California Gags the Gig Economy — Once again, the malice and/or economic ignorance of the Left will harm countless people while benefiting just a few.

All of this flexibility would go away as soon as I become a “permanent employee.” As Uber and Lyft have pointed out, this means that employees would have to work only in predetermined scheduled shifts. No more picking up a rider on the way to or from work for a few extra bucks. No more deciding last minute to use a few hours off on the weekend to generate some side income.With 76 percent of Lyft drivers working less than 10 hours a week, that means a majority of Lyft drivers would lose the flexibility they’ve enjoyed. For many, that’ll likely mean having to give up the gig altogether.

So this bill that supposedly supports the rights of gig workers will punish up to 76 percent of Lyft employees in order to provide higher wages to those who survive the decimation.On top of that, the sudden loss of drivers coupled with the increase in expenses will only result in higher prices. Let’s face it: Uber and Lyft aren’t going to eat the cost. They’ll pass it on to us, the consumers. The latest estimate says ride-sharing will cost up to 30 percent more per ride.

Once again, the people who suffer are the very people the bill claims it will support. 41.8 million Americans used Uber in March 2018 alone, many of whom relied on Uber to get to and from work. This bill could destroy the livelihood of these people living day-to-day, trying to make ends meet, who find that now their commute costs have increased 30 percent while they also lose the extra income from a convenient side gig.

Proponents of the bill have gained support by asking gig workers, “Do you want more money?” Of course the answer is yes. And for a small portion of them, they’ll get what they wished for.I don’t deny that the bill will raise some gig workers’ average hourly wage. But let’s face the facts: while this bill could benefit some gig workers, it would undoubtedly harm many more. Perhaps voters in California should reconsider and vote according to the facts, not according to a misled heart.

ERLC Releases Soros-Approved Immigration Propaganda Guide for Children

The guide did not inform parents or children that nearly 80% of people who cross our borders illegally are men. Neither does it mention that nearly 20% of immigrants are trafficked like slaves. Neither does it mention that nearly a fifth of children who come into the United States are actually kidnapped hostages not related to those posing as their parents because kids make it more likely for immigration officials to let criminals pass checkpoints. Neither does it mention that nearly a quarter of illegal aliens are known to have committed felonies inside the United States.

NYC Repeals Prohibition Against Reparative Therapy Because It’s Unconstitutional – Good news.

California adds another state to its “no travel” list — California won’t like you if you don’t force taxpayers to fund “trans” procedures.

Rent Control Hurts Renters — Leftists don’t know (bad) or don’t care (even worse).

Nicole Gelinas of the Manhattan Institute explains that rent control inflicts the following:

1. Hurts the people it’s supposed to help

2. Gives landlords little incentive to improve their housing stock

3. Discourages construction of new housing for all but the rich

How Do I Choose a Spouse? Seven Principles for Marrying Well — I mentioned to someone that we were so blessed that our daughters had married well.  The listener assumed I meant they married into money, but that wasn’t what I meant at all (though the husbands are great providers).  I meant that our prayers had been answered and they married solid Christian men who are a great fit with them.

Reflection of Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum | The Domain for Truth

First it seems my generation idealized socialism and even communism. But we must see communism as the evil that it is. Uncensored, un-sanitized and its fruit. Its tryannical. Its capable of causing some of the greatest evils we have seen on earth. It promises so much but deliver the least than any other ideology and isms. It promises so much because it assumes the state has the power of a god, capable of fixing everything and coercing others to follow one’s social agenda. But that all encompassing power means the ones having it become corrupt or they become paranoid that someone will want their power. Either way through paranoia or intent incredible evil against dissidents (real or imagine) takes place, all under the justification of ensuring a political agenda not be stopped.

Secondly sometimes you hear people say religion causes suffering and evil in this world. But organized secularism has a history of doing the same thing if not at a scale more horrifying than most leftists college in a “safe space” university can imagine. I’m thinking of purposeful mass starvation, genocide and tryanny over the people. The irony of some organized secular humanistic worldview with a political ideology is that historically speaking from the 20th century once they are in charge that are the biggest jihadist in imposing upon others their own blasphemy codes. You have Tuol Sleng become a temple offering sacrifices to the state and Marx is the prophet of their utopia. But their utopia is hell on earth.

WORLD Magazine Cover Story Suggests ECFA Accreditation is a Rubber Stamp

However, the WORLD article does a great job of revealing why ECFA does such an abysmal job of holding organizations accountable. The group is paid by its member organizations, not donors. In fact, more than 75-percent of ECFA’s total revenue comes from fees charged to members. So there’s a clear financial incentive for ECFA to continue accrediting its members, regardless of performance.

Baby Born Alive at 23 Weeks, Abortion Clinic Put Her in a Bag and Threw Her in The Trash — Brought to you by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

Best of the Bee

Beto: ‘Hell Yes I’m Going To Violate My Oath To Defend The Constitution’ | The Babylon Bee — Republicans should use his real quote 24×7 along with a simple question: What makes you think he’ll stop with confiscating AR-15’s?

Not the Babylon Bee

Nation’s Murderous Psychopaths Undecided On Whether They’ll Follow New Gun Laws | The Babylon Bee

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

BBC Children’s TV Show Tells Young Children There Are Over 100 Gender Identities — Child abuse.

4 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. California Gags the Gig Economy

    This, in some way, had to be provoked by complaints by some gig workers that they weren’t getting enough for the gig. I’ve read some articles describing what it takes to really make money as an Uber/Lyft driver and how for some, it seems it isn’t worth the effort. That may indeed be absolutely true, but here’s the rub: It is what it is and if they can’t get drivers as a result, then they must change their way of doing business or fold. Like any other job, there is a agreement into which one enters in order to avail one’s self of whatever benefits can be had. If the job fails to provide as one had hoped, it is not necessarily a matter of greed or lack of compassion on the part of the owner. It simply is what it is and one must consider the only three options that exist:

    1. Convince the owner one is worth more than the initially agreed upon wage.

    2. Find another gig.

    3. Deal with it.

    Too often, we see people whine that they are being abused, that the owner takes unfair advantage. More often than not, the offered wage is the result of considering what can be offered without harming the business. Beyond what was offered, the owner has no further obligation. If the owner pays what was offered, he’s done his part and the owner’s income has no bearing on that agreement.

    Forcing the owner to pay more than he has determined is logical will only result in negative outcomes:

    1. Fewer jobs.

    2. Fewer hours for those employed.

    3. Higher costs to the consumer of the employer’s product or service.

    4. Less profit for the person who made the personal sacrifices, put in the effort and took all the risks to open the business that employs the people demanding more.

    #3 & 4 are the least appropriate outcomes.


  2. California adds another state to its “no travel” list

    Do people actually consult this list? How incredibly absurd. I can understand advising against travel to dangerous cities…because of crime…but to caution against travel because of something like this? Such things never enter my mind when vacationing within the US. I wouldn’t want to live in California or New York. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t visit. Hawaii is a state with many politically problematic aspects in my opinion. I can’t wait to get back there. Lefties are inane.

    How Do I Choose a Spouse? Seven Principles for Marrying Well

    My older (step-)daughters are married and their husbands treat them well. Very well, in fact. Yet, I would prefer their choices included men of faith. One has none at all. It still saddens me. We pray they will see the light (daughters and sons-in-law). Now, our daughter together is dating a young man who is totally smitten, but I’m not sure of his “leanings” completely…and she seems far more dedicated to God than her sisters. We’ll see.

    Baby Born Alive at 23 Weeks, Abortion Clinic Put Her in a Bag and Threw Her in The Trash

    Pure evil.


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