If you are surprised, then I’m surprised that you are surprised.

Via Coeur d’Alene city officials to pastors: perform gay marriages of face jail, fines — Wait, that can’t be right.  An Idaho city is going to literally jail Christians for not performing oxymoronic “same-sex weddings?”  Yep.

While the LGBTQX agenda leaders and the false teachers on board with them are obviously at the root of this, the real blame lies with the Christians who chose political correctness and willingly believed the “tolerant, loving” lies.  The Left is rightly called the Gaystapo because they take the same incrementalist approach, always reassuring the gullible that this is the last thing they’ll ask for.

They aren’t done by any stretch.

Also see 300 examples of the LGBTQX agenda at work — large and small.



4 thoughts on “If you are surprised, then I’m surprised that you are surprised.”

    1. That thought crossed my mind too. But it still doesn’t change the fact that they should have the right to deny their services to anyone if they choose.
      (Yes I know the implications of that, but I don’t believe you can protect one person’s rights by taking away another person’s rights.)


      1. Oh, I agree that they should have their rights protected, but I have a moral problem with someone who makes their living by marrying people. Sort of in and of itself denigrates marriage.


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