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Hope you all have magnificent weekends!  On Saturday I have a Kairos Prison Ministry visit in the morning and tickets to the Houston Ballet at night (always an interesting juxtaposition).  On Sunday I’m starting a series on Decision Making and Will of God for the youth at church.  It is one of my all-time favorite lessons to teach – solidly biblical and immensely practical for all ages.  Please pray for open minds!

Nice start for the Lakers.  Hope they keep the intensity up. 

I’ve been a Beatles fan for 35 years, but was disappointed in Paul McCartney’s pathetic dig at President Bush.  As with many performers I like much of his art but hate his politics.  Just shut up and sing / act / etc.

Ann Coulter with some excellent points on the politics of illegal immigration.  Short version: Republicans should quit pandering and enforce laws, because the voter impact is roughly zero.

The media have been crowing that Republicans will lose the Hispanic vote forever if they support enforcing laws against illegal immigration, such as the Arizona law. To great fanfare, a poll was released last week showing that 67 percent of Hispanics oppose the Arizona law.

The headline on that poll should have been: "One-Third of Hispanics Support Arizona Immigration Law Despite Frantic Media Campaign to Convince Them It’s a Racist Plot Against Hispanics."

Incidentally, 67 percent of Hispanics also vote Democrat. The exact same percentage of Hispanics who oppose the Arizona law voted for Obama over John McCain — who was championing amnesty for illegals.

Suck up to Hispanics with insane amnesty proposals; get one out of three Hispanic voters. Do the right thing and defend the country’s borders; get one out of three Hispanic voters. … Promise to make every Tuesday "Ladies’ Night"; get one out of three Hispanic voters. Offer them a choice between "Extra Crispy" and "Original Recipe"; get one out of three Hispanic voters.

Indeed, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Tuesday, only 52 percent of Hispanics oppose the law, while 37 percent support it. In other words, more Hispanics support the Arizona law (37 percent) than voted for John McCain (31 percent) -– which is the strongest argument for amnesty I’ve heard in my entire life.

The New York Times’ Linda Greenhouse recently compared the Arizona law to Hitler’s policies toward the Jews. You remember how Jews were constantly sneaking across the border into Nazi Germany?

Beware of Leftists Bearing Rhetoric – so accurate on so many levels.  Read and enjoy.  Here’s a sample:

The rhetoric of global warming vs. the reality of falsified data, politicized science, obfuscation, Big Environment, and weather patterns that, er, refuse to cooperate with climate prognostications.

The rhetoric of altruistic socialism vs. the reality of socialism’s inherent selfishness and de-moralizing effects on the human soul and psyche.

The rhetoric of principled abortion rights and reproductive choice vs. the reality of unwanted unborn humans chewed up like twigs under a lawn mower.

The rhetoric of gentle, dignified Islam hijacked by anomalous extremists vs. the reality of Islam an inherently violence-oriented religion from the get-go.

The rhetoric of gay equality vs. the reality that same-sex union at its "best" is morally, medically, socially, and psychologically unequal to the best union of a man and a woman resulting in children growing up to know the love of their father and their mother and having the deepest longings of their dear hearts fulfilled.

The lesson?

Beware of leftists bearing rhetoric. Leftist rhetoric consists of how they would wish the world to be. It is delusional. The facts on the ground are conservative. And, within those facts, there is plenty of room to act with love, compassion, and mercy — as we are called by God to do.

But compassion and delusion are mutually exclusive categories.

Glenn on the Unity School of Christianity — from his great series on various cults.  I am friends with an old woman I used to work with who belongs to that cult.  It is so bizarre – basically Hinduism with a Christian veneer and so many truth-is-relative claims your head may explode.  One minute they can be completely rational and in the next they’ll explain how you can create your own reality and that opposite statements can both be true.  She’ll complain about slights done to her and recoil over animal abuse then turn around and claim that sin and evil are illusions.  Sure. 

President Obama has worked non-stop on the oil spill, just as he claimed, other than these minor breaks:

  • Two days of media events (White House Correspondents Dinner and a tête a tête with Bono)
  • Three days of fundraising
  • Four commemorations
  • Six days of vacation
  • Six days of campaigning
  • Six sports events
  • Seven days of golf

No one expects any President to have a “singular” focus on one issue at a time; this job requires a multi-tasker.  But we do expect some focus on the job.

Obama’s response to the spill has been a combination of incompetence, apathy and exploitation of a crisis to further his socialist agenda – because you know the answer just has to be a vast expansion of government control instead of fixes to the obvious gaps. 

LA students to be taught that AZ immigration law is un-American – pathetic, but unsurprising.

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False teacher preaches on sin?!

It was amusing to see Chuck write about sin.  This is the guy who can’t even persuade his wife (an atheist) that there is such a thing as sin against a real God.  But the rest of us should totally listen to what the “Reverend” has to say, right?  (I’d give Chuck a pass on that if his theology was Reformed, but it isn’t).

As usual, Chuck is more about petty and inaccurate political statements than about true theology.  He can’t help but blame President Bush for something, even though Obama is completely responsible (relative to Bush) for the BP mess.  Here’s the truth that Chuck ignored:

The BP exploration plan, their drilling permits, the National Environmental Protection Act exemptions… and the blowout…. all occurred under the current Administration. Someone has to be blamed, not even the media are blaming Bush for this, so someone in the Administration has to be the stuckee.

Read that carefully, and remember that Obama was the largest recipient of BP donations.

Chuck makes the same mistake that many people do and equates 2 Chronicles 7:14 with the U.S.  I’d think a “Reverend” would know better, but here we are.

He uses a straw man that implies that anyone for drilling thinks we should just rape and plunder the environment.

In his long post he wrote about sin but didn’t mention the remedy for sin once: Jesus.  Go figure.  No, wait, don’t go figure — Chuck doesn’t think Jesus is the only way to salvation (even though the Bible teaches it at least 100 times), so why would Chuck need to reference Jesus?  It might offend non-Christians.

How about this bit of theology?

The only way to reconcile with God, though, will be to stop this madness and act like the true stewards we are called to be. God is calling us to stop acting like adolescents and act like grow-ups should: with responsibility, with justice in our hearts, and a mature understanding of the difference between right and wrong.

The only way to reconcile with God is through Jesus.  It is a sure sign of a false teacher to say anything else.

Chuck has no understanding of basic right and wrong: He is pro-abortion.  He fully supported the health care bill that included taxpayer-funded abortions.  He can’t see the clear teachings of the Bible that homosexual behavior is sinful — or he ignores those verses just as he ignores others he doesn’t like.  So why listen to what he says on the environment?

Run, don’t walk, from false teachers like this.

BP and conspiracies

See The Gulf Oil Spill is Barack Obama’s Katrina and Halliburton All Rolled Into One — I think the conspiracy theories are foolish, just as the “9/11 was an inside job” theories are ridiculous (unless you were Obama’s “Green Czar,” in which you think they made perfect sense).  President Obama didn’t deliberately have the rig sabotaged, and as violent as groups like Greenpeace are I doubt they would do something like this.

The facts show that Obama’s hands are all over the BP disaster, but in the opposite way: They took BP money and relaxed oversight. Facts:

  • Obama took more money from BP than anyone.
  • The Obama Administration exempted British Petroleum from an environmental drilling study.
  • While the oil was spreading, the Interior Department Chief of Staff was white-water rafting on the Grand Canyon as part of a “work-focused” trip.
  • Obama has not shown any leadership skills during this crisis.

Will the media treat it the same way they would have treated President Bush?  It should be Obama’s Katrina / Halliburton, but his followers and the media are already giving him a pass.


Campaign financing tidbits you may not hear about from the mainstream media:

1. Richest hedge fund managers gave 98% of contributions to Democrats

2. Gulf Oil Spill: Guess Who Was The Top BP Donation Recipient?

. . . do you think Obama will return the money as he goes on his demonization bender against BP? Will the media call for the return of the money? Will anyone on the Left whine about Obama being a big oil man, like they would if Bush was president? Yeah, right, on all three.

Obama was also the top recipient of Exxon Mobile money in 2008. And Chevron. Hmm.

Obama using the word “teabaggers” now — Classy.  Now why would someone committed to civil discourse use a completely irrelevant pejorative referring to a largely homosexual sex act?  Is he homophobic?

Why I hate the pill — interesting read on the not-well-communicated side effects.  Hat tip: Jill Stanek

The Bigotry of ‘Progress’ — well reasoned post on (oxymoronic) same-sex marriage by the Other McCain

Insofar as homosexuals sought only liberty and tolerance, they met little resistance, as even the most conservative Americans take pride in their “live and let live” attitude. Yet Americans balked when it was argued that the logical extension of such tolerance required recognition of homosexuality as the basis of a legal and political identity.

Amazingly stupid comments speculating on the identity of the Times Square bomber

So according to Bloomberg, Dreyfuss and Brewer, the profile of the guy who attempted to bomb Time Square was:

– Home Grown (born and/or raised and/or naturalized in the U.S.)

– Mentally Ill

– Has a Political Agenda (presumably against the Obama administration)

– Dislikes Obama’s Health Care bill

– Tea Party Member

– Anti-Government Right

– Bigotted against people from other countries and people with different skin colors

Weird.  It turns out that the guy in custody ACTUALLY fits THIS profile:

– From Pakistan and naturalized a year ago

– Received training in Waziristan

– Has political/religious agenda (against the U.S.)

– Hasn’t mentioned his opinion (and presumably doesn’t care) about Obama’s health care bill

– Hasn’t mentioned any support for (and presumably disagrees with) the Tea Party movement

– Is certainly anti-U.S. government, but not in the way they mean

– Seems to be bigoted against people in the U.S., no matter their skin color or background