Texas doctors opting out of Medicare at alarming rate — just more of the Law of Unintended Consequences at work.  Guess what? If the government makes bad laws and tries to stiff people then behavior changes.  But of course, the 2,000+ page health care bill that none of its supporters actually read won’t have any negative consequences . . .

Naked liberalism: The desire for Congressional mandates to have conservative web sites link to liberal sites. Give it a listen.  It is ridiculous on multiple levels.  Aside from the pesky un-Constitutionality, how would you possibly measure and enforce it?

What is morbidly ironic is Obama’s chiding to listen to opposing views.  That is a two-way street.  I love asking liberals how much conservative media they consume (other than the extremely well informed Libs that hang out here ;-)).  It is usually something in the neighborhood of zero.

Also fun is asking them to state your positions, even though they disagree with you.  For example, I know all the most popular pro-abortion arguments and am glad to debunk them.  No straw men required.  But it is very rare to see a pro-abort be able to articulate the views of pro-lifers, even though they disagree with them.

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Check out Roxanne’s post on Throwing Women Under the Socialist/Progressive Bus.  Just a sample:

Then there’s the complete disregard for women’s health and well-being.  The Left is furious that crisis pregnancy centres do not provide abortions nor refer women to them; nevertheless, they seem to not care that Planned Parenthood promotes abortion and will refuse to provide adoption referrals and gives almost no prenatal care to pregnant women.

The Left cares no more about women’s health than about their reproductive autonomy. Although the link between abortion and breast cancer has been well-established (and studies that find anything else are methodologically unsound ), Obama’s toutedRep. Harry Waxman’s report which criticised crisis pregnancy centres for mentioning the connection – and justified themselves with one single report from 1997.  They also claim that women who abort do not experience future fertility problems, despite the fact that women who have abortions are three times as likely to deliver a premature baby in the future,first-trimester abortions are associated with a higher rate of subsequent miscarriages, and abortion can cause infertility, PID, and a host of other problems.  The Leftist’s claim that abortion does not cause psychological distress would be comical, if not for the horrible pain that women experience post-abortion.

Brrrr… Scientists Issue New Warning of Imminent Food & Ethanol Shortages Due to Global Cooling – Shocking!  But those scientists couldn’t be wrong.  Hat tip: Wes

It is truly a bizarre, upside down world in international politics: Iran was elected to the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women.

Then the U.S. representative apologizes to China for our “human rights abuses” in Arizona.  Hey, just ask China what they do if people come into their country without paperwork and demand free food, clothing and education.  Ask them about the North Korean refugees they send back to certain brutal deaths.

And more and more Obama representatives admit they haven’t even read Arizona’s bill — even though they condemn it.

Great response from Arizona to Los Angeles over their boycott — Paraphrase: “Hey, we supply 25% of your power, so if you are serious about your convictions then we’ll send the electrons elsewhere.

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    1. Thanks!

      P.S. Fuego is one of the few Spanish words I know. My youngest is pretty fluent and will be impressed that I recognized it!

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  1. “The Vermont legislature passed a bill this week mandating the study of three approaches to universal healthcare–a single-payer system, healthcare with a public option, and the current system under the healthcare reform bill passed by Congress. The legislature will choose the best plan in 2011 and plans to begin implementation in 2012.”

    This should be interesting to watch. I do support a Single Payer System as proposed by Bernie Sanders of Vermont.


  2. Having been born in 1950 I’m old enough to remember when there was a warning of a coming ice age Way back then!!

    Also, I’m old enough to remember when rain forests were called jungles…… 🙂


  3. A short story about Planned Parenthood. I was working for a trucking company, back in the mid 80’s, when we had a new guy hired and I got to know him pretty well. He told me a story about when he and his wife learned that she was pregnant. They were both in their early 20’s. In there naiveté they believed the title of “Planned Parenthood” stood for what the title implied.

    They wanted to plan the new birth and went to Planned Parenthood for advice where they were told they were much to young to start a family. And were quickly given the alternative that the representative of Planned Parenthood thought was best. Terminate the pregnancy.

    Over the years we’ve become close and I’ve watched their daughter grow up to be a beautiful woman, now in college studying to become a medical doctor…….


    1. Thanks for sharing that, Scotty. There are countless stories like that. It also reveals that they are in the business of selling abortions (not that we didn’t know that). Married couple in their 20’s??!! Yeah, just to be on the safe side you better abort. Those PP people are moral freaks.


  4. Re Cass Sunstein, that’s freakin’ unbelievable. I’m actually speechless (a rare condition for me).


    1. Agreed, but I think it will be funny to see the government mandated Michael Moore and Richard Dawkins banners on this site.


      1. Hah, yes, a bit like when they started mandating health warnings on cigarette packs. I wonder if there’ll be minimum banner sizes specified, and if they’ll also tell you what colour and font you have to use – lmao. And Neil would have to use nice photos of Dawkins and Moore, not ones that make them look, respectively, like a mad professor or a fat pig.

        And, to take his proposal to its logical conclusion (I see there’s a bit of that going around since LCB came back), anyone who espouses an opinion of any sort would have to provide a source of an alternative opinion. For example, in an argument with a work colleague you would have to say something like “You are being stupid about this and are quite wrong, it would be crazy to do it this way, but in the interests of fairness if you speak to John over there he might tell you that you are not an ignorant, brainless twat.”


  5. Thank you for the link! 🙂

    Cass Sunstein used to be a highly-respected scholar and law professor. When Obama came to power, a lot of them ditched their reasonableness and willingness to entertain the existence of conservative ideas. Grrr.


  6. Actually, our crops were late maturing last fall because we did not get enough heat units in the summer of 2009.

    So far growth has been slowed this spring by cool weather.

    But remember, it is no longer global warming, it is climate change. You can’t argue with that because no year is ever the same as last year and economic suicide is apparently the cure for any climate issue.


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