Weekly roundup

Be sure to go see Expelled.  Lots of good clips here.  It looks to be informative and a little funny.  If nothing else, just go so you’ll know what all the materialists are hyperventilating about.  I can’t remember when I’ve seen such unhinged-ness and whining.  They commit the genetic fallacy over and over and over, saying it is “creationism disguised as science,” etc.  That doesn’t disprove anything. 

Here’s the producers’ response to the latest false accusations from opponents, where in a stunning bit of irony they tried legal means to suppress the movie’s release.  Let’s see, a movie is portraying you as being hostile to alternate viewpoints, so you defend yourself by filing bogus lawsuits and trolling blogs with your lies.  How do you parody people like that?  P.S. to trolls: Save your keystrokes. 

Timothy had some great videos and commentary on the problems with the Seeker Sensitive church movement.  In addition, I’d point out that those churches almost always water down or abandon church discipline.

Cubicle Congregation – a new blog with some thoughtful and practical posts about Christianity in the workplace.

Texas Governor Rick Perry takes on the ACLU in his book about the Boy Scouts.  Good for him.

Randy Barnett (a regular here) has some good analyses of recent political speeches, such as John McCain’s

Adult stem cells are helping people today, without destroying human life.

I am deeply embarrassed to confess to this, but I think lots of the I Can Has Cheezburger pictures are pretty funny.  And I like dogs better than cats!

17 thoughts on “Weekly roundup”

  1. Along the same lines as Monty Python, the best humor on ICanHasCheezeburger is like a web 2.0 version of that historicillarious troupe: It requires an intelligent person to get humor that low.



  2. Neil,

    What is your definition of “seeker sensitive?” I agree there are many churches that water down the message. But some churches that are accused of being SS really aren’t. LifeChurch for example is very Biblical but some would lump them in that category. Willowcreek is maligned all of the time but I’ve met people who were radically changed by their ministry.


  3. Hi Kevin – I think you addressed the most important distinction re. watering down the message. If churches teach the Bible in balance but try to meet people where they are with respect to music, dress, etc., that is great. It is when they stop preaching the full Gospel and using any semblance of church discipline that they get off track.


  4. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the link. The problem with SS, as Sproul points out, is that they have changed their worship to reach the lost. Worship is NOT for the lost, but for the saved. This is the purpose God saves them, so that we can become worshippers. By preaching the full counsel of God, we are honoring Him. It’s amazing, but I got actually saved because I went to a church where they were doing this. Amazing. The pastor wasn’t watering anything down, and by golly, God was able to use that.

    Sorry… feeling sarcastic this morning. Better get some more coffee, and calm down. 🙂


  5. Concerning the seeker-sensitive, I think that was a great video. Concerning the discussion here, I think it is hard at times to find the balance of “meeting people where they are at” vs. preaching simply what people want to here. Paul says he wants to be all things to all people, so maybe some of that is providing what appeals to people WITHOUT compromising the church. But on the other hand I think, well if it takes a coffee shop to keep people at church, maybe they shouldn’t be there in the first place. I dunno…


  6. My pleasure. I’m impressed that you have read the speeches so closely.

    Oh, you are going to be in so much trouble with the cat lovers! You’re on your own, my friend.


  7. Chance,
    The difference of being all things to all people that we may win some and what is preached in the SS churches is that all things refers to true evangelism in the town hall, while the SS churches have turned worship into that town hall. Their misunderstanding is that they think the chief end of man is to evangelize the lost, as opposed to glorify God and be obedient. John Piper has a wonderful book the subject, Let the Nations Be Glad. The point being that the church is to worship God. That is its primary function. Out of that comes evangelism, but that is a secondary function. Remember why Moses took the people out of Egypt: to worship God.


  8. That cat picture is a riot.

    Of all the times I rinsed out the drinking cup on the bathroom sink counter for fear of cat germs, I never once thought my toothbrush might be contaminated also.

    Thanks Neil…


  9. Darn, the days been too long already. My last comment should read:

    “Neil, you might want to delete the comment above. The link in 4given’s comment leads to porn.”

    It has been a long day already- juvenile morons just add on to the many annoyances.


  10. Whoa – thanks John – glad I didn’t click the link at work! Ick. The WordPress filter hasn’t been working well lately. I’ve gotten a lot more sp*m comments.


  11. I am not surprised that my last comment is not shown here.

    Any proof for the fraudulent stirrings of the ID crowd is not welcome here: Birds of a feather stick together!


  12. Hi Thoughtful – you must have missed the warning to Trolls in the post.

    Also, I thought it would be fun to do like the materialist leaders do and just censor whatever I don’t like. Of course, I’m just one of about a billion blogs, I don’t get public funds, I can’t fire you or withhold promotions, etc., so it really isn’t much of a comparison.

    Seriously, all you offered was fact-free ad hominem attacks and this isn’t the blog for that.


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