Was Jesus a Refugee?  No, but that won’t stop the “Christian” Left from using that lie to support open borders and to destroy this country.

But recognize that the family never left the Roman Empire. They left Bethlehem and fled to Egypt, to the Jewish settlement at Alexandria. This means they were even staying with their own people in a thriving community, and likely used the gifts the magi gave Jesus to pay for their stay. When Herod died a short time later, they returned to Joseph’s hometown of Nazareth.

The politicians who say “Jesus was a refugee” are often quite liberal. They advocate for the murder of the unborn and the redefinition of marriage. This means they’re not of the court of King Jesus, but with the court of King Herod, who killed children and hated God’s definition of marriage. They’d have done Herod a favor and killed Jesus before He was born.

Jesus did not come to us as a refugee. He was born King of kings, before whom every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, when we understand the text.

Bernie Sanders is who the Left – including the Leftist media – wants to have control over you.  This is a must-watch, especially to be able to call out how he has changed his tune on some Communist countries and his pretending that he understands how some European countries work today.  He is a terrible person who has accomplished nothing in life.  He covets 24×7 and his followers do the same.

We’ve canceled Netflix forever.  They had enough issues already, but their “gay Jesus” thing was the last straw.  #cancelnetflix

I’m Not A Christian Anymore: An Analysis | Bible Thumping Wingnut Network — Excellent analysis.  He rightly focuses on 1 John 2:19, which these “ex-Christians” never bothered to learn – even when they were long-time pastors.

1 John 2:19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us.

“Deconversion” testimonies are ubiquitous across social media. They generally follow a set pattern and share many of the same themes and tropes. Person X abandons the faith because X reason(s) like haunting doubts regarding some problem with God, or he/she couldn’t find an answer for some nagging Bible question, or an overwhelming, calamitous event happens in his/her life, or a falling out with hypocritical leadership/members. Honestly, though, many times the main reason comes down to the person choosing sinful behavior. Generally it involves cheating on a spouse or the pursuit of what is believed to be some other sexually liberating deviancy.

The ex-pastor being analyzed lamented that he was disappointed in his marriage (uh, so Christianity is false then?!).  The author’s take on that:

What exactly was he promised that his marriage would be? He doesn’t really elaborate. But, that tweet reveals the heart of the matter. According to at least one member of his church, Mr. Gass was involved in a hidden affair for nearly a year, was caught, and he now continues to live in unrepentant adultery with a woman not his wife.

Apparently he had other significant issues as well.  Anyone surprised?  Much more at the link.

A grim example of a woman killed by feminism and the sexual revolution

Feminism kills women. It kills young and vulnerable women. It kills their hopes. It kills their dreams. It kills their future. All young women are vulnerable and that is what feminism exploits. It is a racket run by women to destroy women, the reason being that women are their own worst enemy. It seduces them with promises of power, independence, and sexual freedom, and then it grinds them down into nothingness as they waste their fertile years chasing after these imaginary shadows.

Hold up Kate Fischer as a grim warning to your sisters and daughters. A woman needs feminism like a moth needs a flame.

The situation in Virginia is awful, but it does show you what the Left will do when they take over completely.  They are already saying they’ll send in the National Guard to enforce their unconstitutional gun laws.

Michael Moore: “White People Are Not Good People…You Should Be Afraid of White People” — OK, racist.  Yeah, if you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton – the most cartoonishly corrupt and evil politician in memory — you are evil or something. If you oppose open borders, abortion to the child’s first breath, sexual perversions, etc., you are bad. Gotcha.

Meanwhile blacks are literally killed at a rate three times that of whites via abortion because of Molech-worshiping Leftists like Moore. Seems kinda racist to me.

The Media Keeps Lying About Harvey Milk’s Military Record — He wasn’t dishonorably discharged.  His biographers know the truth, but the lazy and dishonest media repeats Milk’s lie to advance the narrative.

Best of the Bee

San Francisco Dogs Begin Bagging People Poop

Not the Babylon Bee

Debbie Hayton, Transphobic Transsexual

Debbie Hayton, a physics teacher in the Midlands, lives as a transgender women [sic] after changing her [sic] gender from male to female in 2012. But unlike many people in the trans-community, she [sic] does not believe her [sic] sex can be changed and is vocal about the fact that she [sic] will always biologically remain a man.


Merry Christmas, everyone!  What a joy to be reminded that the creator of the universe stepped into his creation to save and redeem those He has called.

The Selective Outrage of Mark Galli & Christianity Today — They are too busy calling Trump out to bother with corrupt and immoral Christian leaders.  No, it is worse: They give those leaders a forum!  Galli is a fraud and so is his publication.  Please share the link when the topic comes up.  The mainstream media just wants to peddle the myth that Protestant churches wait for CT to tell us what to think, so they’ll never tell the truth about their cronyism.

For those who aren’t aware, CT last fall published what was arguably its most reprehensible op-ed ever. It was penned by the corrupt, and now disgraced, former pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, James MacDonald. And the entire purpose of the op-ed entitled, “Why Suing is Sometimes the Biblical Choice,” was to justify MacDonald’s unbiblical and morally repugnant lawsuit against me, two bloggers, and their wives. Their wives!

And as if that weren’t bad enough, there’s the shocking backstory of the op-ed. As we now know, the op-ed came after Ed Stetzer, CT contributing editor and executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, used his influence at CT to arrange a phone call between MacDonald and CT Global Director Jeremy Weber. (That phone call was captured on a “hot mic” recording, which has since been published on YouTube.)

. . .

What’s become abundantly clear is that Galli and CT’s outrage concerning immorality is extremely selective. If one happens to be an evangelical powerbroker, CT will give your indiscretions, and even blatant corruption, a pass.

The Kmart conundrum for feminists — Women control over 80% of all sorts of spending in the U.S., yet they are also completely oppressed.  And they have lifestyles and comforts that 99+% of when in history and around the world would covet, yet they are miserable because of the patriarchy or something.  Apparently you should feel sorry for them.

Pope Francis warns of ‘rigidity,’ says church must adapt or it will become increasingly irrelevant — Typical “Christian” Left talk.  As if 95 reasons weren’t enough to avoid him and his religion . . .

The VA AG seems a little cheesed off over those Second Amendment sanctuary proclamations — 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities are infinitely more legitimate than Illegal alien Sanctuary Cities.

I keep hoping that some Leftists will say “enough” and acknowledge that their “woke” culture will eat them too for speaking scientific truths, no matter what perverted and fawning caveats they offer.  The wussified woke crowd lives to destroy.  It is where they get their feelings of self worth.  If you cater to them you get what you deserve.

Scientific facts denied by Leftists because of their rebellion against God: There are still just two genders, and you can’t change them.


Does God Care If We Diet and Exercise? – Redeeming Productivity — Good article, to which I would add another reason: Loving your family. You can’t control everything, but staying healthier is a huge benefit to your family. They suffer if you have preventable diseases from smoking, obesity, etc. It is a loving thing to minimize burdens on them. And consider even the little things like being able to get on the floor to play with your grandchildren. And make no mistake: staying attractive for your spouse is not only a wise strategy but a loving thing to do.

I’ve heard of countless people who just start doing a little exercise and see huge benefits. It also sets a great example for your kids. I’d rather have them be life-long exercisers than be elite scholarship athletes who quit exercising after college.

By the way, I highly recommend resistance training of some sort (weights, Pilates, etc.). My basic philosophy is to encourage people to do anything, even just walking around the block. But resistance training does great things for practical daily living and is often more sustainable for people than high impact exercises.

How Are Men and Women Different? by Kevin DeYoung – lots of great points.

In fact, at the risk of being too graphic, it’s worth noting that natural revelation itself suggests that our physiology corresponds to a divine moral injunction. When two men are together sexually, the member that is supposed to give life is often placed in a part of the body where death and decay are expelled. Even apart from supernatural revelation, the very body God has given us suggests that our bodies are designed for a certain purpose, and using our members for any alternative purpose is unnatural and rebellion against the creator. .

. . .

Pastors, in a day when male movie pirates, figure skaters, and stand-up comedians wear eye liner, we cannot ignore this question. The Bible may not give us every detail we might want on this topic, but it does, at least, affirm an essential truth no longer obvious in our day—it is disgraceful for a man to appear to be a woman and a woman to appear to be a man. That is the theological foundation under 1 Corinthians 11.

Never heard about this before!

Colorado teen, 18, severely brain-damaged after breast implant surgery gone wrong, family says — It it stupid to visit Unnecessary Surgery Land


So AOC quoted Romans 1:25 (I wonder who fed that to her?) to respond to a Republican.  It will backfire if her fans read verses 26-27!!  If she believes that verse then why not those following it?

Romans 1:26–27 For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

Who knew that AOC was such a homophobe?

JK Rowling Cancelled by Woke Outrage Mob For Saying Biological Sex is Real — Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.  Another Leftist getting attacked by the monsters she helped create.

Rowling being cancelled is particularly ironic given that she has thrown her weight behind virtually every ludicrous ‘woke’ crusade in recent years, including by claiming that her character Hermione was black despite her being described as having a “white face” in the Harry Potter books.

“The Rise of Skywalker” features first gay kiss in a Star Wars movie — Ooh, how progressive!  Another reason I never go to movies.

Nike releases shoe celebrating date Kaepernick first knelt for national anthem – They really hate decent people.  I won’t burn my current Nike merchandise (I have a lot!) but I’ll never buy from them again.

37% of kids who own a smartphone exposed to sexting by age 13: study — good lesson for parents!

Mormons to pull 400,000 youths from Boy Scouts, create own program — They still have a false religion, but good for them on this one.  The Scouts ruined their organization by caving to the Gaystapo.

Hallmark reverses decision, reinstates commercial with same-sex kiss — So predictable, as well as the expected mealy-mouthed pandering gibberish explaining their decisions.  Welcome to get work, go broke, Hallmark.  You’ve caved to the perverts who weren’t watching your channel — and who will still hate you after you caved while they stand over your carcass — and offended your core customers.

P.S. Note the additional predictability of the “marriage” scene in the commercial in question: One woman dressed as a woman with the other dressed as a man.

Opinion: The Ts are out to erase the Ls, Gs, and Bs — Yep. Lesbian, Gay and Bi perversions of God’s created order at least assume a gender binary reality, but the “Trans” lobby and the moronic SJWs who reflexively support them insist otherwise.  It makes a great conversation starter with Leftists: “Whose side do you take, the LGB’s or the T’s?”  When they look confused, point out how you must pick a lane if you insist on supporting any of them.

Pass the popcorn.

Best tourism video ever.

Not the Babylon Bee

Valedictorian Struggles with Remedial Math — High school and college degrees used to mean something.

The absurdity of the “Christian” Left

By pretending that we don’t know what parts of the Bible God “really” inspired, they imply the additional portions in italics:

Matthew 4:4 But he answered, “It is written, “ ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ But we don’t know which words came from the mouth of God, so what I just said was pointless.  Never mind.

2 Timothy 3:16–17 All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.  But we don’t know what “all scripture” really is, so we don’t know what is profitable for teaching, etc., and the man of God can’t be complete and equipped.  Oh, and that just triggered me by not mentioning women, and triggered me even more by pretending there are two genders!

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.  Except that we don’t know what the word of God really is, so never mind. 

You could literally do this for many hundreds of passages.  These people only thrive because of biblical illiteracy, a severe lack of common sense and a insatiable love of the world.  While they are busy abusing the scriptures, may God open their eyes to truth that it all turned out just as He wanted it to!

Also see Leopard Theology: Not as fun as it sounds, where I analyze how the “Christian” Left believes that the Bible is only inspired in spots and that they are inspired to spot the spots.



Good News! God Does not Love You Unconditionally — He loves believers steadfastly.  We went to a church before I was a believer (Disciples of Christ – my parents have always belong to that denomination) and the pastor preached the “God loves you unconditionally” theme every week and even put up a billboard with that lie.  I could imagine all the pagans thinking, “Great, He loves me unconditionally – no need to repent and believe or go to that church to learn more!”

Growing List of “Unnecessary” Treatments Under Socialized Medicine — Only people who fail at basic economics don’t realize that Socialized Medicine leads to more rationing — and especially when ridiculous “trans” procedures will be covered.

Black Woman’s Presidential Campaign Rejected by Racist Sexist Democrats

How perfect is this? Kamala Harris got beat by a gay white guy, a fake Cherokee and a socialist Jew. Trump couldn’t have planned it any better as a way to inflame racial paranoia in the African-American community. I’m sure Vladimir Putin must be delighted by this news . . .

So the Left – including the media – is completely racist!

Article Image

Humorless scolds.  Pure self-parody: Melinda Gates get rich by marrying white male tech geek Bill Gates then spends his money acting like it is oppression because women don’t choose STEM degrees.  And she got a bunch of bitter, irrational, un-funny people to make a video where the premise is that it will take 208 years (note the precision!) for women to be “equal.”  The only funny parts are how the dislikes on the videos are vastly higher than the likes and that they had to turn the comments off.

Former Obama Operatives Creating FAKE NEWS Sites To Help Democrats Win Election — The propaganda machine is in full swing.

Chick-fil-A gave money to Southern Poverty Law Center two years ago, tax records show — That’s twisted on multiple levels.

SPLC’s list may have contributed indirectly to a terrorist attack in 2012, when a gunman attacked the Family Research Council. The shooter said he had found the name on the SPLC’s website and had wanted to attack them in a blow for LGBT rights. At the time of the shooting, the terrorist had over a dozen Chick-fil-A sandwiches on his person.

Andy Ngo Suspended From Twitter for Stating Facts — Ngo’s thought crime was tweeting this: “The US is one of the safest countries for trans people. The murder rate of trans victims is actually lower than that for cis population. Also, who is behind the murders? Mostly black men.”  But these ignorant and/or malicious and/or cowardly Leftists pretend that if you don’t completely cater to these mentally ill / sinful people that they’ll all get murdered tomorrow.

These people really need Jesus.  Interesting that he noticed how the LGBTQX designations are part of this, as people are desperate for anything that makes them feel special.