Mario Lopez is Being Attacked For Saying 3-Year-Old Children Shouldn’t be Encouraged to be Transgender — Those who oppose him have no excuses.  They are sick, God-mocking perverts.

Frequent Mistakes Skeptics Make with Alleged Bible Contradictions — Excellent resource!

Campus Crusade For Christ Teaching Kids That It’s Okay to be Gay — Another one bites the dust.

Giving power to the deviants — It is amazing how much society has given in to the “trans” lobby, and how quicly.

We do not need courtesy, reason and compassion to have a debate about the moral turpitude that is transsexuals. More to the point, by attempting to frame the discourse in such a manner this plays into the hands of the trannie activists. If you take them seriously then they must by default have serious arguments. But their arguments are not just frivolous; they are insane.

This is great.  Even many preachers I like get tithing wrong, but I think MacArthur nails it.

“Ooh, you can smell the rats” — Democrat hypocrites lining up to attack Trump, but forgetting that national and local leaders and media, Animal Planet, PBS, etc. have made the same points about Baltimore (but of course only Trump is the racist).  And of course the Left is attacking the minority citizens who agree with Trump.  And what irony of the Left assuming that pointing out facts about rats and trash must have meant they were associated with black people!

14 Facts the ‘Women in Tech’ Movement Doesn’t Want You to Know

14. The Number One Reason Women Don’t Work In Tech Is: Other Women — Most women are not highly competitive. The ones who are terrify the timid sorts, aren’t looking for a sisterhood and, like their male counterparts, compete for power, resources, and prestige.While women who got by with their looks will often embrace feminism when they lose those advantages and have to survive on merit, the women who have been talented all along don’t have time for your nonsense, and are going to tell you so. And you are going to be triggered.Women who can in tech don’t need to get by on their gender, and they are often the first people to push social climbers and weak performers out so they don’t have to be judged by them. (That’s why women have a reputation for backstabbing at work: it’s the hard asses kicking out the dead wood.) So while they may sign your feminist e-petition or read your Tumblr post for a quiet life or for their own professional advantage, just watch what happens when you’re competing for a promotion. You’ll learn that sisterhood ends where Christmas bonuses begin.In short? Other broads don’t have your back. Leave the coalition-building to politicians and focus on your own career, because the only people showing up to women in tech meetups and pounding the hashtag are losers, burn-outs and the terminally mediocre.

The Devil You Know | The Cripplegate — Excellent article and reminder.

1 Peter 5:9 Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world.

Contrary to popular teachings on resisting the devil which include exorcism and rebuking – which we are never told to do in Scripture – Peter tells us to resist him by standing firm in the faith. This is not as flashy as exorcism – but it is the only command we have to deal with the temptations of Satan. Whatever Satan brings us – sickness, fear, persecution and temptation – we trust God, we trust his word and we don’t waiver. Remember how Jesus prayed for Peter – “I have prayed that your faith may not fail.” Luke 22:32

Best of the Bee

Innovative New Process Converts Vegetables Into Meat By Feeding Them To Cows

Liberal Research Vessel Returns from Global Search; Unable to Locate Anyone Not Entitled to US Health Care, Welfare Payments, or Voting Rights — Not the Bee, but good satire — but barely removed from reality.  Ask the Dems if there is anyone on the planet (other than persecuted Christians, of course) they wouldn’t welcome to the U.S. with medical care, welfare and voting rights?

Not the Babylon Bee

Gender Confused Democrats Put ‘Preferred Pronouns’ on Their Social Media Profiles — I saw the headline and really thought it was the Bee.

LOL. Top Democratic Staffers Fired Because They’re Not “Diverse” Enough — Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

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