Ahhh Yes, Just Another Argument For Home Schooling!Bus driver calls student a “stupid little bigot,” among other things, for sharing her religious views.  Sounds like the school lied about what was on the video tapes and the parents only found out when they sued to see them.  Amazingly, the school didn’t discipline the driver in any way or even put her on another route.

This a bus driver. Not a teacher or administrator. This is someone that is paid minimal wages to transport children to and from school, not to bash the children over their religious views.

How Christianity Encourages Scientific InquiryOne commenter claimed that:

“If it were up to Christianity, we wouldn’t even know what those little lights in the SKY at NIGHT are.”

My response (more here):

That’s odd, because the writer of Genesis knew that there were a vast number of stars, akin to the number of grains of sand in the sea.

And he knew it when people at that time (and for a couple thousands more years) thought there were only 1,100 stars or so (See Genesis chapters 15, 22 and 32).

The writer sure was lucky, eh?

He also made a “lucky” and rather confident assertion that the universe came into being a point in time.

I’ve started using Windows Live Writer, a free desktop application, to edit my posts.  It mirrors the WordPress format but has several advantages:

  • lets me copy draft files to make templates (big timesaver!)
  • capability to write offline
  • easier picture importing and editing
  • easier to copy and paste links
  • more!

Installation tips and overview here.

Maybe Pre-abortion Ultrasounds Are Emotionally Torturous For A Reason

Why can’t Obama Find Time For Arizona Gov. Brewer?  He finds time to talk to the head of Iran and other “friends” of the U.S. but can’t talk to a U.S. governor whose laws he has criticized and whose borders he is obligated to protect?

Despite some twisting done by pro-abortionists, Susan B. Anthony: Pro-life was a pro-lifer.

Best caption of the week, or possibly the month, by the Wintery Knight: “Unborn baby schemes about pro-life persuasion.”  He looks like a little Mr. Burns from The Simpsons (“Excellent”).

Best. Finals. Ever.

Just had to rerun this one from 2008.  When the Lakers play the Celtics everything is inflated: Winning is way better and losing is far worse.  Hopefully with Bynum (sort of) playing and Artest to stop Paul Pierce the outcome will be different this time.

Go Lakers!


I hardly watch any sports on TV, which saves me tons of time.  I can honestly say I don’t miss it much.  But I will have to tune into some of the Lakers / Celtics NBA Finals this year (aside from a few games where I have conflicts with family things).

It brings back many memories – bad (Boston beating Milwaukee in 1974 when Kareem played there), really bad (LA choking and losing to Boston in 1984), really good (LA beating Boston in 1987, plus their other championships), and the absolute all-time best: Beating the Celtics in Boston in 1985.

Kareem was unbelievable.  38 years old and still dominating the game from beginning to end.

2nd. Best. Finals. Ever.

More on faux-lifers

As I noted in this post:

Faux-lifers are the self-identified “pro-lifers” who supported the health care bill.  They fought having the Stupak Amendment added and/or they risked the bill’s passage to ensure that taxpayer-funded abortions would be included.  From now on I consider them pro-abortion, not pro-life or even pro-choice.

These folks claimed that they wanted to reduce abortions.  But you don’t reduce abortions by increasing abortions, and that is what this bill will do.  They’ll insist that better health care will reduce the need for abortions, but under no circumstances does giving away free abortions reduce abortions.

Many people who claim the pro-life position still support radical pro-abortionists like President Obama.  They reason that abortion is kinda bad but that with the right healthcare policies we’ll reduce the “need” for abortions.  Of course, their support for taxpayer-funded abortions exposed that deception.  Again, you don’t reduce abortions by giving them away for free.

Ray Comfort made a good point about this in a good usage of the “trot out the toddler” pro-life argument:

Here’s the way you are thinking at present. You are in a polling booth, thinking about two candidates. One oversees the mass murder of all three-year old females. The other doesn’t have any program to take care of them. You are confused. It’s not clear to you for whom you should vote. Do you vote for the mass-murderer, whose hands drip with the blood of millions of children, or do you vote for the candidate who doesn’t have a healthy social program?

If toddlers were being legally destroyed for the reasons typically given for abortion (concerns about money, education, career, not ready to be a parent, etc.) would these Obama supporters vote to keep it legal while working to reduce the root causes of toddler-cide?  Of course not.  Neither should they support the pro-abortion agenda of Obama & Co.

More pathetic bad thinking and race baiting by pro-abort Jim Wallis

See How Christian is Tea Party Libertarianism? – Jim Wallis – God’s Politics Blog

.The Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis-led Sojourners / God’s politics blog is the opposite of social justice, but he hypocritically plays the race card and says the Tea Party is non-Christian.

But these people support legalized abortion and argue against restrictions against it.  They were wildly in favor of Obamacare and its taxpayer funded abortions.  They are pro-abortion, not pro-choice or pro-life.

It is so morbidly ironic for them to play the race card when they support the abortion industry that kill blacks at a rate three times that of whites and Hispanics at a rate double that of whites.  That’s racism.

Wallis says the Gospel is “all about” wealth redistribution.  We should obviously give generously as Christians but to say that wealth redistribution is the Gospel couldn’t be more wrong.

More weak thinking from false-teaching Sojourners

The Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis-led Sojourners / God’s politics blog is all for open borders — Obama Sends 1200 Troops to the Border to Guard Against Republican Criticism – César Baldelomar – God’s Politics Blog.

They don’t have a clue about the role of government.  If they want to help the poor in Mexico then by all means send them some of your own money.  That’s what my church does.  They do regular medical mission trips to Mexico.

But the open borders put us all at risk by letting in criminals and terrorists and those who cross the border to soak up unearned benefits.

False teacher preaches on sin?!

It was amusing to see Chuck write about sin.  This is the guy who can’t even persuade his wife (an atheist) that there is such a thing as sin against a real God.  But the rest of us should totally listen to what the “Reverend” has to say, right?  (I’d give Chuck a pass on that if his theology was Reformed, but it isn’t).

As usual, Chuck is more about petty and inaccurate political statements than about true theology.  He can’t help but blame President Bush for something, even though Obama is completely responsible (relative to Bush) for the BP mess.  Here’s the truth that Chuck ignored:

The BP exploration plan, their drilling permits, the National Environmental Protection Act exemptions… and the blowout…. all occurred under the current Administration. Someone has to be blamed, not even the media are blaming Bush for this, so someone in the Administration has to be the stuckee.

Read that carefully, and remember that Obama was the largest recipient of BP donations.

Chuck makes the same mistake that many people do and equates 2 Chronicles 7:14 with the U.S.  I’d think a “Reverend” would know better, but here we are.

He uses a straw man that implies that anyone for drilling thinks we should just rape and plunder the environment.

In his long post he wrote about sin but didn’t mention the remedy for sin once: Jesus.  Go figure.  No, wait, don’t go figure — Chuck doesn’t think Jesus is the only way to salvation (even though the Bible teaches it at least 100 times), so why would Chuck need to reference Jesus?  It might offend non-Christians.

How about this bit of theology?

The only way to reconcile with God, though, will be to stop this madness and act like the true stewards we are called to be. God is calling us to stop acting like adolescents and act like grow-ups should: with responsibility, with justice in our hearts, and a mature understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

The only way to reconcile with God is through Jesus.  It is a sure sign of a false teacher to say anything else.

Chuck has no understanding of basic right and wrong: He is pro-abortion.  He fully supported the health care bill that included taxpayer-funded abortions.  He can’t see the clear teachings of the Bible that homosexual behavior is sinful — or he ignores those verses just as he ignores others he doesn’t like.  So why listen to what he says on the environment?

Run, don’t walk, from false teachers like this.

Worst. GPS directions. Ever.

The scene: My youngest daughter and I were returning from a couple of college visits.  We were trying to find a gas station to fill up the rental car so I wouldn’t have to pay the good folks at AVIS $5 / gallon, or whatever exorbitant rate they charge these days.

As is often the case, there were no gas stations near the airport.  We used the GPS to search for nearby stations.  There was one a few miles a way.  Good news, right?  Not exactly.

We went down a narrow, winding road through the woods and came to a road by the river.  Then we went along the river for about a mile.

Then the nice woman on the GPS said:

Take ferry across river.

There was a ferry there, all right.  And it probably led to a gas station.  But we opted to go back up a different narrow, windy road and finally found an Exxon.

At least it wasn’t like the episode of The Office where Michael’s GPS directed him into a lake.