Q&A: How can I be better prepared for evangelism? – read a free chapter of Lord Foulgrin’s Letters, a modernized version of C.S. Lewis’ classic, The Screwtape Letters.  Both are great books.  Here’s a snippet (the writer is a senior demon coaching a junior demon, so everything is backwards):

Let Fletcher be a “good example” until he’s blue in the face—as long as he doesn’t explain the forbidden message. Look around you, Squaltaint, and you’ll see innumerable Christian sludgebags who’ve been good neighbors and model coworkers for decades. But they’ve never actually told those around them what it means to be a Christian. Many of them imagine by now the message has somehow magically gotten across, but of course it hasn’t. Excellent.

Fletcher made the statement to Ryan he’d like to share the gospel with his wife and mother-in-law “when the time is right”? This frightened you, but it can work to our advantage. Don’t let him grasp the Enemy’s notion that evangelism is one beggar telling another where to find bread. Instead, turn evangelism into something more complex or obscure, something that will happen one day, but never today.

Fill him with an irrational dread of bringing up the Carpenter and the forbidden mes sage in conversation. If the vermin analyzed it, they’d be on to us. What else but our efforts could explain why they get so apprehensive about doing for someone what they believe is the biggest favor in the universe—telling them about the Enemy’s plan to save them from hell and give them heaven?

Don’t let Fletcher ask himself why a man from Portland should care about what a man from Chicago thinks of him as they both fly to Philadelphia. Why, when he will never see this man again (unless he accepts the message, in which case he’ll be deeply grateful), should he be so frightened of the man’s rejection? Why would they feel so hesitant about telling people what’s clearly in their best interests? Don’t let the obvious absurdity settle in, or he may catch on it’s we who are playing tricks on his tiny mind, fueling this irrational fear.

Whaling on false teachers in less than 5 minutes! – some productivity tips from my other blog plus some responses to my Super Fans (TM).


Is Barack Obama a Socialist? To avoid the question is to avoid personal accountability to our nation, our individual rights, and our freedoms. If Barack Obama is a socialist, the evidence will speak unequivocally, his policies will confirm it implicitly and his stated agenda will answer the question undeniably. Socialism is the government forcibly taking from those who have earned what they have and giving it to others. It crushes initiative, innovation and spirit while fomenting class warfare, racial strife and social welfare as it devours a nation. Heed the words of a statesman: Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. – Winston Churchill

Militant Gays Demand to Donate Risky Blood – as usual, this is about politics and hurt feelings, not helping others.  As noted in Why didn’t the media cover the new CDC study on HIV transmission?, if a communicable, preventable disease rate is 44 times higher for one particular group (gay and bisexual men) that just might be a reason to put some safeguards in place.  Even if testing has improved, can you imagine the impact and lawsuits if tainted blood slipped through?

NAACP Offended at Black Holes: Hears Black Whores – Hallmark’s Hoops and Yo-Yo cards are really funny.  They had a card with an astronomy theme that referenced “black holes” and some thin-skinned, hopelessly political correct professional victims insisted that it said “black whores.”  Yeah, right, another sample from Hallmark’s line of prostitution cards.  Sheesh. Listen to the card yourself at the link and note the context.

From the “I am not making this up” category: Publisher’s Warning Label: That Constitution and Declaration are No Longer Valid Thinking

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0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. The last two items would by hysterical if they weren’t so STUPID! Hallmark should tell the NAACP to grow up, and keep the card on the shelf (although I think it is an asinine card – I hate those characters), and the guy who put the warning label on the Constitution should find another country to live in and not try to change ours to fit his agenda.


  2. If the NAACP equally demanded all hip hop records that were demeaning to others were removed from shelves, I would at least understand and appreciate that hold a consistent position. But no, they support hip hop lyrics.

    Just to be clear, when a black hip hop artist says those words, it is artistic. When some people think they hear those words spoken by a cartoon character it is racism. Got it? Neither do I.


    1. Excellent point, Jeff. I was so stunned by their overreaction that I missed that equally obvious point. Wailing about non-existent slights while ignoring rap music is true hypocrisy.

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  3. When I hemorrhaged after giving birth to my second daughter; I came very close to needing a blood transfusion. The medical team decided that I didn’t need one but I was monitored closely and kept in the hospital longer in order to be sure. I had to return to the ER a day after I got home and they had to determine if I needed one then too. My husband wanted me to get one just to be on the safe side; but the doctor told him that they only do it if it is absolutely necessary. He listed the fact that there is a chance of HIV or other infections as a possible side effect. In other words; just because we have better testing and precautions out there doesn’t mean they don’t ever miss something. It is a shame that some people need to be told that they can’t give blood (myself included soon after I did a mission trip to Brazil) but in the long run it is for everyone’s safety.


  4. The NAACP is a total embarrassment. They have done nothing noteworthy in like 4 or 5 decades. Their hypocrisy is so outstanding its pathetic. I remember there was one instance where the NAACP wanted to sue a mall for not hiring black Santas. I was like really. See events like this actually water down attempts to actually address real racism. Why don’t they just disappear? It is just another organization that’s a black (hole).


  5. I had to read the NAACP thing about 5 times as my brain refused to accept it as a real story. Unreal…and very, very sad.


  6. While I am not about to state that racism does not exist, I find more and more that the NAACP and other related groups stretch way beyond the limits of credibility to find something to be offended by.

    Kind of like the UMC relocating the 2012 General Conference because the Richmond, VA was home to the Richmond Braves (a minor league team, at that).

    The ironic part is they moved it to Tampa… home of the DEVIL Rays (they changed it to simply “Rays” in ’07, but a couple of years after the UM decision was made). Which would be an equally ridiculous reason to move the conference, but whatever.

    I’m sure some of those involved have pure motives, but it seems that for many it’s a way to keep their job/cause/self-identity intact.


    1. Hi Tom — hadn’t heard about the General Conference silliness. You just can’t make this stuff up . . . grossly offended by a minor league team named the Braves but not by the Devil? Par for the course for the UMC leaders.


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