Fight for 15 because tipping is slavery or something — As if minimum wage laws weren’t stupid enough to begin with.  Yeah, tipping is sometimes odd cultural norm (one of the few things I like about going to Japan is that you should never tip there).  But to call it racist takes an extra-incidious form of woke-ness.

But the Feds should not be involved in this at all.  For starters, the minimum wage will always be zero, which is what you get when bureaucrats force your employer to replace you with a machine or go out of business completely.  But even if there was some reason for minimum wage laws at a local level, what makes anyone think that a Federal law could possibly find the right number for every sub-economy in the 50 states?

Oh, and there are no Constitutional grounds for such silly laws, but they gave up caring about that a long time ago.

President Trump Announces His Support for Reparations for Socialism — If only this wasn’t a parody!

“Our constitution guarantees all citizens a Republican form of government. However, the tragic truth is that too many of our citizens, especially those in large cities – from New York to Portland, from New Orleans to Seattle, from Detroit to San Francisco, and dozens of cities in between – instead suffer under the crushing boot of a localized socialist dictatorship, complete with one-party rule and arbitrary persecutions. It is my intention to free these prisoners from their economic and political shackles.”

“Therefore be it resolved that, under my proposal, all open advocates of socialism will see their pay garnished by 50%, such monies to be placed in a trust fund used to compensate all business owners who can quantify or reasonably estimate their losses attributable to the laws, regulations, and enforcement procedures of any and all practicing socialists, whether they use the name itself or hide behind a more socially palatable euphemism.”“Such practitioners will then be given the choice of one year in jail, participating in a public apology, or being publicly flogged. Actually, the choice will be which one comes first, because they’re getting all three.”

Archbishop Gregory’s Roommate — As if the first 95 reasons weren’t enough, the vast perverted corruption of the Catholic Church should send you running.

Shortly after his elevation to archbishop of Washington, D.C., Wilton Gregory made a great show of promising to listen to a “wounded” laity. It was total BS. Gregory is notorious for freezing out lay Catholics and priests who dare to criticize the ultimate source of the wounds: a gay mafia that has promoted pederasts for decades.

Gregory, of course, knows these concerned Catholics are right. Recall that during the first iteration of the abuse scandal in the early 2000s he acknowledged that the priesthood was dangerously close to becoming a “gay profession.” But Gregory is too addled with compromise and modernism to lend wounded Catholics any real aid. A protégé of the wicked Joseph Bernardin — a deviant of staggering proportions who, with the help of the media, passed himself off as an ecclesiastical Mr. Rogers — Gregory was selected by the Bergoglio gang to perform devious mop-up for the sociopaths who preceded him.

How business as usual are things in the D.C. archdiocese? So much so that the disgraced Cardinal Wuerl’s right-hand man, Monsignor Charles Antonicelli, is serving the same role for Gregory; so much so that one of McCarrick’s protectors, Mario Dorsonville, an auxiliary bishop, is bunking at the palatial penthouse that Gregory now occupies.

After a Century of Chaos, Totalitarianism, and War, Versailles Treaty Still Haunts the World — Good piece on WWI and the Versailles Treaty.

. . . the overall system is known as Versailles, after the treaty signed by Germany. The system’s great flaw was that it was neither brutally Carthaginian nor progressively conciliatory. Either of those might have worked, but the midpoint — harsh enough to antagonize the defeated while sapping the will of the victorious to enforce it — seemed doomed to fail. And fail it did.

Kids Are Idiots & Letting Them Dictate Their Gender is Child Abuse: A Thread — The ignorance/malice/cowardice of parents who affirm these delusions is staggering.

Is Alcoholics Anonymous Compatible with Biblical Christianity? — No.

David Daleiden Triumphed in Court—Even With a Planned Parenthood Favorite for His Judge

God’s people are grateful Planned Parenthood did not silence David Daleiden’s voice. More than that, we rejoice at what his videos did to show the wicked depths of this bloodthirsty industry. Child sacrifice is a sin that defiles the very land we live in.

Workers Moving From San Francisco To Austin Would Get An Immediate 46% Raise Due To Less Regulation — This is even with Austin being a Leftist freak show in its own way.

Major Lutheran (ELCA) Leader Says “Hell is Empty” — Of  course he says that.  He’s a “Christian” Left wolf.  They are Satan’s cabana boys and point people straight to Hell.

One connection that stands out to me in particular: A young man shook my hand and said something to me that, amidst the joyful noises around us, I didn’t catch. “Could you say that again?” I asked. In a quiet, tentative voice he repeated, “You mean I’m not going to hell?” I was stunned. “No,” I said. (Along with Bishop Eaton, I believe there is a hell but it is empty, by the grace of the Father and the love of Jesus.) “God loves you!”He held my hand a little longer and then said, “Come here. Give me a hug” As I did so, he repeated his initial question, “So I’m not going to hell, right?” “No!” I repeated, maybe a little more emphatically this time. “God LOVES you!”

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

I lost my dad the day he told me he wanted to become a woman— The “trans” movement is just another example of selfish people putting the wants of adults over the needs of children.

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