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Beth Moore is out of the closet

She’s been slowly moving towards full feminism for years, but now she is comfortably loud and proud. I never liked her schtick, but for a long time she was careful to have a traditional Christian veneer.  No more.  Just a typical phony who switches sides when it profits her most.

This sums it up well:  Beth Moore’s Journey From Women’s Bible Teacher to Full Blown Feminist 

For Beth Moore, it’s been a long journey from a womens-only aerobics instructor to a womens-only Sunday School teacher (with a few male stragglers) to a mixed-gender Sunday School teacher to a women’s’ conference preacher to a preacher to both men and women within the gathered assembly on the Lord’s Day. That’s a lot of steps, and it all began with a pastor who thought it was a good idea to put this theological lightweight in spandex into a lecturn.

Ken Silva, Chris Rosebrough, and myself (JD Hall) were all warning you about Beth Moore as early as 2008 and before. We explained her deep theological issues, not the least of which (or the greatest) is her feminism. But for any honest person surveying her career, they should be able to see that Moore has either radically shifted her positions or (more likely), has held them in secret, waiting for the right time for the church to catch up to culture.

Secrecy is not the mark of a Christian teacher. It’s the mark of the devil.

For more on Beth Moore’s recent social media meltdown over women preachers, click here.

And her Twitter tantrums are getting more unhinged. Recently she has been explaining why her preaching to men isn’t a sin, but she hardly ever does that sin, even though it isn’t a sin, but again, she hardly ever does it so what’s the big deal?  She’s indistinguishable from Rachel Held Evans in her feminism (and I’ve never heard of the allegedly Bible-believing Moore criticizing a heretic like Evans, because feminism first!).  And her “it’s Mother’s Day!” bit makes it worse.  Why would the church even recognize this make-up holiday whose founder disavowed it because of its commercialism?

In addition to the feminism, she also does that creepy thing where she claims direct revelation from God.  Uh, sure, Beth — you and Paula White . . .

Christianity: Still the worldview that treats women the best

And second place isn’t even close.

This is an outstanding summary of why Christianity is not just the only way to salvation, but also the best worldview for women. I wish that at all the secular and “Christian” Left feminists like Rachel Evans would read it and stop whining about the “patriarchy.” They would rather attack Christianity than acknowledge how badly other religions and secular cultures treat women.  They support porn, abortion, any LGBTQX perversion imaginable, rampant promiscuity, etc.  In short, they mock God 24×7.  (They are going to love living under Sharia law.)

Read 10 Reasons Why the Bible Regards Women Higher than All Other Systems for all the details.  I included the text for #3, as it is the most relevant, obvious and bizarre example for our culture.  Consider Robert Stacy McCain’s analysis of a sex columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine.  She’s a feminist extremist, of course, and  she’s considered an expert on sex and gets paid for dispensing advice.  Yet by her own admission she has Herpes, has to fake orgasms, doesn’t really enjoy sex, is self-loathing, depressed, etc.  Maybe someone will tell her the truth about Jesus and she can escape that secular/”Christian” Left madness.

 1. Women are created in God’s image, making them infinitely  valuable. 

  2. The Bible forbids the killing of women.

  3. The Bible forbids the sexual exploitation of women.

It’s obvious our culture has a hunger for exploiting women. The insatiable devouring of pornography is proof. Pornography does not only involve the exploitation of women, but it is largely that. The current statistics from the National Center of Sexual Exploitation on pornography are incredible:

  • 93% of boys and 62% of girls have seen pornography during adolescence
  • 64% of people ages 13-24 seek out pornography weekly or more often. One site reports that in 2016, people watched 4.6 billion hours of pornography on its site.
  • Analysis of the 50 most viewed pornographic videos found that 88% of scenes contained physical violence.

What is pornography conditioning boys, teenagers, and men to think about women? What is it setting them up for in their relationships with women? How is it preparing them for sacrificial, selfless, and loving marital relationships? How is it preparing them to parent productively and raise the next generation? What is it teaching them about the value of women?

This is a culture that largely exploits women. Doing so is totally forbidden in biblical Christianity, because the Bible regards women with great worth and sanctity (Matt. 5:28, 1 Cor. 6:18, 1 Tim. 5:2).

  4. The Bible forbids men from sexual interaction with a woman prior to marriage. 

  5. The Bible holds husbands to the highest ethic of love for their wives. 

  6. The Bible prohibits men from marrying more than one woman. 

  7. The Bible forbids husbands from “falling out of love” with their wives. 

  8. The Bible commands people to consider women as more important than themselves. 

  9. The Bible prohibits men from divorcing their wives.

  10. The Bible commands men to regard women with the highest moral purity. 

You could add to the list of reasons why the Bible regards women higher than any other ideology in history (e.g. a woman’s command to influence humanity at its earliest, formative years, etc.). Despite the protestations of culture, God’s word remains the standard for one’s view of women. History has not, and will not, present a system of higher regard for women than Scripture.

How to ruin a movie

Take an interesting story about an actual person who displayed true bravery, add good acting and production values, then tack on a fictional account of a guy who abandons a loving, pregnant wife to do it with a tranny – and make the latter the hero of the story in the pivotal final scene.

That’s what they did with The People vs. Fritz Bauer.  The title character actually took bold risks to help bring Adolph Eichman to justice, but his actions were overshadowed by the manufactured pro-LGBTQX propaganda. Think of the countless premeditated acts that went into producing that movie.  From start to finish they planned to use important historical truths as a vehicle to peddle their God-mocking agenda.

If the perverts make such heroic characters, why do they have to fictionalize them?

Skip the movie.

(I didn’t watch it all, just bits and pieces.  I hate movies and TV, and this is another reason why. My wife was watching with headphones on via the Roku remote.  But I was curious about the accuracy of the plot line and discovered the truth with a little research.)

Pro-abort Rachel Held Evans uses (false) exceptions to make bad rules

As the saying goes, exceptions make bad rules.  But in the case of pro-abort “Christian” Racist Held Evans, she uses a false exception to make a horribly bad rule.

She plays  on the sympathies of those with children diagnosed in utero with health issues.  In her world, it is much better to kill the child right away because she might have serious health issues when born.  That ignores that doctors and diagnoses are sometimes wrong (I’ve personally met several people who are glad they didn’t heed the advice to kill their children). It also ignores that God doesn’t permit mercy killings (then again, since when did pro-LGBTQX Mrs. Evans care what Jesus said?).

But as bad as that is, faux-lifer Evans isn’t using that argument to make the case to ban all abortions except those in her example  She uses it to justify all abortions at any time, and to have taxpayers pay for abortions for those who can’t afford to kill their children.  She piles evil upon evil.  When pro-aborts make deceptive claims like that, ask them exactly which abortions they want to make illegal.  Answer: None.

And to make it worse, she virtue signals in her pro-abort Tweet.  You see, she is more righteous and caring than you because she would consider killing her child while you wouldn’t.

Source: Pro-LGBT Activist Who Thinks She’s A Christian Defends Abortion – Reformation Charlotte:

In an ultimate display of selfishness, Held Evans, a professing Christian (of course she isn’t a real Christian, but she has many Christian followers), asserts that she isn’t sure what she would do if she were told by a doctor that her unborn child may have a birth defect affecting the “quality” of the child’s life.

The problem here isn’t that Held Evans is concerned with the quality of the child’s life. Held Evans is concerned about the quality of her own life. She — and other abortion supporters just like her — see children not as a gift from God made in the image of God, but as a burden. Further, a child that may need special care and extra attention would, in Held Evans’ eyes, decrease her own “quality of life.”This is the sickness of the pro-choice movement. You can’t call yourself a Christian while holding to anti-Christ beliefs. The gospel calls us to lay our own lives down, pick up our cross, and follow Jesus. Held Evans and the many pro-choice (or undecided) people out there have failed to see the goodness of God and the gift of salvation in Christ. They are, regardless of their claims, unregenerate and need the forgiveness of Jesus Christ found only through repentance and faith.

Reflections on death and funerals and such

My 89 year old father passed away in December from congestive heart failure.  As deaths go, this was not a bad way to exit.  Of course he is deeply missed by family and friends – and especially by my mom, to whom he was married for 61 years.  But for a guy who grew up in “Grapes of Wrath” Oklahoma (i.e., on a farm in the dust bowl) and had a successful career and family, and who served people all the way until his last weeks, and who got to say goodbye to everyone and die fairly painlessly (only 1.5 days in hospice care), it could have been a lot worse.  Some random thoughts . . .

  • The hospice care from the nurses was amazing.  We really appreciated how they handled everything.
  • God’s sovereignty was on display in many big and small things.  I was able to change my flight and get out of town a day before the airports were shut down for weather issues.  I just happened to have a trip scheduled to help them get their house ready to sell (so they could move to a senior living place) so I showed up right after my dad had gone in the hospital.  I stayed more than a week longer than planned, but the trip was open-ended as I had already planned to drive home with a couple pieces of furniture my parents wanted us to have.  And so on. 
  • The funeral was awful.  They didn’t say anything false, so at least I didn’t have to do a rebuttal.  But they didn’t present the Gospel, they didn’t show the lyrics to a song that everyone was supposed to be singing, they forgot to read a Bible passage that my dad had requested, the message from the pastor was not well-prepared, etc.  But tons of people came and my mom was fine with it, so there’s that (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog, BTW).  It did prompt my wife and I to update our preferences for our funerals.  You should do the same. 
  • Dying generates a lot of paperwork.  Some things were very easy to deal with and others were quite the hassle.  To my dad’s great credit, he was very organized and had planned things well.  He had a password management software from which I was able to export all his logins and import it to Dashlane, the password manager I use.  That has saved me countless hours.  If you don’t have your things organized, you need to make plans to do it in the next month.
  • Having updated wills and Power of Attorney documents is hugely important.
  • We had to wait 4.5 hours at the Social Security office to transfer some responsibilities that my dad had over to me.  Only 20 minutes of that was spent with the SS employee.  They gave us no estimate of how long it would take.  But we should still let the government take responsibility for over 100% of our health care.  What could go wrong? 
  • Funerals are expensive. I thought it would be all about the casket, but they were actually low pressure on that and it was a small portion of the total cost.
  • There were many opportunities to witness throughout this process.  People were rightly cautious in what they said to us, but it was easy to put them at ease by pointing out that my mom, dad and I were all committed believers.  He was completely ready to go.  It led to several theological discussions. 
  • At the hospice . . .
    • Clergy: We serve all faith traditions.
    • Me: Thanks, but we’re all Jesus, all the time. 
  • It has been a blessing and an honor to get to spend so much time helping my mom with finances and such and just talking to her more.  Haven’t spent that much time with her since the 1970’s.
  • Closing out some accounts has been a huge hassle.  DirecTV was the worst.  At one point one of their employees insisted that I needed to come to a store with a death certificate to cancel my dad’s service.  Uh, are you saying your product is so awful that people often fake their own deaths to get out of contracts with you? 

“Bruce Jenner is still a man, homosexuality is still a sin.”

The Captain Obvious quote in the title was posted on a church sign in a presumably conservative area and still got the rabid Leftists outraged.  The pastor was forced out, as it turns out that only he and one family in the church know the Bible and/or basic biology.

I encourage you to share these truths while you can.  Again, if the winner of the Men’s Decathlon 1976 Olympics is a female then anorexics really are fat and the “loving” thing would be to encourage them to diet more.  And the Bible couldn’t be more clear that homosexual behavior is a sin.

Source: Moonbattery – A Stake Through the Heart of the Lunatic Left

Like George Orwell is said to have said, in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Unlike the phony rebels of the entertainment industry, real revolutionaries tend to get in big trouble, like the pastor in rural Northern California who was forced out of his church over a sign that read, “Bruce Jenner is still a man, homosexuality is still a sin.” The sign, shared on the pastor’s Facebook page, sparked protests and national news coverage. Justin Hoke announced his departure on the Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church Facebook page on Saturday evening.No one can dispute that what the sign said is true. They don’t have to dispute it. It was thoughtcrime. The truer, the more criminal. “I was informed that essentially all but one couple in membership would leave the church if I continued as pastor of TBPC,” Hoke said in his post.If there are any Bibles in the church, Hoke ought to take them with him; the congregation won’t be needing them. The Bible confirms the latter part of the sign’s forbidden message repeatedly. Biology books would confirm the part about Bruce Jenner.