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Want to help race relations? Get involved in prison or pregnancy center ministries.

I originally wrote this in 2017 but it seems even more relevant this year.

Race had nothing to do with why I got involved in those ministries.  I’ll share the Gospel with anyone, whether you are a black convicted murderer or the best-behaved white pagan in the free world.  And I want to help save unborn children from murder regardless of their skin color.

But the nature of these ministries is such that it is mostly whites serving mostly minorities.  And as a fantastic by-product of sharing the love and truth of Christ with these folks it does marvelous things for race relations.  It pushes a giant reset button on those who have been wounded because of their race and/or steeped in their own racism.

It has changed countless prison environments, where skinheads and Black Panther-types have become friends and led their respective gangs to change.

I’ve seen countless inmates and even volunteers note how the ministries radically changed how they view others, and how they repented of their racism.

I know a guy from prison ministry who was in the Aryan Brotherhood.   I saw him in action many times as a leader of the Christian groups inside prison and in the ways he is giving back now that he’s out of prison.  Let’s just say that he wasn’t transformed by the power of virtue-signaling social media posts.   

I realize that the race-baiting professionals of the Left — including the “Christian” Left — want to improve race relations as much as McDonald’s wants to sell less hamburgers.  If your movement demands tax-funded abortions to the child’s 1st breath that kill blacks at a rate three times that of whites and Hispanics at twice the rate, then you’ll have a tough time convincing me you really care about them.  But authentic Christians really do want to see improvements.   And ministries like these make it happen.

It is remarkably safe to say “Nazis are bad!” or “racism is bad” on Facebook in 2017 2020 in the U.S.  If you really want to do something about race relations — and more importantly, the Gospel — try something more substantial.  Look into your local pregnancy resource center or prison ministries, or anything similar that shares the love and truth of Christ with minorities – and non-minorities.

Care Net Pregnancy Center Fall Fundraiser & 20th Anniversary — you are invited!

Please join us for our Fall Fundraiser & Silent Auction as we celebrate 20 years of Saving Lives Today…and for Eternity on October 6th.  There is no charge to attend.

Since 1991, Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston has served close to 17,000 clients. Last year, we saw almost 1,400 first-time clients. Most came to us for pregnancy testing, and 80% of those tests were positive. We also had the privilege of performing 431 ultrasounds, giving women the first glimpse of their babies

In May 2010, Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston began seeing clients at our new location, 14530 Wunderlich Drive in the Champions Area off FM 1960. Follow this link to view a map of our new location. (Please note that FM 1960 is now also named Cypress Creek Parkway.)

Thanks to many in the community that made this purchase of a permanent home possible!

Our Mission

To demonstrate the love of Christ to those facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy through the provision of spiritual, physical, emotional, and educational support and by proclaiming the Gospel.
We are committed to providing compassionate counselpractical help, and accurate information to men and women facing unplanned pregnancies or past abortions; to promote premarital abstinence; and to do these in a way that draws people to the Lord Jesus Christ to bring Him honor and glory.

Note: You need to register online by Sept. 26

CareNet Pregnancy Center: Savings lives today and for eternity

If you come across someone in a crisis pregnancy or someone suffering from post-abortion guilt, do you know the location of your local crisis pregnancy center so you can refer them there?  If so, you may save a life today and for eternity.  Care Net Pregnancy Center helps women in need with many things — all for free!
  • Counseling
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Ultrasounds
  • Education
    • Prenatal education
    • Parenting and baby care
    • Practical life skills
    • Spiritual growth
  • Clothing, cribs, diapers, formula, baby Food
  • Men’s ministry
  • Post-abortion trauma counseling
  • The Gospel!

I gave an overview of Care Net at our church service last Sunday and emphasized the need for people to be aware of it.  I referred to one friend in the congregation who had pointed someone to Care Net and saved an untold amount of carnage in one family.  The situation was very ugly at the start but the couple ended up getting married and have a beautiful 4 yr. old boy, and having Care Net there made a big difference.

Then there was this note from her today:

Wanted to let you know that a lady sitting next to me at church on Sunday was so happy to hear your message about CareNet.  She started crying and hugged me.  She said that she knew God sent her to church for this reason….her granddaughter is a single, pregnant women considering abortion.  As soon as she let go I went back to look for some brochures on CareNet . . . she was grateful and is going to talk to her granddaughter about CareNet.

Please pray that this woman finds the support she needs and makes the right choice.

If you volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center, donate money or pray, that is much appreciated.  But if you just know they exist and point people there that is great, too.

Make no mistake: It is a matter of when, not if you’ll meet or hear of someone who needs the forgiveness, hope and healing that only Jesus can provide.

If you point people to CareNet, God may use you to help save lives today and for eternity.


Here’s a sample of prayer requests this week:

#1 Pray client’s nausea will subside so she can sleep.  She is also trying to decide where to live, either with Mom in CA or here with her sister.  Also pray that she would grow in her faith.

#2 Pray that client has a healthy pregnancy.  She has already been to the hospital with abdominal pains.

#3 Pray for this client to come to know the Lord in a personal way and that she continue to feel the support from her English classes.  Also pray for her to find a good job.

#4 This client is undecided about having an abortion.  Pray she will feel certain about carrying the baby once she has an ultrasound.

#5 Pray that client will come to understand that Jesus is the only way to Heaven.  Also pray that she have a healthy pregnancy.

#6 Pray for this client’s husband to change his mind about keeping this 3rd child and stop pushing abortion.  Client is 5-6 months along.

#7 Pray for the Lord to be with this young couple and help them grow in their parenting skills.  Also pray for them to grow in their love for Jesus and make a commitment to each other in marriage.

#8 Pray for client to get connected to a church and grow in her new faith.  Also pray that she will choose abstinence.

#9 Pray for this client who has been living with her boyfriend for 5 years.  They have 2 small children and she is pregnant again.  She feels she needs to be working more hours.  She has recently been baptized.

#10 Pray that the Gospel will become clear to this client and that she would accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.   Pray that she would return to the center so counselor has another opportunity to talk with her.

#11 Pray for client to return to the Word and follow it.

#12 Pray for client to trust Christ as her Savior and commit to abstinence.  Pray that the Lord will send someone to come along side her.

#13 Pray for this client to find Jesus.

CareNet Pregnancy Center Banquet — Thurs. October 8


Saving lives today and for eternity

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston will hold their annual Fall Fundraiser, Dinner and Silent Auction on Thursday, October 8 at Tin Hall in Cypress, TX (14800 Huffmeister Rd, Cypress, TX 77429).  The Silent Auction starts at 6:00 and dinner starts at 7:30.

Please consider yourself to be invited.  Free barbeque from Valley Ranch!  Just RSVP to 281-477-8200 if you’d like to attend.  Tell ’em I sent you.

Our speaker is Dr. John Bisagno, Pastor Emeritus of Houston’s First Baptist Church and a phenomenal presenter.

I’m the President of the Board this year and will be making some introductory comments.  I also teach classes to new volunteers on the biblical basis for the sanctity of life and pro-life reasoning.  I used to teach classes on Fatherhood  and counseled the guys who would come in with their wives / girlfriends.

This ministry does amazing things for women and families in need, all at no charge to the clients and with no government funding: Pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, food, clothes, diapers, cribs, car seats, post-abortion trauma counseling, life skills training and more.  We also share the Gospel with anyone interested in hearing it.  God saves lives here physically and spiritually every week. 

You can donate to CareNet or learn more about us here.  We also have many volunteer opportunities available, so contact us if you’d like to learn more.  Please consider being a part of this ministry!

Psalm 139:13-14 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Planned Parenthood vs. Planned Parenthood


Marc T. Newman, Ph.D., President of MovieMinistry.com, gave a terrific presentation at the CareNet Pregnancy Center Fall Fundraiser this week. 

One of the most intriguing things he mentioned was a Planned Parenthood advertisement published in 1964 to promote birth control (click the link or go to the end of this post).  Read the whole thing, then consider this from the Q&A section:

Is it [birth control] an abortion?

Definitely not.  An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.  It is dangerous to your life and health.  It may make you sterile so that when you want a child you cannot have it.  Birth control merely postpones the meaning of life.

There you have it!  Straight from the experts at Planned Parenthood.  Read that again and try not to drown in the irony. 

So Planned Parenthood used to teach that abortion kills a baby and poses medical risks to the mother.  As Dr.  Newman asked, what did Planned Parenthood learn since the early 1960’s that caused them to change their stance on what abortion really does?  carenet-walk-05-55.jpg

Could it be the sonograms and 4-D ultrasounds?  No, those do more than anything to promote the pro-life view.  Technology is the enemy of pro-legalized-abortionists and it always will be.  They might have gotten away with the “blob of tissue” argument in the 60’s, but not today.  The scientific fact is that life begins at conception.

Could it be the studies showing the impact of abortion on women?  No.  Despite major political pressure, more studies continue to show the adverse impact abortion has on women – both physically and emotionally.

Or could it be the megabucks they make from abortions that caused them to change their minds?!  money.jpg

Folks, always remember that when it comes to abortion, Planned Parenthood had it right the first time:

An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun.  It is dangerous to your life and health.

Be sure to quote them on that whenever you can, especially when talking to Christian(?!) pastors who support Planned Parenthood.

More on Planned Parenthood here and here — just your basic well documented serial felonies of covering up statutory rape.  Your tax dollars at work.PPPlanYourFamily63

The Mercy Project

A terrific website called Girls Gone Wise had a post on CareNet Pregnancy Center’s Mercy Project ministry.

The Mercy Project is the educational outreach component of the CareNet Pregnancy Center of Northwest Houston. In Mercy Project classes, volunteers from the community seek to teach women with crisis pregnancies specific skills needed to become better parents, to learn a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their babies, and gain valuable skills necessary for personal and spiritual growth. Classes are divided into three main areas: pregnancy and baby care, life skills, and relationships.

The Girls Gone Wise group donated books for three classes, but you can help as well.  This is a ministry that everyone should be able to support and encourage.  See the link at their site. 

It costs only $10 US to provide materials for one client, and $250 to sponsor an entire class. God is using this study to impact generations, now, and for eternity.

One of Satan’s big schemes

baby1.jpgI heard about a ministry called Abortion Changes You on a Stand to Reason Podacst.  They share many stories about how it doesn’t just impact the women involved, but the men and other family members as well.  One woman told her boyfriend they couldn’t go to church because they had committed a big sin.

The founder’s story reminded me of one of Satan’s great schemes.  He helps women rationalize abortion.  Then he helps them un-rationalize it so they realize the enormity of what they’ve done. 

Then he convinces them they can’t talk to pro-choicers about their guilt, because after all, they didn’t do anything wrong.  So why feel guilty?  The pro-choicers know deep down that abortion is wrong but don’t want to admit that to the hurting women.  But the women (and men) know they are guilty.

But he also convinces them not to talk to pro-lifers.  After all, they are the enemy and would just condemn them, right?

I suppose some on the side of life might condemn a woman who had an abortion, but I know a “few” pro-lifers and none come to mind who fit that description.  They are armed with the powerful and true message of forgiveness, hope and healing that can only come from Jesus.  One of the most important ministries offered at CareNet Pregnancy Center is the post-abortion trauma class.

I wish more churches offered such classes.  In the mean time, we continue to partner with churches to send hurting people to CareNet.

Whether you have participated in the abortion process or not, don’t believe the lies.

John 8:44  You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.