Trans Activist Organizes Topless Swimming Session For Girls as Young as 12, Parents Not Allowed to be Present — Any pro-LGBTQX person should be forced to read and defend that.  It is worse than the title suggests.  If I didn’t know better, I’d accuse this freak of being a conservative plant designed to expose the LGBTQX lobby for the perverts that they are.  But those people really are some combination of ignorance, cowardice or malice — ignorance if they are stupid enough to believe you can change genders, cowardice if they know the truth and give in to peer pressure to pretend otherwise, and malice for pushing this on normal people and children.

No matter how good a public school teacher, he or she will always be required to teach the state's values and the state's perspective on subjects from sex to history and biology. - Cal Thomas

From Moonbattery

$15 An Hour Isn’t Nearly Enough — Yeah, Bernie, make with the “living wage” and “free” health care!  What a shameless hypocrite.

Creating Slums With Rent Control — Basic economics, which means the Left will do the opposite of what makes sense.  Rent controls results in slums.

Please, Women, Stop Reading Ann Voskamp — And also stop reading Sarah Young, Priscilla Shirer and others with similar “hearing from God outside the Bible” nonsense.  People follow these phonies because they think the authors are special Christians who get direct revelations from God, but that’s the reason you should not follow them at all.  They aren’t really hearing anything new, they are blaspheming God by making things up and saying that He said it.

She saw a defacement on the sidewalk, and because, in her mind, she is seeing something that she wants to see, and hearing what she wants to hear — erotic affirmation –, she is attributing it to God. Outside of Scripture, we have no way of hearing directly from God, and the Bible is very clear that by attributing things to God that he did not say, you run the risk of blaspheming the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31-32). And this is exactly what Ann Voskamp is doing. She is claiming that God has revealed himself to her through this writing on the sidewalk, through personal experience, one that involves no Scripture whatsoever.

This is part of the larger problem, particularly with these charismatic women Bible study teachers that are running rampant within evangelicalism. These women, such as Voskamp, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, etc., tend to write and speak in ways that are emotionally captivating to women and draw them into the experience. While so much of it seems to be benign on the surface, at a deeper level, it’s very dangerous and borderline blasphemous. Essentially what Voskamp is saying is that Jesus sacrificial death on the cross wasn’t enough for God to express his love and grace to us, and that Scripture alone isn’t enough for him to communicate it. She needed to hear it from a source outside of Scripture, and then she was able to praise God, and “experience” his grace.

Consider another excerpt from the same book in the last chapter, The Joy of Intimacy, she writes “I fly to Paris and discover how to make love to God.” There is not one place in Scripture that speaks of God’s love for us that way. It’s gross. Stop it!

Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza Thrown in Twitter Gulag — Social media is begging to be broken up or regulated.  They are ruining Democracy.

Mendoza was suspended from her Twitter account and told she would not be able to sign back in unless she deletes a series of posts about crimes committed by illegal aliens and the impact of sanctuary city policies on American citizens.

Supporting the enforcement of US immigration law is “hate speech,” according to Twitter.Also highly discouraged by Twitter is criticizing policies supported by leftists like Kamala Harris. One tweet that she was ordered to delete reads,

“@KamalaHarris What law can I break and have you defend me so staunchly? Provide me sanctuary from our laws? Political cleanup from YOUR INACTION FOR DECADES is what it’s called. You have #bloodonyourhands for every death of an American killed by an ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL you are protecting.”

Say stuff like that on Twitter and it is only a matter of time until they cart you off to the gulag. Don’t try using a Twitter alternative like Parler if you like your job.

Meanwhile, Twitter enjoys special legal protection as a neutral platform, as if it were not a publisher with an aggressive leftwing slant.

Liar, Liar: Georgia House Minority Leader Caught In A Hate Hoax — Pass the popcorn.  She almost got away with it, and would have if this guy hadn’t shown up for her media show.  The only sad part is that the guy insists he’ll still always vote for Democrats.  Some people never learn.

The Babylon Bee was all over the story: Georgia Lawmaker Claims Chick-Fil-A Employee Told Her To Go Back To Her Country, Later Clarifies He Actually Said ‘My Pleasure’ | The Babylon Bee

A major face of the Democratic party.

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