Merry Christmas, everyone!  What a joy to be reminded that the creator of the universe stepped into his creation to save and redeem those He has called.

The Selective Outrage of Mark Galli & Christianity Today — They are too busy calling Trump out to bother with corrupt and immoral Christian leaders.  No, it is worse: They give those leaders a forum!  Galli is a fraud and so is his publication.  Please share the link when the topic comes up.  The mainstream media just wants to peddle the myth that Protestant churches wait for CT to tell us what to think, so they’ll never tell the truth about their cronyism.

For those who aren’t aware, CT last fall published what was arguably its most reprehensible op-ed ever. It was penned by the corrupt, and now disgraced, former pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, James MacDonald. And the entire purpose of the op-ed entitled, “Why Suing is Sometimes the Biblical Choice,” was to justify MacDonald’s unbiblical and morally repugnant lawsuit against me, two bloggers, and their wives. Their wives!

And as if that weren’t bad enough, there’s the shocking backstory of the op-ed. As we now know, the op-ed came after Ed Stetzer, CT contributing editor and executive director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, used his influence at CT to arrange a phone call between MacDonald and CT Global Director Jeremy Weber. (That phone call was captured on a “hot mic” recording, which has since been published on YouTube.)

. . .

What’s become abundantly clear is that Galli and CT’s outrage concerning immorality is extremely selective. If one happens to be an evangelical powerbroker, CT will give your indiscretions, and even blatant corruption, a pass.

The Kmart conundrum for feminists — Women control over 80% of all sorts of spending in the U.S., yet they are also completely oppressed.  And they have lifestyles and comforts that 99+% of when in history and around the world would covet, yet they are miserable because of the patriarchy or something.  Apparently you should feel sorry for them.

Pope Francis warns of ‘rigidity,’ says church must adapt or it will become increasingly irrelevant — Typical “Christian” Left talk.  As if 95 reasons weren’t enough to avoid him and his religion . . .

The VA AG seems a little cheesed off over those Second Amendment sanctuary proclamations — 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Cities are infinitely more legitimate than Illegal alien Sanctuary Cities.

I keep hoping that some Leftists will say “enough” and acknowledge that their “woke” culture will eat them too for speaking scientific truths, no matter what perverted and fawning caveats they offer.  The wussified woke crowd lives to destroy.  It is where they get their feelings of self worth.  If you cater to them you get what you deserve.

Scientific facts denied by Leftists because of their rebellion against God: There are still just two genders, and you can’t change them.


Does God Care If We Diet and Exercise? – Redeeming Productivity — Good article, to which I would add another reason: Loving your family. You can’t control everything, but staying healthier is a huge benefit to your family. They suffer if you have preventable diseases from smoking, obesity, etc. It is a loving thing to minimize burdens on them. And consider even the little things like being able to get on the floor to play with your grandchildren. And make no mistake: staying attractive for your spouse is not only a wise strategy but a loving thing to do.

I’ve heard of countless people who just start doing a little exercise and see huge benefits. It also sets a great example for your kids. I’d rather have them be life-long exercisers than be elite scholarship athletes who quit exercising after college.

By the way, I highly recommend resistance training of some sort (weights, Pilates, etc.). My basic philosophy is to encourage people to do anything, even just walking around the block. But resistance training does great things for practical daily living and is often more sustainable for people than high impact exercises.

How Are Men and Women Different? by Kevin DeYoung – lots of great points.

In fact, at the risk of being too graphic, it’s worth noting that natural revelation itself suggests that our physiology corresponds to a divine moral injunction. When two men are together sexually, the member that is supposed to give life is often placed in a part of the body where death and decay are expelled. Even apart from supernatural revelation, the very body God has given us suggests that our bodies are designed for a certain purpose, and using our members for any alternative purpose is unnatural and rebellion against the creator. .

. . .

Pastors, in a day when male movie pirates, figure skaters, and stand-up comedians wear eye liner, we cannot ignore this question. The Bible may not give us every detail we might want on this topic, but it does, at least, affirm an essential truth no longer obvious in our day—it is disgraceful for a man to appear to be a woman and a woman to appear to be a man. That is the theological foundation under 1 Corinthians 11.

Never heard about this before!

Colorado teen, 18, severely brain-damaged after breast implant surgery gone wrong, family says — It it stupid to visit Unnecessary Surgery Land

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