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I always make short prayers, so I’m safe here. Seriously, watch for the pastors – especially at megachurches – who are all about their glory and not that of Jesus. Also, note that some sins have greater consequences than others. All sins separate us from a perfect and Holy God, but not all sins have the same temporal or eternal consequences. 

Luke 20:46–47 “Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes, and love greetings in the marketplaces and the best seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at feasts, who devour widows’ houses and for a pretense make long prayers. They will receive the greater condemnation.”




Yes, this is super-gross. This food delivery company made a video telling gays how to get less feces on their penises when having sex. Ironically, while the homosexual lifestyle is disgusting, they exploit the “ick” factor in knowing that most people don’t want to talk about what they actually do. But toilet paper is a 20+ billion dollar industry for a reason. The fact that gays have to be encouraged to use condoms — and often still don’t! — is an additional sign of their pathology. There is nothing wrong with periodically reminding people that homosexual sex involves feces-covered genitalia.



Good idea here: Use Feedly (it is free!) to select what blogs you want to follow and quit letting Facebook give you what it wants. One of the great things about blogging is how you can find trusted news and commentary sources. I’ve had many over the years that I had to delete because they wouldn’t make corrections when wrong or deliberately skewed things. But you can find the legitimate sites and follow them and be way better off than anything Facebook or the mainstream media gives you.

Great video (and yes, I get the irony of posting it on social media).  But I’ve taken all social media apps off my phone, and haven’t missed them.  And I deactivated my Facebook page and haven’t missed that, either.  I encourage everyone to think carefully about their habits.

Make no mistake: Leftists want to ban guns. Anyone saying otherwise is ignorant and/or malicious.

Tragic but not surprising — and not just the incident but the silence of the Left — including the “Christian” Left.  Uh, how does this fit into their pro-Islam / pro-feminist ideals?  As usual, anything that doesn’t fit their narrative immediately goes down the memory hole and their sheep never even hear about it.

Parents of a Texas high school student who was reported missing in late January had abused their daughter after she refused an arranged marriage, leading her to run away from home until she was found in mid-March, police said.

Maarib Al Hishmawi, 16, was reported missing on Jan. 30 after she was last seen leaving Taft High School in Bexar County. …

Authorities on Friday said Al Hishmawi’s parents — Abdulah Fahmi Al Hishmawi, 34, and Hamdiyah Saha Al Hishmawi, 33 — had allegedly beaten their daughter with a broomstick and poured hot cooking oil on her when she refused to marry a man in another city. The parents reportedly agreed to the arranged marriage in exchange for $20,000.

Well, they do have diversity there.   The Religion of Peace at work. Via Holocaust Survivor Killed for Being Jewish in Paris

Last Friday, firemen were called to the apartment of an 85-year-old woman living in Paris. They managed to put out the fire and found Mireille Knoll had been stabbed 11 times before the fire was set. [Yesterday], French police confirmed they have two men in custody for the murder and believe Knoll was targeted because she was Jewish. In fact, as a child she had survived a round-up of Jews by the Nazis.

Facts are your friends.


Pass the popcorn: Famous atheist Richard Dawkins banned from speaking at Leftist university

Leftists are a self-parody. Richard Dawkins is perhaps the most popular and iconic hater of Jesus, yet these Leftists banned him for daring to criticize their most-favored-religion of Islam.  Via Plug Pulled on Richard Dawkins for Criticizing Islam:


Criticizing Islam cannot be forgiven, no matter how many times you have denounced Christianity. Ever since 9/11, Islam has been sacred to liberals; it becomes more sacred with each new terrorist atrocity against the West. Muslims have achieved the coveted status of the marginalized.

Got that?  Just call anything you disagree with “abusive speech” while claiming that you still support free speech.   No need to debate any contrary ideas!

One good thing about Leftist movements is that they inevitably start to attack each other (also see radical feminists objecting to “trans” men joining them). Another good thing is that their extremism sometimes wakes people up to the reality of the movement they are in.  Hopefully some of the Dawkins fans will rethink their worldview.


Should our religious beliefs inform our political views? Of course.

The notion that our political views shouldn’t be informed by our religious beliefs is absurd. Those who hyperventilate about “theocracies” and “separation of church and state” (a phrase that many people now realize wasn’t in the Constitution) are just trying to silence Bible-believing Christians. If you take their views to their logical conclusion it would mean we should always do the opposite of what our religious beliefs would dictate.  Our Christian views inform our political views about stealing and murder being wrong, so do we have to be silent on those as well?

And it would mean that those people would have to use the same arguments against religious people on the Left.  But Leftists have used those canards for years in the most hypocritical ways.  Here’s a recent example:

Good Morning America’s Sara Haines responded that she “loved” that “we’re standing together” on support for the LGBT community but warned religion needed to stay out of politics. Considering Islam was the religion which drove the shooter to commit mass-murder, you would think that particular one would be getting the lecture. But Haines followed Goldberg’s lead and scolded Christian conservative politicians to keep their religions “at home” and “in your family” but not in “our politics.”

Here’s a simple response to anyone who says things like that: Please show me one place in recorded history, including anywhere on the Internet, where you used the same reasoning to silence the “Christian” Left.  After all, they attempt to “force” their religious views on us at every turn: They insist that Jesus is so pro-abortion that it must be legal to kill the child up to her first breath*, that you have to petition the government to redistribute wealth by force, that you must teach 5 yr. old children how great the gay lifestyle is and how they might not “really” be their biological gender, that Jesus is against capital punishment, that you can’t control your borders, that you can’t go to war to protect your country, etc.  They are loud and proud about “forcing” their religious views on the populace, so why don’t you apply your beliefs to them?

As you can imagine, all you will get is crickets chirping.  They live 24×7 in their Leftist education / media / government / entertainment echo chambers so they don’t realize that they are being so transparently hypocritical.  If voting in line with your religious views is always wrong then they should apply that to those on the Left as well.  But they don’t, because they are just using a rhetorical trick to shut you up.

Don’t let them get away with it.  We are self-governed, in the sense that we elect our representatives. Therefore, we are obliged to let our morality influence our political views.

Also consider that one of the complaints about Christianity is that parts of the church were “silent” during the Holocaust, slavery or civil rights movements, which in some people’s eyes implied approval.

The “wall of separation” argument has been misunderstood and misapplied. It is not in any founding government documents. Even when Jefferson wrote about the “wall” in a private letter, it was not in the context of the government limiting religious activities in public. It was to limit the power of the government to prohibit or interfere with religious expressions.

If you want to bring Jefferson’s letter into the debate, then fairness requires bringing in the background letters of the founders which reflect how they really felt about God and government.

Here is the First Amendment in its entirety:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Now focus on the complete portion of the first amendment relating to religion: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . . ” That’s it!

Was the intent of the 1st Amendment to restrict religious liberties or protect them?  You need to answer that before addressing any related issues.  The Bill of Rights was written to give rights to citizens, not government.

The first freedom in the First Amendment is religious freedom. The Amendment was made to give religious freedom to religious people so Congress could not pass laws limiting their freedoms. It was not written to protect atheists from religious expression in the public square. If you look at successive drafts of the First Amendment, this becomes more and more clear.

According to the Constitution, any state could have their own religion (provided that their own constitution permitted it). Not that I think that would be a good idea. Also, there is nothing to suggest that churches can’t partner with the government (though I am leery of churches that come to rely on government aid).

But do I want, for example, religion taught in public schools? Definitely not. There are countless theologically bankrupt churches I wouldn’t send my kids to on a bet. So why would I trust that any government sponsored religious teachings would be doctrinally sound?

The U.S. does not become a de facto theocracy if our religious beliefs inform our politics. We still need go in the public square to persuade the countless non-Christians that our views make sense. For example, when I train people in pro-life reasoning at the pregnancy center where I volunteer, I always break the reasoning into secular and religious arguments. It is actually quite simple to argue the pro-life position without using the Bible.

If atheists or people of other faiths disagree with us, that is fine. It is part of the process. But anytime someone acts as if your religious beliefs shouldn’t inform your political views, they are wrong.  The 1st Amendment protects that right, it doesn’t restrict it.

So while I wouldn’t want pastors endorsing candidates from the pulpit, the notion that the Left gets to label something as political to prevent us from talking about it in church (e.g., abortion) is ridiculous.  Why would any Christian think that something is outside the sovereignty of God?


*The “Christian” Left is far more extreme in their pro-abortion agenda than the average pro-choice person.  They insist that life begins at the first breath and insist that Jesus is fine with killing unwanted children until that point.  I realize how ridiculous their views sound and how many people must think I’m making a straw-man argument.  But that is just because their own words are so clear and extreme:”According to the bible, a fetus is not a living person with a soul until after drawing its first breath.”  More here about how to respond, with full, in-context quotes from them.

Islam and lying: Ask your “Christian” Left friends if they know what taqiyya is

Short version: Taqiyya enables Muslims to lie to advance their faith (see the link for quotes from the Quran).  There is no such concept in Christianity.

There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman.  These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.

Why does that matter?  Because you can never be sure if they are really telling the truth or just saying what they know you want to hear.  Just examine the % of Muslims in any population.  The larger it is the more aggressive and dangerous they are.  They start small, preying on your tolerance and kindness.  But when they get big enough they start making more and more demands.  Maybe they are telling the truth, but maybe not.

Then you get things like this: That Famous, Peaceful “Hugging” Muslim? Yeah He’s a Terrorist…

Remember the Muslim convert who stood outside Parliament last week, with a sign asking people if they were brave enough to hug him since wasn’t a terrorist?Yeah, he’s a terrorist. He’s facing jail time for threatening to blow up a MP’s house. No, seriously…Craig Wallace used the sign as Stop The War protesters came to Westminster for the vote on military action in Syria last week.It stated: ‘I am Muslim, I am labelled a terrorist, I trust you, do you trust me enough for a hug?’But the 23-year-old, of Willesden Green, north London, is now facing a possible prison sentence after he threatened Tory MP Charlotte Leslie online following the vote.Wallace, who calls himself Muhammad Mujahid Islam online, wrote on Facebook: ‘I’m going to smash her windows then drop a bomb on her house while she’s tucked up in bed. You dirty f****** pig-s******* s***.’But he likes to hug people so it’s totes okay.


Those awesome Bereans — and why you should be one, too

The Christians from Berea have been lauded throughout history thanks to this simple yet profound passage:

Acts 17:11 Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.

What did they do?  They heard what Paul had to say and tested it in light of scripture.  That’s it.

Note that it was implicit that they would be able to understand scripture.  Yes, there are some deep and challenging things that scholars can help us understand better, and being 2,000 years removed from the writings we may not intuitively understand some of the cultural references and such.  But the key elements of the Gospel can be easily digested, such as the definition of the Gospel in 1 Corinthians 15* or the literally 100+ direct and indirect teachings that Jesus is the only way to salvation.  You don’t need a PhD in theology to understand those.

But we have a natural respect of authority, whether warranted or not, that leads us to think that people like the Pope or the Dali Lama are extra-spiritual even though their views do not align with the Bible.  But they need the real Jesus just like we do.  Pastor Timothy made great points in Leaders of Other Religions Need Christ for Salvation Just as Much as We Do:

In a post I wrote several years ago called Ten Reasons Christianity is Superior to Other Religions, I noted that Christianity was superior because the leaders of other religions needed Christ for their salvation as well. Understanding this truth helps us dispel the notion that, somehow, leaders of other religions have found favor with the God who is, and therefore should be held on a reverent level.For instance, the Dali Lama came to Dallas a few years back and I was surprised at the number of Christians who went to see him. Members of my family stood in line so they could listen to this supposedly spiritual guru give his wisdom about life. These people ended up pouring out praise and adoration on the man; they assumed that since he is the leader of another religion, he must be holy and must have found favor with God.Part of their deception in revering this man, is the fact that they do not hold God’s holy word with enough reverence. In their hearts, they exalt what the Dali Lama says over and above what the word of God says. This leads to the false belief that all religions are equal and offer different roads to the same ending.

Here’s the “Christian” Left version of Acts 17:11: But the “Christian” Leftists were even less noble than those in Thessalonica, for they made up a god in their own image and even when they did examine the scriptures, they only considered it to be from God when they liked what they thought the passage said, and they dismissed the rest as being made up by liars and believed by gullible Christians in the early church.

You can be a Berean!  Just take whatever you hear and compare it to scripture.  That will keep you out of all non-Christian religions and many churches.  

If you aren’t reading the Bible daily, it is because you have decided not to.  So change your mind and start today!  Here’s a great way to begin.  

*1 Corinthians 15:3–5 For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve.

Once again, political correctness is deadly.

And Muslims know it and exploit it. The antics of “Clock Boy” are already paying off, as people don’t want to be mocked and sued for stating the obvious.

Source: Authorities Search Redlands Home Tied To Suspect Syed Farook « CBS Los Angeles

A man who has been working in the area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people.

“We sat around lunch thinking, ‘What war they doing around the neighborhood?’” he said.  “We’d see them leave where they’re raiding the apartment.”

But don’t worry, folks, you won’t be hearing about this story much longer.  The Leftists’ desire to take your guns and to shield Planned Parenthood from criticism is trumped by their desire to pretend that Islam is a peaceful religion.This story will go down the memory hole in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

The pro-abortion extremists who support Planned Parenthood are sad about this shooting.  Not for the victims, but because it took momentum from their false narrative.


More here about how the fight against ISIS is hamstrung by political correctness.

That’s not how you win a war, because this is an ideological war and you’re banned from discussing ideology.

Some people consider it wise to note what their enemies have publicly promised.

You are welcome to ignore my warnings, but why would you ignore the explicit warnings of Muslims?  Most people could consider that to be a fairly obvious and wise move, but not the useful idiot Leftists taken in by the “refugee” crisis, that, oddly enough, super-rich Arab countries like Saudi Arabia could solve immediately.

Islam is executing (no pun intended) a successful strategy via violence and by simply reproducing in vastly higher numbers.  They wisely exploit the West’s — and especially the Left’s — general short-sighted nature, cowardice, selfishness and hatred of children.

Also see German hamlet (pop: 100) to welcome 750 new immigrant residents.  Gee, what could go wrong with that?

Useful idiots

A friend shared a link on Facebook about the Tennessee school district that pushed Islam on children and a Leftist responded with this: “Seriously??? Do you actually believe this?”

Yes, my friend believed it, and so do I, because it is true.  I am very selective about the media I consume and I long ago dismissed sources that over-sensationalize things or have many mistakes (or any uncorrected mistakes).

The useful idiots on the Left only consume the Leftist mainstream media, go to Leftist educational institutions, watch Leftist entertainment, etc. They are embarrassingly poorly informed. Meanwhile, all the conservatives I know get plenty of news from the Left and the Right. That doesn’t make us correct — though we usually are! — but we are much, much more thoroughly informed. As in this example, Leftists are in such denial about what Islam does around the world.

I don’t say “useful idiots” as a random pejorative, it was a phrase used by Communists describing those who would unwittingly help destroy the U.S. from inside and then get killed anyway. This is a fascinating interview that shows just how effective they have been.

Leftists think these things couldn’t be happening because their media/education/entertainment cocoon is hiding them from it — sort of like the ISIS intelligence information that got edited to suit the Obama narrative. And sort of like the Planned Parenthood videos that people aren’t hearing about — or if they do hear about them, they believe the convenient lie that they were “edited” (as if every video isn’t edited). Because you can totally trust people who kill unwanted children for a living!  Nothing to see here, folks . . . just blame Bush, racism, etc. and never mind the child-killing, and violent ideologies, etc.

Curt Schilling’s only error was understatement

Curt Schilling’s Tweet had the correct figures, but it ignores that there are over a billion Muslims and there were only tens of millions of Germans.  So the threat from Islam is far greater than that of Nazi Germany.

It is tragic that stating the obvious like that can get you fired by the weasels at ESPN.

Via: ESPN Thought Police Come Down on Curt Schilling Again

It had been reported that Curt Schilling’s suspension from ESPN for being an alleged Islamophobe would be brief. However, that was before the moonbat thought police running that execrable outfit discovered that Schilling’s apology was not for saying that 2 + 2 = 4 regarding Islam, but for saying it in the wrong forum. For continuing to believe that Muslim terrorists pose a threat, he was subjected to further punishment:Schilling, the ex-MLB star and current ESPN broadcaster, was punished again by the network Thursday. He’ll be benched for the rest of the MLB season — taken off Sunday Night Baseball and nixed from wild-card game coverage.Whether he ever appears on ESPN again is doubtful. For the sake of his own self-respect, let’s hope not.Again we see that liberal totalitarians will never be satisfied until you convince them that you actually agree with their sick ideology, which entails obsequiously revering Muslims not despite but because of their hostile intentions toward the West.