Leftists applaud mother planning to kill her child

A mom writes a letter to the child she’s about to kill and the Leftist Molech-worshipers swoon.  Via Media Enjoy “Heartwarming” Letter From Mom to Her Unborn Baby Saying, “I’m Aborting You”.

I love you, Little Thing, and I wish the circumstances were different. I promise I will see you again, and next time, you can call me Mom.

That was the end of the creepy letter.  Note how she thinks they’ll both be in Heaven.  Note how she “wishes” the circumstances could be different, especially considering that she is the one arranging the abortion.

I always like to point out that while the conditions surrounding unplanned pregnancies are psychologically complex (financial issues, bad/absent father, pressure from father/parents to abort, etc.) the situation isn’t morally complex at all.  That is, none of those are legitimate reasons to kill the child.  The pro-abort cheerleaders conflate those two in a deadly way.

In his response, Jezebel’s Mark Shrayber gushed over the “brave, honest letter.” He explained how, “Even when [abortion is] the right choice, there’s can be a lot of pain involved.”

Killing your child is brave?

“Beautiful and heartbreaking,” he concluded.

Similarly, The Huffington Post’s Nina Bahadur deemed the note a “powerful open letter.”

This is not beautiful.

And “this Reddit user,” she hyped, “is not alone in wanting to share her abortion story.”

Yes, people committing grave sins like company.  It helps them rationalize.

Cosmo’s Lane Moore highlighted the “heartwarming letter”  . . .

This warms her heart?

. . .

But wait. Hasn’t the pro-abortion left just spent months telling us there’s nothing even “difficult” about the choice to abort? That the right to abort is “a deeply affirmative value?” That ending an innocent life makes a boffo plot line for a sitcom and the centerpiece for a date-night romantic comedy?

Pro-lifers were a bit more consistent in their responses, including The Blaze’s Billy Hallowell and LifeNews.com’s Steven Ertelt, who described the letter as “heartbreaking” and “heart-wrenching.”

In response to the myriad shows of support on Reddit, the anonymous mom later posted:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is hard. I feel sick and awful for not wanting something that, at the same time, I want so badly. But I feel better knowing I’m not alone and now that I see it all written out, there’s less madness bumping around in my head, which is nice. Thank you, again.”

But, dearest Reddit user, know that there is another choice you can choose – and that you will not be alone, should you choose it: life.


8 thoughts on “Leftists applaud mother planning to kill her child”

  1. In the same way that liberals are finally being honest about their views on marriage, maybe they are finally being honest about what they know about abortion, that it is killing a human being, and they just don’t care. Yet millions are blithely willing to turn over their own health care to this bunch, as if the utility they possess today will be the utility they will possess when they are old. What ever happened to love?


  2. I am completely baffled here. On what basis does this “caring mother” conclude “I promise I will see you again, and next time, you can call me Mom.” I’m completely stumped. It can only be that she clearly and absolutely recognizes this as more than a lump of tissue and believes in some sort of hereafter. She wrote, “I want you to be happy. More than I want good things for myself, I want the best things for the future.” In what possible world can “I plan to murder you knowing that you’re an actual person and knowing that there is a God” alongside “I want you to be happy” make any sense? And given the grand scale of insanity required to hold all this in one’s head, in what possible way can it be something to applaud? Seriously, not getting it.


    1. I think this woman, like a lot of people, have some sort of belief in reincarnation, at least when a baby dies or is killed prenatally. I’ve seen that a lot, actually, in reading birth stories and such — women insisting that the baby they just gave birth to was the same baby lost to miscarriage or abortion some time before.

      So this woman believes that she can kill this baby, but later on when she’s “ready” to have a baby, she’ll just conceive this baby again.


      1. Wow!! That should solve the problem of homelessness, terminal illness, the infirm, the mentally ill, unwanted children, and maybe even right wing whackos. Just kill em and let reincarnation run its course. Of course we must understand that murderers on death row should not be dealt with in this manner, that only makes sense. (sarc… of course)

        I’m with Stan. I live in a world that has gone completely mad.


      2. Yup, Danny, it seems to apply only to babies who die (or are murdered) in the womb. I might expect such beliefs from those who totally embrace the concept of reincarnation; but when people who aren’t really even sure if humans have souls, or don’t know if there is an afterlife, or don’t otherwise speak of reincarnation — when they suddenly embrace the concept that they can kill this child now yet still have this child be born later, you know that they’re talking themselves into it, justifying their choice and/or soothing their consciences by telling themselves that it’s not really murder or killing, because they can have it again. It then becomes akin to putting a book back on the shelf — it’s always accessible at some future date.


  3. Re-read “Revelation”, It gets worse before it gets better. But God IS sovereign and his will will be done.


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