Leftist women have lots of standards for dating men, the first of which is that men aren’t allowed to have any standards for dating women.  Anyone missing the transparent hypocrisy is part of the problem.

CNN Refuses to Comment on Their Show Featuring Antifa Terrorist Who Tried to Kill ICE Officials — And the dude had an AR-15, the mere mention of which usually makes the Leftist media wet their pants.  Why no protests about it when a Leftist terrorist is at work?

“CNN has done more to give the psycho domestic terrorists of Antifa credibility than any other outlet,” said Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor. “Now Antifa has escalated from attacking people in the street to sending a journalist to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage to, finally, a deadly act of domestic terrorism.”

Climate Despair Shatters Fragile Mental Health of Moonbats — The Leftists pushing the “climate change” web of lies don’t care that it is harming their own followers, as long as it yields more power for the Leftist elite.

Maisy Rohrer, a 22-year-old developmental researcher at New York University, has been struggling to cope with climate change for years. “I guess the despair started when I was 18, and I began learning about how much the earth was changing, and I’d have full-blown panic attacks about the arctic sea ice melting, and the polar bears starving, and I’d call my mom telling her life was pointless,” she said. She believed at the time that the human race “should be wiped out.”

Internal Dem Poll: Just 9% of Swing Voters Have Favorable View of Ilhan Omar — Always nice to see a little bit of sanity out there.

Hot tip: If you throw Molotovs, the police will probably shoot you – Leftists are already blaming Trump and making a martyr out of this Commie.

Every time some whacko with a MAGA hat so much as takes a swing at someone, we’re treated to hours of endless analysis about how Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric is inspiring people to do harm. But now, after elected Democratic officials, including some presidential candidates, have spent weeks and months vilifying Immigration and Customs Enforcement, accusing them of running concentration camps and demanding that they be shunned by polite society, I take it we’re forbidden from wondering if all of that rhetoric had anything to do with this jackwagon trying to blow up an ICE detention center.

Seriously, folks. Aside from a couple of new polls dropping, a brief blackout in New York City, and some flooding down south, there wasn’t all that much news breaking this morning. And yet I don’t think CNN has spent more than ten minutes total on this attack since I turned it on at six o’clock this morning. Where’s all the deep, penetrating analysis?

Death by Tourism — It is still legal to murder preborn children in this country, but I’ll take any victory we can get.

Death by Tourism – Another young female murdered while traveling.

Has anyone heard from the feminists who love to lecture us about “violence against women”? No, of course not. Feminists never notice crimes like this, because “violence against women” doesn’t matter when it’s committed by Third World men. Let some girl get groped by a white college boy at a frat party, and the feminists will be all over that story, but if she’s raped and murdered by a swarthy foreigner? Crickets chirping.

‘Gender Equality,’ World Cup Edition

Oh, by the way, nearly every player in the WNBA is a lesbian. (“I would say 98 percent of the women in the WNBA are gay women,” according to former player Candice Wiggins.) Homosexuality is pervasive among top female athletes, whatever the sport. Like, if you tune into the NCAA championship tournament in basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer — pick a sport, any sport — you’ll be watching one team of lesbians play another team of lesbians. There are female scholarship athletes in the NCAA who are heterosexual, but the top players on the top teams are almost all gay, although the sports media makes a point of ignoring this. However, the prevalence of lesbianism in women’s sports is not a stereotype, but a fact, and it holds true not only in team sports, but in individual sports like tennis and golf.

AOC Chief of Staff Confirms: It’s About Controlling People, Not the Climate— No surprise, except that they slipped up in admitting it.  “Climate change” is just a Trojan Horse for complete control over your lives.

It is well known that even the most radical climate proposals would have zero perceptible effect on the supposedly problematic climate. Even EPA models confirm this. But they would have plenty effect on our freedom and our standard of living.

At great expense, the USA amassed a massive stockpile of nuclear weapons to assure that Americans would never have to live in the hell that is communism. Attempting to keep up, the Soviet Union spent itself to collapse. But we are hardly out of the woods. The radicalized Democrat Party is far more of a threat to America than Russia ever was.

Ilhan Omar, the Wagnerian Phenomenon | The American Spectator — Interesting take on this America-hater.

How do you explain the ingratitude of Ilhan Omar and thousands like her who hate not the culture that threw them into the misery of a refugee camp, but the culture that rescued them?Among those who become dependent on another culture, there some who despise their reliance on something alien, something they need to survive but grow to hate. As their reliance on an alien culture grows, so too does their hatred.

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