False teachers still pushing the fake Mike Brown narrative

Then again, what would children of the father of lies be expected to do?  False teacher Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis‘ Sojourners organization is trotting out their old lies about the death of Mike Brown:

Mike Brown means new theology. Mike Brown means the church has had a wake-up call. If or how it will be answered is the question. Mike Brown means from Episcopalians to Disciples of Christ to Lutherans to Methodists to United Church of Christ to the Southern Baptist Convention, so-called followers of Jesus are being watched for how they engage #PropheticGrief in this age. If the body of Christ cannot weep with black mothers burying their children, then it is bankrupt, hollow, and full of dead bones that no church revitalization program can fix.Mike Brown means changing the system from within and dismantling it from without.Mike Brown means a new #StayWoke spirit that is breathing down America’s neck. Mike Brown means #ICantBreathe and I can’t sleep, so I stay awake, eyes open to the oppression, injustice, and pain of our world.Mike Brown means a new justice movement with respect for leadership from elders and for youth. Mike Brown means a new justice movement with women and queer people front and center, with intersectionality that will not be set aside in order to win a single issue.Mike Brown means that until black teenagers are free to walk down the street, to go to pool parties, and listen to loud music without being injured or murdered, none of us is free.

The rest of it was gibberish like that.  My response to them:

What a complete load of nonsense. It is well documented that Brown was a bully who broke the law and foolishly dealt with police. He ended up dead just as any white person would have in the same circumstances. It is shameful that race-baiters deceive their followers with these lies.

Oh, and here is what your foolishness has wrought: Black Lives Matter Activists Get Right in Bernie Sanders’ Face During Speech, Bully Him Offstage, Take Over Event: ‘White Supremacist Liberals’.

Hope you are happy. The people you tried to appease (not all blacks, thankfully!) consider even the “Christian” Left and their heroes like socialist Bernie Sanders to be “white supremacist liberals.” In an odd way they are correct. The Left has done nothing but harm blacks. It is partly because of the Saul Alinsky and Cloward/Piven strategies played out by Obama & Co. that deliberately try to make people more miserable. Broken families, prison, poverty, joblessness, etc. can all be traced back to Leftist policies.

And as always, the “social justice” people ignore and hide the truth of the ultimate social injustice and institutional racism, where black babies are killed at a rate three times that of whites via abortion. Yet Sojo can’t bring themselves to even mention the Planned Parenthood videos that document just how much contempt they have for their “patients.”

I get so tired of the “Christian” Left pretending to care about black people. The real racism is the Leftist pro-abortion, pro-genocide machinery that crushes, dismembers and sells blacks for profit at a rate three times that of whites.

The real racism is agenda that encourages single motherhood and the resulting drugs/crime/dropouts/homelessness/etc.

The real racism is the illegal immigration policies that suppress black wages and take black jobs and the race-baiters who stoke the flames of racism for profit.

The real racism is bowing down to teachers’ unions and limited school choice for black children.

The real racism is ignoring how black-on-white crime dwarfs the reverse.

The real racism is ignoring whites killed by the police.

And the real racism is pretending that blacks can only succeed when white Leftists help them.  Oops — I meant White Supremacist Liberals.  Hey, maybe that crowd is onto something!


UPDATE: Not surprisingly, Sojourners blocked me after that comment.  Feel free to stop by and leave them a comment yourself.

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