5 incredible revelations from this week’s abortion hearing in California

ONE. The prosecution was initiated by Planned Parenthood asking Loretta Lynch (at the time, the US Attorney General) to reach out to Kamala Harris (at the time the State Attorney General in California) to investigate the journalists who made the videos. In other words, the investigation was obviously politically driven, and Harris took orders from Lynch, while Lynch took direction from Planned Parenthood. The State was forced to turn over a letter from Lynch to Harris, which was cited as the reason for initiating the case. That’s not the way any of this is supposed to work.

Two. The State of California let Planned Parenthood see and edit the search warrant to be served on Daleiden, before it was executed. Thus, Planned Parenthood got to ensure that the devices Daleiden used were included on the warrant, and got to approve the scope of the investigation.

Three. The search warrant deceptively edited California law to cover the violence of abortions. California law prohibits “wire-tapping” without consent. In other words, you cannot record a private conversation without both parties consent. However, the law has an express exception—if the purpose of the recording is to uncover evidence of a crime of violence, then the recording is not illegal. Obviously the defense would say that the illegal sale of fetal tissue acquired through “crunchy” methods is a violent crime, and obviously the prosecution would disagree. Yet Planned Parenthood and the State of California edited the exception clause out of the law included in the search warrant. So the judge who signed off on it didn’t have the full text of the law in front of him to being with.

Four. Planned Parenthood originally went to the LAPD and filed a criminal complaint against Daleiden and Merritt. The LAPD declined to pass along the complaint to prosecutors, because it was on its face absurd. The law prohibits recording “private conversations” and because the videos were made in public restaurants, there was nothing illegal about them. This is why Planned Parenthood then reached out Lynch and asked her to pressure Harris.

Five. The most important revelation at this hearing was the admission from one of the doctors in Daleiden’s video that the videos themselves were not edited or doctored. Remember that when the stories first broke, the standard pro-abortion line was that the videos were “deceptively edited.” But now, in court and under oath, that is shown to be false.

Amy Klobuchar Inadvertently Makes Perfect Argument for Concealed Carry — Hey, we agree!  Even fast police response time isn’t enough.  You need concealed carry to deter criminals and protect people.   And how about proving that you can confiscate all illegal drugs and current illegal weapons before you come after legal gun owners!

“In Dayton, Ohio where in thirty seconds one man guns down innocent people. The cops got there in one minute and it still wasn’t enough to save those people.”

When Do You Need Life Insurance?  Good advice.  Key question: Are there people who depend on your finances that would be negatively impacted should you die?  If so, you should have some sort of policy.

The Impending End of The Age of Oil. But Not This Week.  This graph has some of the best news in decades.  Less dependence on foreign oil is profoundly good for us and bad for our enemies.  So of course the Left wants to stop drilling.

I’d even make the case that when energy is cheap, freedom flourishes.  Why have a slave?  It’s much cheaper to have a gas powered weed trimmer.  Slavery is immoral, but cheap energy removes that pesky incentive.  Why have serfs?  You have to feed them, which is a big drawback.  If the Russian Emperor had used tractors instead, he might have lived long enough to be on Dancing with the Czars®.

Houston Hatefest: Dems Go Nasty — What’s not to hate about their platform?  Republicans across the board should offer their positive ideas, but just repeating the Dems’ foolish and evil ideas and saying, “I’m for the opposite of that” would be effective.

That ideological vision includes a doubly unconstitutional confiscation of weapons through executive fiat endorsed by Senator Kamala Harris and O’Rourke (“Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47”), abolition of private health insurance in a bill sponsored by Senators Sanders and Warren, former Vice President Joe Biden’s insistence that “nobody should be in jail for a nonviolent crime,” reparations for slavery supported by O’Rourke, a wealth tax proposed by Warren, Senator Cory Booker’s call to “create an office in the White House to deal with the problem of white supremacy and hate crimes,” Harris demanding that government “de-incarcerate women and children” (even ones who murder?), Andrew Yang wanting to “give every American 100 democracy dollars that you only give to candidates and causes you like,” and the entire stage endorsing open borders, if in muted terms during this debate, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Gallp Poll: 83% Say Mental Health To Blame For Mass Shootings — It is encouraging that many can see what the real issue is.  That highlights all the more how the Leftists exploit these issues to grab our guns.

Jackie Hill Perry Rebukes Judgmental Christians … in a Non-Judgmental Way, Of Course — Apparently her followers are as tone-deaf as she is.

Michael Brown Defends the Worst of the Worst Blasphemer and Idolater — Todd White is a transparently false teacher.  Anyone who can’t see that — or worse yet, who affirms White — is not to be trusted.  Any assets that Michael Brown has are vastly overshadowed by his liabilities.

Best of the Bee

Church Singles Group Not As Attractive As Website Suggests | The Babylon Bee

Archaeologists: Pre-Inca Child Sacrifice Site Was Actually A Planned Parenthood | The Babylon Bee

Not the Babylon Bee — big week for ridiculous news!

New York Times Blames “Airplanes” For 9/11 Attack

New Sexual Fetish; Couples Getting Pregnant and Having Multiple Abortions — According to the reasoning of the anti-science, Molech-worshiping Left — including the “Christian” Left — this is just another lifestyle choice, because life doesn’t “really” begin until after the child’s first breath.

Ship Carrying ‘Climate Change Warriors’ Concerned About Melting Arctic Ice Gets Stuck in Ice — Schadenfreude alert!

New Monopoly Game Gives Women More Money Than Men — What pathetic virtue-signaling.  Females should be offended that they need to be given more money to begin and as the game goes on just so they can compete with males.

Burger King Removes “Ham” From “Hamburger” to Avoid Offending Muslims  — Both sides know there is no ham in them, and even if if there was, so what? This is another case of Muslims pushing the bullying envelope and wimpy Dhimmis being obedient. The Muslims just laugh and plot there next humiliation of the West.  Somewhere Nelson Muntz is laughing.

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