Anyone who thinks there are more than two genders or that you can change your gender is wildly malicious and/or ignorant and should not be in any position of authority in government, including teaching.

Highly Popular Hillsong Songwriter Renounces Faith — I appreciate his (eventual) honesty and am not surprised at all.  Being “Christian” is profitable for many people.  But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

How the ‘Sex and the City Mentality’ Helped Cripple a Generation of Women — Feminists demand extensive lists of traits that men must have – so much so that they have turned the online dating world upside down — but lose their minds if men have even a preference for a few basics (e.g., tattoo-free, debt-free virgins — because how dare he not wife you up even though you are covered in tats and slept with lots of men and he doesn’t want to pay over $100,000 to cover the student loans for your worthless Lesbian Astrology degree).  I’m so glad I married well!  The girl I dated as a freshman in college got more and more feminist as the year went on and I fortunately developed a revulsion to such women.

But, what else did Carrie Bradshaw bring to the table? Not only did she sleep with half of Manhattan, she wrote a popular column about her sexual exploits. It seems unlikely that the two of them would have ever had children and I can’t imagine shoe-obsessed Carrie Bradshaw ever being domestic enough to regularly cook or clean. Her character? It wasn’t particularly good. She was impulsive, emotionally unstable and would definitely qualify as high maintenance. Oh, and her friends? Ugh. They were shallow, vacuous women you wouldn’t want to spend time around and worse yet, she put them ahead of him.

It was portrayed as a great romance, but ultimately, Big served the same role on the show that Ken does for Barbie. He was an accessory designed to help make Carrie’s dreams come true. He was a good looking, successful man to have as arm candy, fulfill her sexual needs, buy her shoes and take her places.

This attitude is now commonplace in the world and you see it everywhere from henpecked, buffoonish husbands in TV comedies that are constantly outsmarted and humiliated by their wives to the angry responses you see from women when men start talking about what they like in a woman.

Most Leftists want to blame others for their problems instead of changing what they can.  Conservatives tend to do the opposite.  You can’t control everything, but you can control how you respond to it and you can control whether you improve yourself.

Mississippi employers “willfully” hired illegals and should be prosecuted — What a concept — enforcing existing laws!  Things like that would dramatically reduce the number of illegals pouring into the country.

Lutheran ‘Love’: ELCA Bishop Leila Ortiz Praises Polyamory – Because of course she does.  That’s what “Christian” Leftists do.

“How do you judge and how do you point fingers and condemn people that don’t know any other way of being? People have been in polygamous relationships for decades, they have just been private about it. So now we are in a place where it is public. This isn’t just a fad. This is a reality that has always been.”

Oh, I didn’t realize that if it wasn’t a “new” or public sin then it was OK. Got it.

These goats and their followers never had excuses before (Romans 1 and all that) but they really have no excuses now.

Did I say that I was switching to Harry’s razors?  Because I meant to say Schick.  Thanks to The Null Space for the tip!  I forgot about them.  Just tried them and they work great.   Loved the reviews on Amazon, as most were hating on Gillette.

We’re gonna need a lot of millstones to clean this up . . .

This is what you get from government schools.

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  1. 1.) “Highly Popular Hillsong Songwriter Renounces Faith”

    2.) “How the ‘Sex and the City Mentality’ Helped Cripple a Generation of Women ” Feminism…


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