Hobby Lobby enemies tip their hands at their malice and/or ignorance

For what should be the 1,000th time, Hobby Lobby already paid for 16 types of birth control.  They just don’t want to pay for abortifacients.  If you want us “out of your womb,” then why ask the government to force businesses to pay for your abortions?  And we don’t actually care about being in your womb at all.  We just want to protect any human beings temporarily residing there.

Anyone who doesn’t know that by now is either malicious and/or a truly low-information voter who has little hope of ever being properly informed.

The Democrats who are still fighting Hobby Lobby think their voters are stupid, and they may be right.

Placing free birth control above religious freedom, Democrats in both the Senate and the House on Wednesday announced legislation to “right” the alleged “wrong” done to women by the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Hobby Lobby ruling.

“Women across the country and men are outraged by a decision by five Supreme Court justices that all of a sudden says your boss has an opportunity to decide for you what your health care choices are,” Sen. Patty Murray, the bill’s sponsor, told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday.

“That outrage is being transmitted to everyone, and I think we have a very good chance of rewriting the law so that the justices can’t take away women’s ability to make their own health care choices.”

There is no way those politicians don’t know the truth about how Hobby Lobby isn’t stopping anyone from doing anything.  And they pay well above minimum wage, so if their employees really want to kill their babies they can afford to.

False teachers are actively protesting Hobby Lobby and are turning logic upside down, as usual, and pretending that the Supreme Court decision is somehow limiting religious freedom.  What a sick joke.



7 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby enemies tip their hands at their malice and/or ignorance”

  1. The left makes its bones on lies. This is merely another example of that. Should anyone you know actually parrot any of those lies, insist that they explain themselves and show how the lies are true. For example, here we merely insist they explain how women are prevented from doing anything, including purchasing $9 pills.


  2. your boss has an opportunity to decide for you what your health care choices are,

    I’m still trying to figure out how birth control is a “health care choice,” especially if it is an abortifacient. How is it “health care”?


    1. I would also say that any employer should have the right to decide how to compensate his employees, adjusting only when he fails to find the quality of employee he needs to succeed. If he doesn’t want to cover anything but catastrophic illness or injury, who has the right to tell him otherwise? If he ONLY wants to cover abortion inducing drugs, who has the right to tell him otherwise? IT’S HIS FREAKIN’ BUSINESS!!! Let him sink or swim on his own merits.


      1. Marshalart,

        THAT really is the crux of the matter, isn’t it? Where in the Constitution did these liberals find the right to tell employers that they must provide health care insurance as a benefit of employment?!?!

        It used to be difficult to find such benefits as health insurance, but employers began offering it as a way to entice people to apply for work with them. It is THEIR business whether they want to offer any benefits, whether it is health insurance (my employers previous to the Feds didn’t offer this), life insurance (the feds as employer offered that also), dental insurance or vision insurance (none of the employers I worked for offered these), or even car insurance (no one offers this that I know of)!! Employers do not have to offer paid vacation or sick leave either (again, before my federal employment the jobs I worked did not offer paid vacation or sick time). Why is suddenly okay to tell employers what benefits they have to provide to their employees?!?!?


      2. And if you study history, people used to pay for their own insurance. Employers started doing it when Roosevelt et al foolishly placed limits on wages as a way to get around them. And because people don’t buy it themselves they have less incentives to control costs. Leftists do most things in ignorance of human nature.


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