False teacher seeks to unite Christians . . . by referring to them as the Taliban

See “Taliban Catholicism” for some typical hypocrisy by race-baiting false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie.  Once again, you can really feel the love and unity.

Obviously, Roman Catholics are not alone in facing the problem of radical fundamentalism.  We see this at work in the Protestant tradition as well.  There is a dangerous “You’re Either With Us Or Against Us” mentality at play.  Groups like Focus on the Family and the Institute on Religion and Democracy are prime examples of the “Protestant Taliban.”   Religious fundamentalism is a threat not only to the church universal but also to civil society and the democracy we enjoy in a pluralistic society.

By Chuck’s own terms, he is divisive and insists that he is completely against groups like Focus on the Family and the IRD.  Therefore, he must be part of the Fake Christian Taliban.

It also means that he is confessing to being a threat to the church universal and to civil society and democracy.  Thanks for conceding that, Chuck.

Oh, and how does he get off dissing the Taliban?  I mean, I think they are awful but he is on record as saying that we have as much to learn from them as they do from us.

You just can’t make this up, people.  It writes itself.  Some people can actually discuss differences without playing the race card or the Taliban card.  We call those people “adults.”

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