If your community thinks it appropriate to douse policemen with water or to riot and destroy your own town when police do their jobs, please don’t be surprised if I don’t want to open a business there or when the police pull out and leave you to your own devices.

My 84 yr. old Mom said that her church was talking about poverty and how some poor folks have to drive a long way to get food and such.  I enlightened her about the Ferguson Effect.

And can we stop pretending that the real minimum wage isn’t zero, which is what you get when your job gets automated, outsourced or eliminated because the company went out of business?

Jews Ignore the Democrats’ Rising Anti-Semitism — The Democrats have been the biggest U.S. enemies to the Jews and Israel.

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“Justice Democrats” Symbol a Variation of Communist Hammer and Sickle — Subtle.

Breaking: Joshua Harris Announces He is Not A Christian — Denounces purity culture.  Announces divorce.  Goes pro-LGBTQX. Says he’s not a Christian.  This dude has been busy.  But I give him props for admitting he’s not a believer.  If only more “Christian” Leftists were as honest! (And of course, he was recently published in Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis’ Sojourners magazine.  I’m sure Harris is quite the SJW).

More: Why Joshua Harris’ Apostasy is Good for Purity Culture — This really is good news.  He’s just another non-Christian mocking biblical sexual ethics.  How progressive and how surprising!

If Rachel Held Evans weren’t already in hell, she’d be squealing in delight instead of torment. Her good friend, Nadia Bolz-Weber, couldn’t be more excited about Harris’ departure from Christian holiness. From far-stretching corners of “evangelicalism,” countless thousands spiked the football for the news that purity had failed Joshua Harris. After much ado about nothing, the Prince of the Purity Movement was divorcing his wife. It was all for naught, is the narrative.Those who have a hatred for Biblical courtship, physical boundaries and personal chastity applauded Harris’ absconding from the movement, just as they applauded his divorce like happy little demons.

Purity Culture, they told us, was dead.

THE SILVER LINING Only a few days later, Harris denounced Christ altogether. The real threat to Purity Culture was extinguished the moment that Harris made his denunciation of Jesus public. You see, the real and present danger of Harris’ turn on purity would be if he continued the charade of being a faithful Christ-follower while denouncing a godly sexual ethic. What would have truly hurt the Purity Movement would be an established Christian figure claiming that you can both believe in Jesus and have sub-par sexual standards. What would have been downright catastrophic is if a major leader in the movement, like Harris, had claimed you could be both a Christian and denounce personal holiness.

Unedited Ilhan Omar Video Is Even Worse

“But I mean, I think, like I said, the focus of our policies should be about keeping Americans safe, keeping us domestically safe, and where we actually find a solution is looking at our foreign policy. Looking at how we are engaging with these the members of these communities and the kind of rhetoric that is being spewed out of leaders within our city halls, within our state capitals, and within our nation’s capital.”

In other words, if you don’t like Muslim violence, then comply with Muslim demands regarding foreign policy and don’t say anything Muslims don’t want to hear.

Robert Mueller Not ‘Being There’ — I am so glad I ignored all the Russia nonsense the last couple years.  But if there is any justice we would spend the next two years reminding people what a farce this was and how the Leftist media and politicians abused our system out of spite while ignoring the real crimes of Hillary & Co.

This man held the Trump presidency hostage for 678 days?

Mueller’s lack of familiarity with his own report, listlessness, and ignorance of very basic players in the scandal such as Fusion GPS reinforced a long-held fear that partisans used the respected lawman as a Trojan Horse to provide cover for the politicization of a legal inquiry. Mueller’s staff included Trump hater Peter Strzok (for a time) and lawyers — 13 registered Democrats and zero registered Republicans — who gave $23 to Democrats for every $1 they gave Republicans.

The Clintons’ own files contradict their Epstein narrative — You mean the Clintons lied about Bill’s ties to this sex criminal?  Shocking.  Even though she lost the election they are still going to skirt justice on this.  Imagine if she had won!

Some questions for American Airlines — Some great questions exposing the double standards for when women abuse men — even in public, and when millions see the direct evidence.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

NYC Budget Sets Aside Money for Drag Queen Story Hour – Because of course they are.

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