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NY Boy Scouts hires gay leader. What could go wrong?

This is a win-win for Satan and his cabana boys, the “Christian” Left.  Via NY Boy Scouts hires gay leader despite national policy:

The Boy Scouts’ New York chapter said Thursday that it has hired the nation’s first openly gay Eagle Scout as a summer camp leader, a direct and public challenge to the national Scouting organization’s ban on openly gay adult members.

The Boy Scouts’ national spokesman, Deron Smith, said there was no change in that national policy, which has been highly divisive. As for any further response to the New York announcement, Smith said, “We are looking into this matter.”

The challenge to the national headquarters was laid down by the Boy Scouts’ Greater New York Councils, which announced the hiring of Pascal Tessier, an 18-year-old Eagle Scout. Tessier has been a vocal advocate for opening the 105-year-old organization to gay Scouts and leaders.

They hate the Boy Scouts and always will.  Even if the gay leaders — you know, the ones who are sexually attracted to the boys they’ll be camping with! — don’t abuse the children, it will be divisive and morally corrosive to the children to pretend that what they are doing is acceptable to God.

But if the leaders do abuse the children the LGBTQX lobby will really win, because then they’ll play dumb like they did with the Catholics and the gay priest abuse of kids there.  Yes, the Catholic leaders are culpable for the cover up, but it wasn’t an accident that so many gay priests abused so many kids.

Who on the Left cares about children as long as they can advance their perverse, God-mocking agenda?

Weekly roundup

Be sure to go see Expelled.  Lots of good clips here.  It looks to be informative and a little funny.  If nothing else, just go so you’ll know what all the materialists are hyperventilating about.  I can’t remember when I’ve seen such unhinged-ness and whining.  They commit the genetic fallacy over and over and over, saying it is “creationism disguised as science,” etc.  That doesn’t disprove anything. 

Here’s the producers’ response to the latest false accusations from opponents, where in a stunning bit of irony they tried legal means to suppress the movie’s release.  Let’s see, a movie is portraying you as being hostile to alternate viewpoints, so you defend yourself by filing bogus lawsuits and trolling blogs with your lies.  How do you parody people like that?  P.S. to trolls: Save your keystrokes. 

Timothy had some great videos and commentary on the problems with the Seeker Sensitive church movement.  In addition, I’d point out that those churches almost always water down or abandon church discipline.

Cubicle Congregation – a new blog with some thoughtful and practical posts about Christianity in the workplace.

Texas Governor Rick Perry takes on the ACLU in his book about the Boy Scouts.  Good for him.

Randy Barnett (a regular here) has some good analyses of recent political speeches, such as John McCain’s

Adult stem cells are helping people today, without destroying human life.

I am deeply embarrassed to confess to this, but I think lots of the I Can Has Cheezburger pictures are pretty funny.  And I like dogs better than cats!