.

Journalist Travels to Ilhan Omar’s Homeland to Prove Somalia is Beautiful, Gets Killed by Terrorists — Yikes — turning “mugged by reality” into “murdered by reality.”

How They Know Invaders Will Vote Democrat — The Dems’ use of illegal immigration to gain more power is one of the most transparently brazen and galling political acts in history. They are glad to ruin a great nation just for some temporary political influence.  It is sickening.

A story from February explains why Democrats want the border open, confident that the hordes flooding across to fundamentally transform our country will reliably vote Democrat for many generations to come. The invaders’ greedy, arrogant, and utterly unjustified sense of entitlement sets them squarely at the center of the Democrat reservation. They have even sued the country they invaded: Six migrant families filed multi-million dollar claims Monday against the Trump administration over last year’s family separations, saying they need the money to pay for counseling and other medical care to heal from the “torture” they said they suffered.Funny that people come from all over the world to break into our concentration camps so that they can be tortured. Each claimant seeks $3 million.No swarm of locusts could be more rapacious.

New Bill Proposes to Teach School Kids that ‘Fetuses’ Are Living Human Beings — Great strategy.  It will help offset some of the God-mocking Leftist agenda and plant seeds of doubt about the morality of abortion, and the debate exposes pro-aborts for the anti-science Leftists that they are.

Another man wins gold in women’s weightlifting — Confused Leftists demand equal pay for unequal work (compete against men directly if you want equality!), while they should be demanding equal chromosomes for equal trophies.

Not sure why he’s getting criticized.  He didn’t say anything racist, and even if he had, they’ve called him that so long that it doesn’t matter anymore.  It is already baked into impressions of him, for right or wrong.

Somalia is indeed awful.  We went to Kenya 5 times, and over the years more Somalis came into the area and made it visibly worse.

AOC killing the Amazon deal should be great fodder for the Republicans.  Do you really want people like that running the entire country?

He reeled in the Leftists.  Pelosi is now tied to the America-haters.  Great positioning for 2020.

‘Black’ Activist Claims Trump Has Kept Him from Becoming a Pastor — Reminds of a ~1980 SNL skit where John Belushi acts like he would have been a lock for the Olympics if it hadn’t been for Jimmy Carter.

Kyle J. Howard, who ethnically is as much Caucasian as African, was raised in an affluent Atlanta suburb by two loving parents who were both attorneys. Howard was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, with all the privileges and luxuries of the upper class.However, at some point in the last several years of community activism, the racial incendiary contrived a tale of having secretly been in the Crips gang in high school and raised in the dangerous ‘hood.’ Howard claims that his girlfriend (now wife) and parents did not know about his gang affiliation and that there are no members of his gang left to substantiate his tales because they’re all dead or in prison.

Best of the Bee

Leana Wen Fired After Failing To Hit Baby-Killing Quota | The Babylon Bee

Compassionate Christian Votes For Government To Steal Money From His Neighbor And Give It To The Poor | The Babylon Bee — “Christian” Left, we’re looking in your direction.

DeManson no longer has a guilty conscience whenever he sees people in need.”I don’t personally have to do anything,” he said. “The government does it for me.”The man cites the verse “somewhere in James” that says that “true religion before the Father is to forcibly redistribute money from those wealthier than you in order to take care of the poor.””If we’re not doing that, we’re not real Christians,” he added.

Not the Babylon Bee


Surprise! Illegal immigration deeply unpopular with voters … in Mexico — So according to Leftist logic, Mexicans are racist against Hispanics.  Who knew?

More than 6 in 10 Mexicans say migrants are a burden on their country because they take jobs and benefits that should belong to Mexicans. A 55 percent majority supports deporting migrants who travel through Mexico to reach the United States.Those findings defy the perception that Mexico — a country that has sent millions of its own migrants to the United States, sending billions of dollars in remittances — is sympathetic to the surge of Central Americans. Instead, the data suggests Mexicans have turned against the migrants transiting through their own country, expressing antipathy that would be familiar to many supporters of President Trump north of the border.


Leftist women have lots of standards for dating men, the first of which is that men aren’t allowed to have any standards for dating women.  Anyone missing the transparent hypocrisy is part of the problem.

CNN Refuses to Comment on Their Show Featuring Antifa Terrorist Who Tried to Kill ICE Officials — And the dude had an AR-15, the mere mention of which usually makes the Leftist media wet their pants.  Why no protests about it when a Leftist terrorist is at work?

“CNN has done more to give the psycho domestic terrorists of Antifa credibility than any other outlet,” said Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor. “Now Antifa has escalated from attacking people in the street to sending a journalist to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage to, finally, a deadly act of domestic terrorism.”

Climate Despair Shatters Fragile Mental Health of Moonbats — The Leftists pushing the “climate change” web of lies don’t care that it is harming their own followers, as long as it yields more power for the Leftist elite.

Maisy Rohrer, a 22-year-old developmental researcher at New York University, has been struggling to cope with climate change for years. “I guess the despair started when I was 18, and I began learning about how much the earth was changing, and I’d have full-blown panic attacks about the arctic sea ice melting, and the polar bears starving, and I’d call my mom telling her life was pointless,” she said. She believed at the time that the human race “should be wiped out.”

Internal Dem Poll: Just 9% of Swing Voters Have Favorable View of Ilhan Omar — Always nice to see a little bit of sanity out there.

Hot tip: If you throw Molotovs, the police will probably shoot you – Leftists are already blaming Trump and making a martyr out of this Commie.

Every time some whacko with a MAGA hat so much as takes a swing at someone, we’re treated to hours of endless analysis about how Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric is inspiring people to do harm. But now, after elected Democratic officials, including some presidential candidates, have spent weeks and months vilifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement, accusing them of running concentration camps and demanding that they be shunned by polite society, I take it we’re forbidden from wondering if all of that rhetoric had anything to do with this jackwagon trying to blow up an ICE detention center.

Seriously, folks. Aside from a couple of new polls dropping, a brief blackout in New York City, and some flooding down south, there wasn’t all that much news breaking this morning. And yet I don’t think CNN has spent more than ten minutes total on this attack since I turned it on at six o’clock this morning. Where’s all the deep, penetrating analysis?

Death by Tourism — It is still legal to murder preborn children in this country, but I’ll take any victory we can get.

Death by Tourism – Another young female murdered while traveling.

Has anyone heard from the feminists who love to lecture us about “violence against women”? No, of course not. Feminists never notice crimes like this, because “violence against women” doesn’t matter when it’s committed by Third World men. Let some girl get groped by a white college boy at a frat party, and the feminists will be all over that story, but if she’s raped and murdered by a swarthy foreigner? Crickets chirping.

‘Gender Equality,’ World Cup Edition

Oh, by the way, nearly every player in the WNBA is a lesbian. (“I would say 98 percent of the women in the WNBA are gay women,” according to former player Candice Wiggins.) Homosexuality is pervasive among top female athletes, whatever the sport. Like, if you tune into the NCAA championship tournament in basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer — pick a sport, any sport — you’ll be watching one team of lesbians play another team of lesbians. There are female scholarship athletes in the NCAA who are heterosexual, but the top players on the top teams are almost all gay, although the sports media makes a point of ignoring this. However, the prevalence of lesbianism in women’s sports is not a stereotype, but a fact, and it holds true not only in team sports, but in individual sports like tennis and golf.

AOC Chief of Staff Confirms: It’s About Controlling People, Not the Climate— No surprise, except that they slipped up in admitting it.  “Climate change” is just a Trojan Horse for complete control over your lives.

It is well known that even the most radical climate proposals would have zero perceptible effect on the supposedly problematic climate. Even EPA models confirm this. But they would have plenty effect on our freedom and our standard of living.

At great expense, the USA amassed a massive stockpile of nuclear weapons to assure that Americans would never have to live in the hell that is communism. Attempting to keep up, the Soviet Union spent itself to collapse. But we are hardly out of the woods. The radicalized Democrat Party is far more of a threat to America than Russia ever was.

Ilhan Omar, the Wagnerian Phenomenon | The American Spectator — Interesting take on this America-hater.

How do you explain the ingratitude of Ilhan Omar and thousands like her who hate not the culture that threw them into the misery of a refugee camp, but the culture that rescued them?Among those who become dependent on another culture, there some who despise their reliance on something alien, something they need to survive but grow to hate. As their reliance on an alien culture grows, so too does their hatred.


Everything Is Now ‘White Supremacist’ — Even, apparently, the Lion King.  That’s some sweet, sweet schadenfreude. No matter how good things are for these awful Leftists, they can’t be happy. Even the ghoul who won the women’s world cup is inhabited rent-free by Trump 24×7.

If you want to see these virtue-signalers get riled up, just say, “I’m glad you disagree with Darwinian evolution as much as I do!” Of course they love Darwin because of their atheistic worldview, but they don’t realize how its undeniable “survival of the fittest” foundation would render any criticism of racism/white supremacy (however real or imagined) moot. They’ll sputter and choke on their rage while trying to sort it out.

May God open their eyes to his truth.

Very grateful for the work Project Veritas does in uncovering the evils of Big Tech and more.  They are actively working to silence Christians and conservatives.

12 Horrible Messages Hollywood Sends to Americans — If I see one movie a year, it was a big year.  I don’t like to fund people who hate and mock me.

Multicultural Enrichment in Philadelphia and Vermont — Gee, I wonder why some companies don’t want to invest in stores in certain parts of town . . .

Amazon Censors Books on Behalf of Pink Mafia – Sad but predictable that the blinded men of Sodom must hide the truth from people enslaved to sin.  Change is possible.  “And such were some of you.”

1 Corinthians 6:9–11 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

Get Alex Acosta! But Get The Right Guy, Too — Good overview of the Epstein case.   The media ignored it, the Leftist politicians tried to cover it up, and they are only now interested because it might harm Trump.  What hypocritical degenerates.  If any Leftists bring it up, just ask two things: Why didn’t they care until now?  Would a Hillary DOJ have opened it back up?

I missed this the first time around.  Wow, feminists are even more delusional than I thought.  They are proud of their sexually transmitted diseases.

Texas Clergy Gather to ‘Bless’ Abortion Clinic – Molech-worshiping ghouls.

How Should Christians Respond to the Death of Rachel Held Evans?

And we should mourn over the death of an individual who rebelled against and rejected the one in whose image she was made. Choosing to worship herself, Rachel Held Evans denied the God of the Bible and, instead, created a god in her own image – a god that allowed her to exist comfortably alongside those who worship the sexual revolution. Out of all the tragedies surrounding her death, the most tragic thing is that all evidence points to the reality that Rachel Held Evans entered eternity under the wrath of God.We should mourn those who are following her to perdition. I have friends who have succumb to the self-serving idolatry taught by Rachel Held Evans, and I mourn their rebellion against God and pray for their repentance. I pray that the Holy Spirit will be pleased to use the tragic death of an individual that they respected and looked to for spiritual guidance as a means to wake them up to the reality of their rebellion and the fact that they, too, will one day answer for how they respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Best of the Bee

Slow week.

Not the Babylon Bee

Christian Doctor Loses Government Job For Refusing to Call 6-Foot Bearded Man “Madam” — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.  But remember, legalizing “same-sex marriage” won’t impact you at all.

Megan Rapinoe Won’t Talk With Those Who Disagree — Tone-deaf hypocritical Leftist says she’ll have a “substantive conversation” with “anyone” … who “believes the same things we believe in.”  I’m not sure why these “world champions” who can’t beat a group of local 14 yr. old boys is still in the news.


Be an egalitarian! Because Ephesians 5 says Jesus and the church are mutually submissive or something . . .

Count on Migrants from the World Over to Exploit U.S. Immigration Laws — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left, plus the Chamber of Commerce Republicans.  All of them are traitors to the U.S. seeking personal gain at the expense of our country and its legitimate citizens.

Investigative Journalist: Bill Clinton is Lying About Flying on ‘Lolita Express’ Only 4 Times — Glad there may finally be some justice in the case (though definitely not enough if Epstein only goes to jail for 5 years).  We’ve known for many years that Clinton flew there that often, but the media didn’t care.  Oh, and does anyone think a Hillary Clinton DOJ would have touched this case?  Me neither.

Also this: Wikipedia Editors Battle to Hide Bill Clinton’s Link to Jeffrey Epstein — Never trust Wikipedia for anything remotely political.

Wikipedia editors are currently battling to hide disgraced sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s connection to Bill Clinton while emphasizing his connection to Donald Trump. Clinton flew on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ private jet at least 26 times and this was reported by multiple media outlets in 2016. However, any reference to this on Epstein’s Wikipedia page disappeared for a time yesterday before being added back in.

The current Wikipedia page for Epstein does mention his link to Clinton but devotes more words to the billionaire’s ties to Donald Trump, which were less direct. The current entry contains Trump’s 2002 quote about Epstein: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

However, it fails to mention that Trump kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago as soon as he discovered Epstein had hit on a young girl.

Equal pay for women’s soccer will require equal revenue — What a joke.  Want equal pay?  Then be good enough to join the men’s soccer team, or the NBA, or the NFL.

Richard Wurmbrand’s Son, Michael Wurmbrand, Comes Forth – Asks VOM to Allow Independent Investigation — This is old but still meaningful.  The Voice of the Martyrs had huge scandals and, as best I can tell, just covered them up.  What a disgrace.  You have to be so careful with any ministry, as the money and power attract bad people who are good at pretending to be good people.

Homosexuals Rally Around Beth Moore as She Softens Stance on Sodomy — As if you needed more reasons to know she’s bad news.  She is just another poster child for Galatians 1:10: For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.

If you switch sides away from the spectacularly clear teachings of scripture to gain popularity with the world, then it calls not only your ministry but your salvation into question.   Moore was apparently influenced by Rachel Held Evans (ugh) and those “Christians” who decided that if their kids were gay then it must not be a sin any more.

Best of the Bee

Pay Gap: This Church Softball Team Doesn’t Make Nearly As Much Money As The New York Yankees | The Babylon Bee

Local Christian Counting On Kingdom Of God As Backup Plan Just In Case Favorite Political Party Fails Him | The Babylon Bee

Not the Babylon Bee

Canadian Provincial Government to Pay for Breast Implants…for Men

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Munchausen Mom Wendy Napoles and the ‘Princess by Proxy’ Syndrome — Yep.  This is sickening behavior, but typical of parents who put their wants above their children’s needs — up to and including killing the children via abortion.

This is unspeakably wicked, especially since Desmond’s mother Wendy has so enthusiastically encouraged her son’s perverse effeminacy. Like other mothers who have deliberately feminized their boys, Wendy Napoles seems to be engaged in a form of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, whereby parents (or other caretakers) seek attention for themselves by inducing medical problems in their children or others in their care. By pretending to rescue the victim from a fictitious disease, the parent (typically a mother) gains sympathy for herself. In the case of children like Jazz Jennings, whose mothers insist that their sons manifested “female” traits as mere toddlers, it seems as if raising their children to be transgender is a way for bored middle-class women to win the competition for having the Most Special Snowflake Child™ in school. Pay close attention to these stories, and you’ll notice certain patterns. The mother is the dominant influence, and the father is merely a background figure in the narrative — a passenger, as it were, in a family journey with his wife driving the vehicle. These mothers seem inordinately proud of their feminized sons, and eager to congratulate themselves on being excellent parents. So understanding! So progressive! So courageous!