Look at the unique tie between love and knowledge and discernment.  Love isn’t some unthinking emotional state.

Philippians 1:9–11 And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.


Why do so many atheist historians think that 1 Corinthians 15 is reliable history? This is one of the simplest and best defenses of scripture. All the “Christian” Leftists and atheists who argue (wrongly) for late-dating of the Gospels and for authorship disputes can’t dispute 1 Corinthians 15. So many things fall into place when you understand this point. The physical resurrection and the early church’s belief in it was absolutely not a later invention.


His quote is a good send-up of the atheist worldview. If we are truly just random molecules, then there would be nothing moral or immoral about creating or destroying anything. But our deepest intuitions tell us otherwise. Also, Romans 1.


Wind, solar or nuclear: which is best for costs, electricity prices and the environment? More nukes! Lots more. That’s the obvious solution. It always has been, but we’ve let a couple Hollywood movies and some Leftist extremists keep us from helping billions of people around the world. Billions.


‘Let’s Go Brandon Challenge’ Goes Viral On TikTok — This may replace the Streisand Effect, where the downplaying or obfuscation of something has the unintended consequence of increasing awareness of it. I’m thrilled to see people saying it who aren’t the typical Republican voter.


China Removes NBA Game From Broadcast After Enes Kanter Speaks Out Against Govt. — Good for him! Too bad the rest of the league places profits over principles.


Loudoun Superintendent Told Board Of Alleged Bathroom Assault In May — That’s the Left: Creepy, cowardly, perverts covering up sexual assaults to cover up for “trans” people. This alone should land all those freaks in jail.


DC Police Say Department Gave ‘Abortion Ultimatum’ Upon Pregnancy — So sick, but so unsurprising. It never occurs to Leftists how evil it is to say, “Kill your child, or else . . . “


look Satan.jpg


This is an epic self-own. Yeah, and a lot of normal people are damaged having to pretend you are female when everyone can see that you are not. Check your chromosomes.


Cancer 3

Note: I realize that with a journey like this that people want different degrees of updates: none, acquaintance level, friend level, family level, and mom/wife level. So instead of multiple blog posts or email updates, I’ll just put some observations and updates here and anyone interested can check at their convenience. Be blessed, and thanks for all the encouragement and prayers!


October 22, 2021 update: Confirmed that it is a return of my non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Apparently that is good, because if it was something else it probably would have been terminal. Starting chemo next week to hopefully shrink it a bit and keep it from growing and spreading. Ideally that will reduce or eliminate the back pain and make it so I can eat regularly again. Then we will start the process to do a CAR T-cell procedure to hopefully eliminate it. Thanks for all the prayers and support. We appreciate it deeply.


No updates, just a thought that when you go through this three times it does speed up the way you process it.


It is back. I was hoping that Cancer 2 would be the final post like this, but here we are. We hope to get a biopsy and treatment plan in the next week or so. It was a bit surprising to have it come back so quickly. I went through extensive chemotherapy last summer that put it in remission and then went through an additional high-dose chemo/stem cell transplant ten months ago that was supposed to extend the remission. And my scan in June was clean. Yet here we are. The good news is that we caught this one early.

It is always a good day to be a Christian, but especially so at times like this. My faith isn’t based on God keeping me healthy and happy at all times, but on the evidence for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, and by the power of his word transforming my heart and mind. So having cancer diagnoses hasn’t set my faith back at all. This is another plot twist in life that we must manage through. And there is nothing like a situation such as this to give you a laser focus on what’s important.

As before, we’d obviously like healing, and as permanently as possible, but we truly want to glorify God and have many opportunities to witness to his truth and love (and we already had the latter answered the day we got the official diagnosis).

We are so blessed with amazing and supportive family and friends. That is the most touching part of all of this.


Side note: From the time I emailed my doctor about some minor symptoms to the time of getting the results from my scan was 72 hours, with various tests and such in-between. Take that, socialized medicine! (I would probably have died long ago in any other country.)


I joked that I was just getting my weight, strength, and hair back from the last treatment, and now we are going to start again. I think it may turn out like this:

Me, to my hair: I’m going through chemo and you’ll fall out, but please try to grow back.

My hair: Done!

Me: I’m going through chemo again. Please try to grow back.

My hair: Uh, we’ll try, but it could be patchy for a while.

Me: OK, now I’m going through chemo for a third time. Please try to grow back.

My hair: LOL no.


On our way to my first hospital stay last year we got behind a car with a message on the rear window in 6” high letters that said “F*** CANCER.” Except they spelled it out. I joked that if it was MD Anderson’s new slogan then it was a bold one.


I posted this commentary and video less than two months ago to give others some tips and encouragement for navigating through cancer journeys. Did I say I’d had cancer twice? I meant three times. I think I need to watch it, then re-do it.

Cancer is a challenge for the patient and for caregivers. I’ve been through extensive treatments for two different cancers and have some things to share. I pray that this will help you navigate through challenging times, whether cancer-related or not, and that you will be encouraged. Don’t waste your cancer or any other challenge.


We were blessed to have a week away from home for the first time in two years (other than hospital stays!), and we did a little dancing on the beach. The sand was a challenge. And I forgot to plan an ending. But it was a nice souvenir. I realized a week after this that the cancer was probably back. Thank God for tender mercies. You want to enjoy these gifts wherever you have them.

Have your favorite charities gone woke?

The demise of organizations like the Boy Scouts and others are murder/suicides. The Left tries to murder them, then the groups try to appease the Left by committing organizational suicide.

I don’t think we are currently giving to any groups that are remotely woke, but to be on the safe side I sent this to a couple of my contacts:

I’ve read about an alarming number of Christian (or formerly Christian) organizations that have gone “woke” / politically correct and abandoned the Gospel — Salvation Army, World Vision, CRU, and InterVarsity, to name a few. For example, starting in the 90’s we sponsored three World Vision children and had a good experience with it. Still, when WV started caving to cultural demands, we ended our donations once the last child graduated from the program.

Would you please let me know where your organization stands on these topics and what their plan is to stay strong regardless of political and cultural pressures?  There are so many places to donate, but we only give to those who are unapologetic in advancing the Gospel.

If more people send messages like this ahead of time these organizations might think twice about caving to the culture.

Never try to appease the Left! They will still hate you, but then they’ll know you are weak and won’t respect you, either. They’ll know they have you and will keep driving you into further lies. They are relentless, just like the men of Sodom who continued groping for the door even though God had blinded them.

Genesis 19:11 And they struck with blindness the men who were at the entrance of the house, both small and great, so that they wore themselves out groping for the door.

Never use Lowe’s for installations

Why? Too many mistakes, poor accountability, overcharges, and atrocious customer service.

We’ve always been loyal Lowe’s customers, so our recent flooring experience was a huge disappointment on many levels.  I know that you pay a built-in premium when you use them for installations, as they are contracting to a third party to do the work.  But the value is supposed to be that Lowe’s verifies and stands behind their quality, and you have one point of contact.  The opposite happened on both counts.

The installers used some liquid on wood that floor that was nearly impossible to get off.  It was a greasy mess and everything left big track marks on it (shoes, vacuum cleaners, chairs, etc.).  Cleaning it was very difficult – multiple passes of scrubbing on hands and knees.  No one at Lowe’s apologized, no one had a sense of urgency, every Lowe’s group pointed fingers, and the corporate customer service manager (Josh) wouldn’t give me his direct number and wouldn’t take my call when I called on the 800 number he told me to use.  Pro tip: Don’t employ, let alone promote, customer service people who are ineffective, condescending, unresponsive, and have zero sense of urgency or desire to help their customers.

We spent over twenty hours on our hands and knees scrubbing the floor to make it usable.  The installers sent a crew to clean one of the rooms, but it took ten days to happen.  We had half our house turned upside down and had company coming, so we did the rest ourselves. Lowe’s never apologized or compensated us for this.

Lowe’s also engages in deceptive business practices with flooring installations (other companies may do this as well, so be sure to check).  If you have 1,000 sq. ft. to cover, I can see why you need materials for, say, 1,050 sq. ft., because there is the inevitable waste with cuts and corners.  But they also charge you for the installation costs for the higher figure.  They only install the lower amount of square footage (1,000) because that is all that exists, but they charge installation fees for the higher figure (1,050).  In our case, the worker over-measured, and I told him so right away (I don’t think he realized I had measured it myself). 

We had five extra boxes of wood at the end, about 80 sq. ft.  We kept two boxes for possible repairs, but Lowe’s originally refused to refund the installation costs on returning the other three boxes.  I pointed out that the wood was obviously never installed, so why should we pay for installation?  Many phone calls later, with lots of finger-pointing within Lowe’s, I thought I had finally won out, and the corporate people told the store to issue a credit.  However, even though a store employee called to say he was about to process the credit, he never did.  I followed up a week later and discovered this, along with the fact that someone had decided not to issue the credit.  Yet no one bothered to tell us. So they promised to give us a credit, then decided not to but didn’t tell us.

After multiple additional calls, I finally convinced them to refund what they owed me after lying to me twice. They agreed, so I went to the store and got the refund in cash. 

But why so much work to get back what I was obviously due?  

Other things

Multiple Lowe’s employees insisted that we need $500+ of underlayment to go under the flooring, but the installers and the manufacturer said we didn’t.  Luckily we resolved this before installing it, as it saved a lot of money. 

We were told they had the product in stock, but it turns out they didn’t, and delivery was delayed for two weeks.

The delivery you pay for is only to your driveway.  We had to bring in 72 boxes of wood ourselves and carry them upstairs. 

They had two product miss-pulls.  We had to make a trip to return the quarter round.  They also had a mix of different colored thresholds, but the installers mercifully used the right colors and returned the extra wrong-colored ones. 

Other than that . . .

That was a series of first-world problems, of course, but a good reminder to businesses that you can lose sales permanently if you jerk your customers around, and a good reminder to never use Lowe’s for any project work.

Good news: Google Maps just informed me that my Lowe’s review has been seen 500 times.