This is such a profoundly simple and important verse.  Think about all the “Christian” Leftists who base their careers and lives on not believing God.  I’m not talking about disputable matters, but about the simplest truths that scripture screams out: Jesus is the only way to salvation, the authority of scripture, the coming judgment, etc.  They mock those truths 24×7.

Romans 4:3 For what does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him as righteousness.”

Never forget that the #1 priority of the Leftist religion — including the “Christian” Left — is child sacrifice.  I say that without exaggeration.  Unrestricted abortion to the child’s first breath is their top priority, and abortion is all about sacrificing children (see the dictionary if you aren’t sure about that bit of common sense) for the benefits of adults.

Don’t miss this.  The media knew all about Epstein, Clinton and more.  They hid it from you.  And they’ll try to hide this.

Worse yet, these feminist “champions of women” cared nothing for the victims.  And Epstein was free during this time, so who knows how many more victims suffered because of their hiding it?

“He made his whole living blackmailing people.”

Lesbian Pastor to Lead National Abortion Federation — Of course she is.  The correlation of female “pastors” to child sacrifice, LGBTQX perversions, mockery of God’s word, etc. is about 100%.

3 states considering ban on puberty-blocking drugs for children who identify as transgender — Good for them!

In the United Kingdom alone, minors identifying as transgender increased over 4,000 percent in just ten years.

That’s called “social contagion,” fully supported by the Left — including the “Christian” Left.

Facebook Says Video of Cross-Dresser Simulating Abortion Does Not Violate Standard

Women’s Cricket Falls to Transsexual Agenda — You’d think that the average female might tire of bowing down to the whims of mentally ill and/or perverted men, but here we are.  I guess they realize that stating the obvious with respect to men dominating women’s sports would lead them to question the rest of their Leftist mindset, and we can’t have that.

Theaters Ban Traditional “Ladies and Gentlemen” Greeting to Appease LGBTQ — Caving to such silly demands just emboldens the perverts.

New ‘Terminator’ Flops at Box Office — Schadenfreude alert! Another one for the get woke, go broke pile.  These “enlightened” Leftists keep telling themselves how smart they are while they think it is good business to call their fan base misogynistic Internet trolls.  One more reason I don’t go to movies.

Not the Babylon Bee

UK National Health Service to Deny Treatment to ‘Racists’ and ‘Sexists’

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

Parents Magazine Features Young Boy Holding Sign Claiming He Can Have Menstrual Periods

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