Weekly roundup

Welcome to all the guests from ER’s blog.  Please read all you can.  Glad you wandered over to my “cult of one,” as he likes to call it.  Seems kinda petty and childish if you ask me, but I’m glad that he realizes his theology is radically different from mine (you know, mine being the Bible-believing kind and his being the make-up-your-own-Jesus kind).  That’s progress! 

And while I know many people share my view that the original writings of the Bible were the inspired words of God, that they have been accurately transmitted to us and that faith in the real Jesus is the only way to salvation, I would still believe it even if no one else did.  I’m not worried about being popular with the world.

Oh, and be sure to read the update on We told you so.  I really should stop reading posts that link to mine.  Not a good use of time.  All the little EONs (Enemies Of Neil) are such an obsessive lot.  Kinda creepy, but always amusing with their disdain for logic.   

But I am encouraged that the EONs keep reading.  Who knows, maybe someday they’ll see the light.  So please keep the links coming, but don’t be offended if I don’t read your posts.


Is the Bible historically accurate?  Yep.  Loads of evidence.  (Also added to the blog roll.  Hat tip: Velvet)

Commie tool Bill Ayers ambushed by reporter – and calls the police!  Seems kinda out of character for a unapologetic terrorist.

Spiked! (Stories the press is sitting on until after the election) – A partial list.  When Sean Hannity said that 2008 was the year the media died, I originally thought it was hyperbole.  I’m encouraged that in 2004 Bush still won, despite all the lies and the bias against him.  Hopefully McCain will pull it out as well.

They spike stories that would hurt Obama and ignore the ones that would be good for McCain / Palin – such as the record crowds she draws and the reaction to her.  And how about the fact that the supposedly anti-women conservatives are going nuts over Palin, and that she’d be the first female VP?  This is big news, people, and it is virtually ignored.  Why the 18-to-1 negative coverage on Palin?  As much as I want to see this election season end, I wish she had more time to campaign. 

Aside from the things they don’t cover, they repeat phrases like this without analysis:

Obama says his plan to tax Americans making more than $250,000 would cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans.

Of course, since nearly 50% of people pay no income taxes at all, how can he cut them?  Increasing welfare is not a tax cut.  It is . . . increasing welfare!

Obama’s campaign solicited and hid countless foreign contributions.  Where is the media?

Radical lefties working hard to bury anything that critiques the Messiah – even on Digg

Obama favors gun control.  And lies about it.

The intolerance of “same-sex marriage.”

6 thoughts on “Weekly roundup”

  1. neil,

    i saw a clip today of biden. he was talking about the tax breaks. instead of saying $250k as the cut off he said $150k. he tried to back pedal, and the obama camp still says $250, but will not deny the $150 number…more fish



  2. One other consideration not being highlighted regarding Obama’s faux tax cutting: Bush’s tax cuts expire in 2010. Barry’s already said he opposes them. I believe he will let them expire without reinstatement. This will mean a tax increase for everyone. He’s either lying by omitting this little tidbit, or he’s too stupid to realize what lies ahead.


  3. To Ron: I tried to reply via email but you didn’t leave a valid address.

    Nothing personal, but I’ve had an excessive amount of wasted time with trolls lately and am not interested in another round of that. My apologies if the brush is too broad and you were legit. But it seemed to be going down that path.

    Best of luck to you.

    P.S. If you don’t like it, then be sure to vote for McCain. Obama is anti-free speech. I’m just a blogger. I won’t send the media to try to destroy you.


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