The serious party’: President Elizabeth Warren’s Education Secretary would have to be interviewed and approved by ‘young trans person’ — This belongs in the “Not the Babylon Bee” section, but I wanted to highlight it.  As one person noted, this will make people go from Never Trump to MAGA 2020.  Taking policy advice from kids = stupid.  Taking policy advice from “trans” people, who are, by definition, mentally disturbed = insanity.  Combine the two and you are off the charts.  The Left is a self-parody.

God: You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them.

Catholic and Eastern Orthodox religions: Let’s make carved images and bow down to them!

Students demanded divestment from fossil fuels, a professor offered to turn off the gas heating

Fergus Green, the organiser of the wider protest, who is studying for a master’s degree in physics and philosophy at Balliol College, said: “This is an inappropriate and flippant response by the bursar to what we were hoping would be a mature discussion. It’s January and it would be borderline dangerous to switch off the central heating.”

Then complain to Greta, snowflake.

‘Oligarchy is real’: Now that Cory Booker and Julian Castro are out, the DNC changed the debate rules to benefit the rich white dude — If Republicans did something like this the Left would never stop crying “raaaaacist.”

Franklin Delano Quid Pro Quo – more reasons that the impeachment trial is ridiculous and that you don’t want the Federal Gov’t involved in things outside their constitutional authority.  You get nothing but abuse and waste.

“The inefficiency and uselessness of many WPA projects was a serious problem,” Dr. Folsom writes, “but a greater problem was the increased politicization of relief under the WPA.” President Roosevelt had “much discretion in allocation and distributing” WPA money, not unlike a president’s discretion in allocating and distributing foreign aid — though worse because foreign policy is constitutionally the president’s prerogative. As Folsom notes, FDR would choose “which states would receive what,” and the main problem was that this “made relief a game of political manipulation,” at least in the hands of a manipulative president like Franklin Roosevelt. “The problems that plagued the FERA would sharply increase under WPA because more money was at stake,” Folsom notes. “Governors worried that their states would not get their ‘fair share’ of federal tax booty, and so they came to Washington, hats in hand, to curry favor with Roosevelt, Harry Hopkins, who became the WPA director, and other New Deal administrators.”

Why Wasn’t Spygate Impeachable? — Democrats personify hypocrisy.

The Democrats have impeached Trump for merely contemplating something that Obama actually did. And in Obama’s case, the abuse of power was altogether real: it resulted in a massive violation of civil liberties. Obama’s FBI falsely claimed that four members of Trump’s campaign were probable Russian agents. None of them were. Oops. Oh well, the Democrats said. Obama had an obligation to check out the hunches of John Brennan and James Comey.

By contrast, Hunter Biden’s corruption wasn’t conjectural. As even Obama’s State Department acknowledged, his “work” in Ukraine reeked of improprieties and influence-peddling.

It is hilarious to watch Democrats speak of the Bidens as above reproach. In truth, Joe Biden stands at the center of a family of crooks who have spent decades trading on his last name. In Peter Schweizer’s new book, Profiles in Corruption, he writes that the family’s wealth “depends on Joe Biden’s political influence and involves no less than five family members: Joe’s son Hunter, daughter Ashley, brothers James and Frank, and sister Valerie.”

Eric Ciaramella’s Name Is Not a Secret, and #TeamTrump Only Hires Winners — The impeachment process was a ridiculous farce from the beginning.  Democrats hate this country and are power-mad, and will do anything to get back in control.

Not the Babylon Bee — big week for self-parodies!

Child Molester Freed for Becoming Transsexual

PETA Demands Robot Replace Punxsutawney Phil

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . .

Great news for child abusers. You can now be released if you “change genders” — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.


‘We attract … truly radical people to the campaign’: James O’Keefe releases another video of Bernie Sanders staffers – More great journalism from Project Veritas, which means the media and the Sanders campaign will ignore it.

Drunk-Driving Illegal Alien Paid Cash for Being Held for ICE – Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.  Illegals have a much higher drunk driving rate than citizens, but anti-drunk driving groups are too politically correct to point that out.

Do-Gooder NGOs Prevent Africans From Feeding Themselves — The “help” the West provides makes Colonialism look great by comparison.

Audio Proved She Begged Him For Sex & Then Accused Him Of Sexual Assault. Columbia Expelled Him — It is a dangerous world out their for dating, and especially so on college campuses.  So many false accusations and so many Leftist administrators!  And doing things God’s way helps you avoid all that.

Here we have a former Marine who was convicted in a kangaroo court despite the fact that the recording he made exonerated him. His diploma was pulled after Columbia retroactively expelled him for sexual assault, despite the fact that he spent the whole night fending off a woman that was intent on having sex with him. Now, he’s been publicly branded as a rapist because of this woman’s lies. It is a disgraceful situation and all of us should hope Columbia ends up having to pay millions of dollars for the unjust way they have treated him. Only when these “woke” schools fear facing lawsuits will they stop treating young men as guilty until proven innocent — and maybe not even then.

The Fourth Reich — China’s abuses of their people, including murders and organ-stealing, are well known.  Yet the virtue-signaling Left shamelessly props them up.   Notable exception: Facebook.

Imagine the potential impact if Facebook’s example were followed by Google, Boeing, the NBA, and dare I say it, Apple. What if these mega-corporations joined together to say that they believe in human rights and they will be unable to do further business with a nation that incarcerates Muslims in concentration camps, rips the organs out of political prisoners, and socially cancels Christians simply for following Jesus Christ? I’m not naïve. I wouldn’t expect China to become an enlightened and free society. But perhaps, just perhaps, the worst abuses could be ameliorated, and people of faith allowed to practice that faith — which, after all, is a fundamental human right — without being crushed by their government.

Travel Baseball: A Common Form Of Insanity — Travel ball can be perverse for families. My sister and her husband had a rocky relationship, but at the time they were doing their best and plugged into a good church their son – who was good at soccer but not enough to get a scholarship or anything — joined a travel team. All of sudden they missed a lot of church then phased out completely. Their relationship spiraled down into abuse and divorce. No, I’m not saying it was just the travel ball, but it didn’t help. I’ve seen it draw other people away from church and stability, especially when the whole family isn’t going together.

Our philosophy was simple: God gave you your bodies to move and do things, so you should be active in something. Our hope would be that they would be fit for life doing something they like.  But trying to invest in your kids for a career in sports is a waste of time and money. Our daughters became extremely talented ballerinas, with one dancing professionally, but she always knew she needed a regular education as well so she got a degree in parallel and it worked really well when she retired from dance and got married.

Democrats wary of blowback from angry Bernie Bros, which often turns ‘sexist, racist and vile’ – But but but progressive love and tolerance or something!  Keep in mind that this is how they treat other Leftists.  Imagine how they’ll treat conservatives!

Some progressive activists who declined to back Mr. Sanders have begun traveling with private security after incurring online harassment. Several well-known feminist writers said they had received death threats. A state party chairwoman changed her phone number. A Portland lawyer saw her business rating tumble on an online review site after tussling with Sanders supporters on Twitter…

Mexican President is “acting like Trump’s border wall” – Nice!

Letters to Hannah: Superbowl 51 — A couple years old, but an interesting perspective on the Super Bowl and sports-watching in general.  I don’t object to people watching some sports, but it can easily become an idol.  And if they aren’t exercising themselves then they should do that first before watching anything.  I gave up sports and most TV when the kids were young and didn’t miss a thing.  I hardly ever watch anything now.

I have absolutely nothing against anyone playing a sport, and I actually prefer that they play and enjoy them. What I’m against is the idea that part of being a man is watching a sport. I’m against the idea that it’s desirable for fat men to gather around a television and shout at it; and that anyone who challenges the idea is effeminate. The opposite is true. An unfit man who knows more about sports news than his country is worse than the laziest and dumbest of gold-digging housewives. So far as I’m concerned he might as well be concerned with celebrity gossip — he can grow up or hang himself.

Police Investigating Murder of Pro-Migration Finnish Woman by Her Migrant Boyfriend — Just as with political correctness, virtue signaling can be deadly.

This is by no means the only case of women being attacked or killed by migrants with whom they have cultivated a romantic relationship.

Best of the Bee

Your Wife Claimed She Was ‘Fine’ And That ‘Nothing Is Wrong.’ Fact Check: FALSE | The Babylon Bee — To her credit, Mrs. Eternity Matters never does this, but it was still funny.

Not the Babylon Bee

Will New York Require a Helmet to Ride in a Car? — The Nanny State won’t stop until you push back.  The “little” things like soda taxes aren’t little.  I think it is unwise to regularly drink sodas, but once you look to the government to regulate things like that you’ve told the populace that they are so stupid that they need the government to do everything for them.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Drag Queen Story Hour moves to public schools to teach first graders about gender fluidity and family structures — If you support this you are stupid and/or evil.


‘Can I have my money back?’ Father confronts Elizabeth Warren over student loan forgiveness — This is such a great campaign issue for Republicans.  Even Leftists who paid off their loans (or didn’t take out loans) won’t want to pay off the loans of anyone else, especially those who got Lesbian Astrology degrees.  Just another example of shameless vote-buying by the Communists.  The sense of entitlement in this country is already staggering.  Letting special interest groups force others to pay off their loans would make things even worse.

So brave: Woman’s act of resistance is to take up the best parking spaces at Masterpiece Cakeshop — “Christian” Leftist walking freak show Nadia-Bolz Weber (BFF of Rachel Held Evans, of course) is the woman in question.  She bravely deleted her Tweet when people started pointing her hypocrisy of doing this while posing as a Christian pastor.  And note how her act was extra-stupid and hateful: She wasn’t harming the owner, she was inconveniencing his customers (then again, she probably hates them as well for supporting a guy with Christian standards).  So she’s petty, evil and not a very clear thinker.  So typical of the “Christian” Left.

Longtime Willow Creek Member Accuses Bill Hybel’s Mentor, Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian, of Clergy Sexual Abuse — Willow Creep Church was a sham on many levels, yet Hybels is still celebrated by many.

Transsexual Called “Bravest Athlete in History” for Beating Up Woman — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

It may have been fun to snigger at obsequious media apparatchiks obediently pretending that Bruce Jenner is a woman, but the transsexual front in progressives’ war against civilization and sanity stops being funny when the conversation turns to Fallon Fox.

As mentioned earlier (see here and here), Fallon Fox is a mixed martial arts fighter who beats up women in public and gets paid for it.

For engaging in behavior that would result in felony charges in any sane society, Mr Fox has been christened “the bravest athlete in history.”

The Cyprus Rape Liar — What really happened? — Girl behaves like complete slut then tries to destroy the lives of many guys by claiming she was raped.  She should be in jail for as long as they would have been if they had really raped her.

I’ve used Dashlane for years to store passwords, addresses (including old ones), personal information like Social Security and license numbers, and much more.  You just need one robust overall password and the rest is automated. It gives you much stronger passwords and you don’t have to remember them.  It saves me time every day, but if you ever move or have to change default credit card numbers it will really save you time.  Just one click will populate address forms and such.

And when my Dad died in 2017 it saved me countless hours, as I was able to export his passwords from a different password app (very glad that my 89 year old dad was tech-savvy enough to do that!) and import them to Dashlane.  I was constantly logging into various accounts for months and Dashlane let me do it automatically.

For your master password, I recommend taking a regular (but odd) word and combining it with an abbreviation of a Bible passage, because that is easy to remember and has upper and lower case letters, numbers, a colon and a dash yet is still easy to remember.

Dashlane makes your life a million times easier. Get started with these three steps and you’ll be up and running.

First: Get the app on your phone and computer. That way your passwords will go wherever you do. 

Second: Install the extension on your favorite browser, and stay logged into Dashlane when you’re on your computer. The extension will save all your passwords and logins as you browse. 

Third: Turn off any other autofill or password tools like Chrome or Keychain, otherwise they’ll just get in the way of Dashlane doing its thing. AKA filling in your passwords. 

Get started with these three steps, and you can always check back here for more tips.

President proclaims Wednesday ‘National Sanctity of Human Life Day,’ will appear at March for Life — Good for him!

Best of the Bee

In Major Deal, The Babylon Bee Purchases Competing Satire Site CNN | The Babylon Bee


‘Guillotine the rich!’ Project Veritas shares video of another Bernie Sanders field organizer promoting Gulags, re-education, violence, and more — Of course Project Veritas had more Leftist extremism recorded for us!  And of course the mainstream media will ignore it.  This is who AOC and the rest of the Leftist extremists want to rule us.

Dalrock | Thoughts from a happily married father on a post feminist world — Go read that blog while you can (he said he may delete it).  Dalrock has done great things for Christianity and marriage, especially in showing how feminism has infiltrated evangelical Christianity.

Tom Homan hits back at Biden for remark on illegal immigrants arrested for DUI: He’s ‘lost his mind’ — Keep in mind that Biden is the “centrist” Democrat, and even he welcomes illegals to come here and drive drunk and won’t send them back.  They hate you.

Biden also threatened ICE with punishment if the agency were to deport illegal immigrants arrested for drunk driving, saying his administration would fire agents who arrest and deport illegal immigrants for such a crime.

Can “Fat Shaming” Be Conviction Instead? — I’m not for finger-wagging at fat people, but I’d never affirm them as the ridiculous “body positivity” movement does.

‘Work of art’: NRSC puts out powerful video of Democrats’ impeachment push from Day 1 — Great job on this video!  It shows how disingenuous the Left has been ever since Trump was elected.

‘The truth comes out’: AOC accidentally exposes the socialist Left’s agenda, declaring that ‘I don’t want your money as much as we want your power’ — Of course she tried to backpedal and say the power was for “the people,” as if every tyrant ever didn’t say the same thing.

Good exposure of why it is fine to criticize false teachings.  The phonies are good at manipulation – sweeping generalizations, exaggerations, word-twisting, projecting, etc.  Example: Todd White conflates addressing false teachings with hatred and criticizes believers who dare to criticize wolves.

British Actor Dumped His Girlfriend for Being too Woke — Good for him!  I would add that you should never date a pro-abort, for she is not only so wicked that she’d kill her child but she’d kill your child as well.  If someone was willing to kill your child outside the womb would you consider dating her?!

“I don’t know how we ended up together,” Fox told host James Delingpole. “It was a very short relationship. We were walking down the road and she was talking about how good the Gillette advert was. I just looked at her and went, ‘Bye. Sorry, I can’t do this with you.’”

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Leftists Celebrate 12-Year-Old Kids Getting STD Screenings Without Their Parents’ Knowledge

Pass the popcorn

‘Nobody likes him’: Hillary Clinton UNLOADS on Bernie Sanders and his (deplorable?) supporters — This will help keep the Leftists at home in November once the Dems push Bernie out again, even after Hillary’s phony apology.

Yes, and it was entirely predictable, just as being soft on illegal immigration dramatically increases the number of illegals, being soft on crime encourages more crime, and so on.  It is the most basic of economics, and Leftists fail at them.

Hat tip to Danny about the Transformed Wife blog.  She triggered so many people with this chart that USA Today wrote an article about her.  Just the “weekends” block alone speaks volumes.  And it is tragic how common it is for people to put their children in day care when they are just a couple months old.

This is the chart that's sparked outrage.


A Mass Shooting CNN Won’t Notice — I follow the news closely but hadn’t seen this anywhere else.  Yep, nothing to see here folks, just a guy who could not legally own a gun but “miraculously” got one anyway.  The Left only publicizes cases that let them grab guns from good guys.

Migrants Waiting For Dems To Win Election Because ‘It Would Make Things Easier To Get In’ — Of course that’s what they think, because it is true.  And it is another major reason why no citizens should vote for Democrats.  Illegals should be rounded up and either sent back or sent to Leftist cities.

This is great.  I’d pay to have colleges and all government schools play it for their students.

9 Reasons You Should Have A Baby This Year If You’re Young And Married

The truth is, children are a reliably excellent investment in your long-term personal development and happiness. And you only have about a quarter of your adult life to make that investment. That, in a nutshell, is why, if you are young and married, you should consider having a baby this year. Here are nine reasons why that’s true. . . .

How will lefty media spin sight of #VirginiaRally attendees actually cleaning up after themselves? — The Right is superior to the Left on big things and small.

10 Ways Porn Culture Will Target Your Kids in 2020 (Be Prepared, Not Scared!) — Things are getting more challenging every year for parents, yet so many do nothing to protect their kids.

Destigmatizing Pedophilia — Perverts need more stigmatizing, not less.

Designer admits that her award-winning chair won’t fix the plague of manspreading — Oh noes!!

Simple mansplaining about manspreading: Our genitals are on the outside. Class dismissed.

‘Basically, every tyrant ever’: Jesse Kelly calls out Gov. Ralph Northam over his ‘state of emergency’ — The Virginia situation shows exactly what the Left will do when given more power.  I hope this preview is used by Republicans to turn out the vote in November!

Best of the Bee

The Babylon Bee Editorial Board Endorses That Lady Who Screamed At The Sky During Trump’s Inauguration For The Democratic Primary | The Babylon Bee — I’m pretty sure that was Rachel Held Evans.

Warren: ‘Bernie Once Told Me In Private That ‘The Princess Bride’ Is A Garbage Movie And Those Who Enjoy It Are Human Trash’ | The Babylon Bee

Restaurant Founded on Moonbattery Lasts Less Than 1 Month — They were founded on principles of “diversity” and “fair” wages.  Next time go for competence and market wages.

Why Roman Catholic Countries Should be Considered Unreached — Among other things, the people there checking the “Christian” box have a false gospel.


Great prayer reminders: 1. Be specific in your asking. 2. You must pray in faith. 3. Fight distractions that keep you from prayer. 4. Focus on abiding in Christ for more fruit in prayer. 5. Pray the promises of God. 6. Don’t give up in prayer—keep praying. 7. If you struggle getting started in prayer, read the Bible first and respond to what God says. 8. Regularly confess your sins. 9. Don’t worry about praying eloquent prayers. 10. When we don’t feel like praying, pray for help. 11. Pray humbly. 12. Dedicate yourself to prayer for a deeper spiritual life and more useful ministry. 13. Pray without ceasing. 14. Pray big prayers. 15. Cultivate a grateful heart. (Spurgeon’s 15 Tips for a Deep and Effective Prayer Life)

Advertising Makes Us Unhappy — I love capitalism, but the title is true.  I used to do an exercise with Junior Achievement students to demonstrate how advertising slogans had completely permeated their brains.  They thought they were clever in remembering them, until I explained why they knew them.  Yes, every ad is designed to tell you one thing: You should not be content because you don’t have _______.

The solutions are to avoid advertising as much as possible (TV is the worst!) and to consciously analyze the ads you do see for the lies they are selling (“Drinking lots of this beer will make sexy women want me, and it definitely won’t make me fat and unproductive and lead to lots of bad decisions!”).

The Sin of Prioritizing Purity above Marriage – “Christian” woman allegedly wounded by purity culture has lots of sex outside marriage and now teaches others to “break free” — and Gloria Steinem agrees with her approach.  Uh, sure.  She should have married younger instead of making a lifetime commitment to mock God’s plan.

Money for Flint Water Crisis Was Diverted – The Leftist government caused the problem, blamed the Right, then squandered the money that wasn’t even needed.

British Police Failed to Stop Muslim Grooming Gang Due to Fears Over “Community Tensions” — Political correctness is perverse and deadly.

Pro-abort feminist Renee Bracey Sherman says she’s taught her 5-year-old niece ‘that kids are a handful’ and ‘her life is made possible because of abortion’ — The Molech-worshiping Left loves abortion.

Trump? It’s Time to Prosecute Obama

Quick Thought: The Bible Doesn’t Promote Consent? — Excellent points!

REPORT: The FBI, ICE and Dept. of Education are investigating Ilhan Omar — Finally!

Max Lucado’s Endorsement of Jen Hatmaker: What it Means and Why it Matters — Hatmaker is a wolf.  Lucado is an naive, ignorant fool and/or a wolf.  Look who Hatmaker endorses and hangs with:

Sarah Bessey, Rachel Held Evans, Pete Enns, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Richard Rohr, Jeff Chu, Mike McHargue (“Science Mike”), Barbara Brown Taylor, Austin Channing Brown, Lisa Sharon Harper, Rachel Hollis, and Glennon Doyle

What a bunch of wolves!  The blogger makes a great point about not being afraid to be “divisive.”

But we would do good to remember that the Bible places the blame for divisions on the ones bringing in the false doctrine, not on those who call it out. Paul writes in Romans 16:17: “I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.” Notice that it was the false teachers who Paul criticizes for being divisive, not the believers.

Best of the Bee

Love it!  I make it a point not to try and make money off of friends.

Molech-worshiping ghoul update

And the Left — including the “Christian” Left — cheered her for it.


At first I thought they were making a dig at dancing, as if it tastes bad.  But they meant it is super-healthy.  I agree, but I’d pick a better illustration than kale!

It’s worth noting that the mental and physical benefits of dancing aren’t just for the young at heart. “Dancing increases cognitive acuity at all ages. It integrates several brain functions at once — kinesthetic, rational, musical and emotional — further increasing your neural connectivity,” said Richard Powers, a social and historic dance instructor at Stanford University.

‘Bernie the Red’: Project Veritas shares terrifying video of Bernie Sanders field organizer promoting Gulags, re-education, violence, and more (watch) — I rarely say, “must watch,” but this is a must watch.  This is Leftism.

And if these people think that is the only person Project Veritas has saying these things then they don’t know Project Veritas.  And this Bernie Bro thinks that MSNBC isn’t Leftist enough!  Are you surprised that they want to take away the 2nd Amendment?!

If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC Convention, f*cking Milwaukee will burn. It’ll start in Milwaukee and when police push back on that, then other cities will just f*cking (hand explosion).”

“The cops are gonna be the ones that are getting f*cking beaten in Milwaukee. They’re gonna call up the National Guard for that sh*t. I promise you that.”

I’m ready to throw down now. I don’t want to wait and have to wait for f*cking DNC…The billionaire class. The f*cking media, pundits. Walk into that MSNBC studios, drag those motherf*ckers out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what in Cuba, what did they do to reactionaries? You want to fight against the revolution, you’re going to die for it, motherf*cker.”

10 Indisputable Rules To Guide Your Recovery From Porn — This could help some people.  I especially like #5, as a pet peeve of mine for any 12 step programs is their generic “higher power.”

5. If your higher power is not Jesus Christ, you need a higher higher power.

I attend two SA meetings per week. We use the term “higher power” a lot. But if your higher power is your group, your program, or anything less than Jesus Christ, you need a major upgrade in your higher power. Only Jesus could say, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been give to me” (Matthew 28:18).

This is me whenever I watch sports (“I regret emotional investment”), which is why I very rarely do it.No photo description available.

So, About Those White, Heterosexual, Patriarchal Values… Once again, Leftists hate blacks.  There is a formulas for successful living, but instead of teaching it they mock it as the problem, not the solution.  They don’t want to help blacks, they want to profit off their misery and mine their votes.  Here’s the advice that triggered them:

“Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime.”

And the predictable Leftist response:

A coalition of students and alumni responded to the essay in predictable fashion. Wax and Alexander were peddling the “malignant logic of hetero-patriarchal, class-based, white supremacy that plagues our country today. These cultural values and logics are steeped in anti-blackness and white hetero-patriarchal respectability . . .”

New Green Deal, anyone?

Australia to Kill 10,000 Camels for Causing Global Warming — Leftism is just a creepy death cult – always looking for something else to destroy.

Culling the camels may be a good idea for other reasons, but killing them by the thousands for causing global warming is alarming in the extreme. When killing camels fails to make the climate stop fluctuating for the first time in world history, what or who will the true believers want to sacrifice next?

The Babylon Bee: An Interview with Kyle Mann — Great interview!  Glad they are doing so well.

The Babylon Bee resonates with an enormous and enormously underserved audience: conservative Christians and their allies. This much-beleaguered readership is so often the object of sardonic ridicule that it has almost forgotten what it feels like to be in on the joke. In the Bee, traditionalists (and anyone who doesn’t want to see traditionalists chased out of the public square) have finally found a brand of smart, trendy irony that speaks to their concerns. It’s a feeling, as Mann himself puts it, of “hey, this is humorous and doesn’t hate me!”

Which is also why, when Snopes and CNN have tried to defame the Bee, fans of free speech everywhere have rallied to the site’s defense. “Snopes was kind of that annoying guy at a party, who’s like ‘actually that joke isn’t true!’” says Mann. Accusations of deceit look ludicrous when levied against headlines like “CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine to Spin News Before Publication.” And charges of intolerance or “punching down” have largely fizzled as the Bee (which in fact takes shots at everyone, in the tradition of the best satirists) has stood strong against SJW criticism.

Best of the Bee

Trump Expands Travel Ban To Include British Royalty | The Babylon Bee

Reminder: You No Longer Need A Color TV To Watch The Democratic Debates | The Babylon Bee — By their own definition, they are racists.

Progressives Call On African Americans To Quit Their Jobs To Avoid Being Used As A Trump Statistic | The Babylon Bee

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Netflix Shows Features Child Corrupted by Drag — I say without exaggeration that anyone involved with this should be in jail.  So glad I canceled Netflix!

On Friday, January 10, Netflix premiered a new show co-created by drag queen RuPaul, titled AJ and the Queen [… which is] about a 10-year-old child who accompanies Robert (RuPaul), a gay male drag performer who goes by “Ruby Red,” as he travels across the country performing in drag shows at mostly gay bars. …

The child, AJ (Izzy G.), is the daughter of a drug-addicted prostitute. She wants to be a boy “because people leave boys alone.” She hides her long hair under a boyish hat and does her best to look and act like a 10-year-old boy instead of a girl. The show is one long exposure of this child to sexualized adult situations in which she does not belong, all under the guise of the drag queen and the child “bonding” cross-country.