CA Nannies: Thou Shalt Have No Boys Nor Girls Depts. – Leftist insanity.

Take that, Trump! Elizabeth Warren unveils bold plan to combat potential coronavirus pandemic with… more open borders? — More saltwater from the Left.  Seems like the pandemic would be a great time to remind people of the importance of border control.  Most people would agree that we’d want to screen out people with the virus if they were traveling here by plane or boat.  So why not at the borders?!

Justice Department Goes After Harvard Racism — That’s sad for half of the blacks that actually qualify, because everyone – including the qualified ones – will rightly wonder if they belonged there or if they were only there because of racism.

Trump Can Withhold Grant Funding From Sanctuary Cities Says Appeals Court  — Great news!  Also, sanity.

The media gets busted again admitting to gross bias.

No One on Food Stamps Should Be Allowed to Vote — Agreed, but anyone benefiting from government payouts shouldn’t be allowed, and that’s hard to discern when the lobbying comes from corporations.  The key is less government, where there is less to give away and less people to bribe.  This isn’t a new phenomenon.

Constantine beefed up the palace bureaucracy. He created a set of powerful officials who were directly responsible to him. They were new and more specialized administrators with new bureaus to run. There was an even a new corps, staffed by legionaries, to carry confidential messages between the center and the provinces. All this consolidation and centralization made government more efficient but not more pure. All those administrators expected “tips,” to put it mildly. In fact, the bigger Roman government grew, the more corruption became a problem. Constantine understood that exchanging gifts and favors in return for services was no small part of government. So, in order to forge ties with powerful people in the provinces, he created new titles and distinctions and even, as mentioned, a new Senate for Constantinople. He was also lavish in his generosity to individuals and cities. This was good for politics but not for the Treasury. As a result, taxes went up.

Strauss, Barry. Ten Caesars: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine . Simon & Schuster. Kindle Edition.

Strauss, Barry. Ten Caesars: Roman Emperors from Augustus to Constantine . Simon & Schuster. Kindle Edition.

We regret to inform Gayle King and the other awful CBS moderators that there’s an on-the-record witness to the Mike Bloomberg ‘kill it’ story —  Of course what he said was vile. But on the views of all those Dems who deny the scientific fact that the unborn are human beings, then what he said wasn’t wrong. What ghoulish hypocrites!

#DemDebate: Joe Biden claims 150 million people have been killed with guns since 2007 — The issue isn’t that he had another slip of the tongue, but that a parallel to pharmaceuticals is absurd. Those companies aren’t liable for people who misuse those products, nor should gun manufacturers be. It is just a shameless anti-2nd Amendment ploy to take our guns.

‘Good for me but not for THEE’: Betsy DeVos absolutely owns AOC for being a flaming hypocrite over Public Charter Schools — Just another hypocritical Leftist.

Best of the Bee

Planned Parenthood Endorses Bloomberg After Learning He Told Pregnant Woman To ‘Kill It’ | The Babylon Bee

Catholic Plans To Spend Lent Giving Up Something He Really Shouldn’t Have Been Doing In The First Place | The Babylon Bee

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Nine Year-Old Asks Mayor Pete To Help Him Come Out — Shame on Pete Buttisex, the kid’s parents, and the entire Left — including the “Christian” Left — for perversions like this.

Male Teacher Demands to Use Little Girls’ Restroom

2 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. California nanny government – an example of all that is wrong with that state.

    The LEFT is obsessed with opening our borders to everyone, regardless of whether they are diseased, deadbeats, terrorists, etc, because that is the only way they get votes.

    Glad to see the courts finally agree with Trump. Take that you “sanctuary cities”!

    The media gets busted for gross bias every day!

    Biden’s statements get stupider by the day.

    The last two article show just how deviant and perverted our culture has become.


  2. 1.) “Elizabeth Warren unveils bold plan to combat potential coronavirus pandemic with… more open borders? ”
    Response: Wow the illogical left!

    2.) Response to Harvard: I know they are also racist towards Asian students.

    3.) Shame on CA for their agenda with kids!


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