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Was Jesus a Refugee?  No, but that won’t stop the “Christian” Left from using that lie to support open borders and to destroy this country.

But recognize that the family never left the Roman Empire. They left Bethlehem and fled to Egypt, to the Jewish settlement at Alexandria. This means they were even staying with their own people in a thriving community, and likely used the gifts the magi gave Jesus to pay for their stay. When Herod died a short time later, they returned to Joseph’s hometown of Nazareth.

The politicians who say “Jesus was a refugee” are often quite liberal. They advocate for the murder of the unborn and the redefinition of marriage. This means they’re not of the court of King Jesus, but with the court of King Herod, who killed children and hated God’s definition of marriage. They’d have done Herod a favor and killed Jesus before He was born.

Jesus did not come to us as a refugee. He was born King of kings, before whom every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, when we understand the text.

Bernie Sanders is who the Left – including the Leftist media – wants to have control over you.  This is a must-watch, especially to be able to call out how he has changed his tune on some Communist countries and his pretending that he understands how some European countries work today.  He is a terrible person who has accomplished nothing in life.  He covets 24×7 and his followers do the same.

We’ve canceled Netflix forever.  They had enough issues already, but their “gay Jesus” thing was the last straw.  #cancelnetflix

I’m Not A Christian Anymore: An Analysis | Bible Thumping Wingnut Network — Excellent analysis.  He rightly focuses on 1 John 2:19, which these “ex-Christians” never bothered to learn – even when they were long-time pastors.

1 John 2:19 They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us. But they went out, that it might become plain that they all are not of us.

“Deconversion” testimonies are ubiquitous across social media. They generally follow a set pattern and share many of the same themes and tropes. Person X abandons the faith because X reason(s) like haunting doubts regarding some problem with God, or he/she couldn’t find an answer for some nagging Bible question, or an overwhelming, calamitous event happens in his/her life, or a falling out with hypocritical leadership/members. Honestly, though, many times the main reason comes down to the person choosing sinful behavior. Generally it involves cheating on a spouse or the pursuit of what is believed to be some other sexually liberating deviancy.

The ex-pastor being analyzed lamented that he was disappointed in his marriage (uh, so Christianity is false then?!).  The author’s take on that:

What exactly was he promised that his marriage would be? He doesn’t really elaborate. But, that tweet reveals the heart of the matter. According to at least one member of his church, Mr. Gass was involved in a hidden affair for nearly a year, was caught, and he now continues to live in unrepentant adultery with a woman not his wife.

Apparently he had other significant issues as well.  Anyone surprised?  Much more at the link.

A grim example of a woman killed by feminism and the sexual revolution

Feminism kills women. It kills young and vulnerable women. It kills their hopes. It kills their dreams. It kills their future. All young women are vulnerable and that is what feminism exploits. It is a racket run by women to destroy women, the reason being that women are their own worst enemy. It seduces them with promises of power, independence, and sexual freedom, and then it grinds them down into nothingness as they waste their fertile years chasing after these imaginary shadows.

Hold up Kate Fischer as a grim warning to your sisters and daughters. A woman needs feminism like a moth needs a flame.

The situation in Virginia is awful, but it does show you what the Left will do when they take over completely.  They are already saying they’ll send in the National Guard to enforce their unconstitutional gun laws.

Michael Moore: “White People Are Not Good People…You Should Be Afraid of White People” — OK, racist.  Yeah, if you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton – the most cartoonishly corrupt and evil politician in memory — you are evil or something. If you oppose open borders, abortion to the child’s first breath, sexual perversions, etc., you are bad. Gotcha.

Meanwhile blacks are literally killed at a rate three times that of whites via abortion because of Molech-worshiping Leftists like Moore. Seems kinda racist to me.

The Media Keeps Lying About Harvey Milk’s Military Record — He wasn’t dishonorably discharged.  His biographers know the truth, but the lazy and dishonest media repeats Milk’s lie to advance the narrative.

Best of the Bee

San Francisco Dogs Begin Bagging People Poop

Not the Babylon Bee

Debbie Hayton, Transphobic Transsexual

Debbie Hayton, a physics teacher in the Midlands, lives as a transgender women [sic] after changing her [sic] gender from male to female in 2012. But unlike many people in the trans-community, she [sic] does not believe her [sic] sex can be changed and is vocal about the fact that she [sic] will always biologically remain a man.

Quicken is back to their tricks, part 2

Another update: I was forced to buy a updowngrade to Quicken 2016 to continue to use the transaction download feature.  That was bad enough.  But the incompetent software writers at Intuit somehow managed to make the product even worse.  The simplest things no longer work, such as Ctrl key shortcuts.  Example: Before you could hit Ctrl-B to backup, but now none of the shortcuts work.

And the default transaction categories no longer function.

And multiple credit cards no longer download, even though Quicken’s site insists that the problems are solved (e.g., Target Red Card).

I am embarrassed for these people and how badly they do their jobs.  If you are starting from scratch, try something besides Quicken.


Update: Quicken did the same thing this year, only they made it worse by putting out a horrible upgrade in Quicken 2013.  Go to Amazon and check out some of the reviews.  So now you get to pay for a downgrade if you want to keep some of the features of the old product.  I’m amazed that they stay in business.  If you do have to upgrade, do it from Amazon and not the Quicken site.  You’ll save $$.


The 2011 Netflix marketing plan will be referred to for a long time as a sure way to destroy shareholder value and irritate your customers.  Sticking it to your loyal customers is not a winning strategy.

Apparently Intuit, the maker of Quicken, hasn’t learned this lesson.  In order to “encourage” (read: “You can have your dog back once you send us some more money”) people to upgrade they are de-featuring their product.  Specifically, they will deliberately end the ability to download transactions from your credit card and banking institutions. But that isn’t a support feature, that is a core part of the product.

It is common for software companies to drop support for older versions.  I understand and accept that.  It is also common for software companies to significantly improve their products to entice you to upgrade.  Again, no problem there.

But this is a joke.  Once again Quicken throws in a few useless tools (A new cash flow graph is one of the four main reasons you should upgrade.  Woo-hoo!) and “only” requires you to pay the original purchase price again to get these great new features.  They aren’t even offering a discounted upgrade price.

Imagine if Microsoft said that if you don’t pay for an expensive Excel upgrade that you could still add, subtract and divide, but you couldn’t multiply.  Or if HP said you must pay for an upgrade or your sound system would stop working. That’s what Quicken is doing.

And it isn’t just the cost of the upgrade, it is the wasted hours installing and learning a new program to do the same things I was doing already.

I highly encourage people to use another software package.  Or if it is more cost-effective for you to give into the extortion then at least buy it on Amazon for less than Quicken charges you directly.

Please share this with others!

Side note to liberals: I think most will agree that this is a clear case of corporate greed leading to bad decisions and negative consequences for customers.  But do we need the government involved to solve our problems?  Not at all.  That would be an expensive disaster.  We just need competition and a free exchange of ideas.  Please keep that in mind.

Pie chart shows devastating impact of reducing Komen donations to Planned Parenthood

By which I mean, the donations were less than a rounding error.  That slide of the pie is actually smaller than it appears.  You have to triple the amount to make the shape grow.  Actually, it isn’t a slice of the pie at all, as the knife to cut the pie is wider than that.

Komen gave Planned Parenthood $680,000, which is 0.07% of their total budget.  Note: That isn’t 7%, but point-zero-seven percent — less than one tenth of one percent.

So in response to that, PP and its radical pro-abortion supporters went on a scorched earth policy to destroy Komen.  They pretended to be all about women’s health — uh, other than the health of the victims of statutory rape and sex trafficking whose crimes they have been caught hiding, the health of all the females destroyed by abortion and the health of the women who will be hurt by the drop in donations to Komen.

Then Komen relented.  But as they are about to learn, their Netflix inspired strategy has doomed them forever.  Before, only some pro-lifers knew about the association with PP.  Now nearly everyone knows of it and pro-lifers won’t trust them.

It reminds me of the old story about the person who was convinced by a snake to pick him up and carry him.  After the naive person gets bitten he is reminded by the snake that he knew what he was picking up.  If you partner with people who kill innocent human beings for a living, don’t be surprised when they would rather see your charity destroyed than to give up point-zero-seven percent of their funding and to have anyone event hint that the death industry isn’t a swell place to be.


Here’s a comment that I left over at Hillbuzz that Kevin Dujan liked so much he added it to his post (he does great work over there battling the Leftists — be sure to check it out!):

Just when you think the Left couldn’t be more evil . . .

Let’s recap: A organization that kills innocent human beings for a living and its radical supporters were so offended by the elimination of a voluntary contribution by a non-profit dedicated to curing breast cancer that was a whopping 0.07% of their annual budget that they set out to destroy the non-profit, all the while claiming that they weren’t the ones politicizing the issue, that they were being bullied and that they were pro-women’s health. And the Leftist media supported them all the way, including perpetuating the Planned Parenthood CEO’s lies about them doing mammograms. Now Komen is distrusted and disliked by both sides and the Leftists are cheering their destruction.

The only good news is that others will think more carefully before getting involved with Planned Parenthood. Oddly enough, people who kill babies for cash or support those who do the same have some other unpleasant traits.


I’ve always appreciated the business model of Netflix and joined them for a brief period when they first started.  We just didn’t watch enough movies to make it worthwhile.

But my wife and oldest daughter are trying to watch all the “Best Picture” Academy Award movies this year, so we figured it would be a good deal.

We did the $14/month plan where you can have two movies checked out at once.  Netflix processes the returns very quickly so that should suffice for us. 

First up: The Godfather, Part II (we’re watching The Godfather tonight – the last movie from our local rental shop for a long time) then The Broadway Melody of 1929 (whatever that is!).

Tip: We went through Ebates to get to Netflix so that yielded us $18 off in addition to the two free weeks Netflix provides.