Leftist journalists and politicians protected harassers and abusers

Journalists like Cokie Roberts admit that they’ve known for years about how wicked that serial sexual harasser Representative Conyers is but they did nothing.  Nancy Pelosi knew as well, and she has aggressively protected other predators like Bill Clinton.  But those politicians help keep abortion legal, they helped bring in more illegal aliens that take jobs and suppress wages for the low income folks that the Left pretends to care about, they help mainstream perversions and more.

And those are women who have hidden these things.  They valued their own wealth and power over all else.  Surprise!  They care as much about the average woman as they do minorities, the poor, etc.

They just now pretend to realize that, by their standards, Bill Clinton is a rapist.  Of course, they still ignore how Hillary was his great enabler in trying to further destroy his victims, and they insult us all by acting as if we’ll believe that they would have had these realizations about Bill had Hillary won.  It is a transparent and desperate attempt to attack President Trump.

And are “Christian” Leftist feminists so naive and ignorant as to not realize these truths, or are they malicious partisans?  People like Rachel Held Evans went on for days about Roy Moore.  I’m not a fan of his, but allegations that he did things 40 years ago as a Democrat that just happen to come out a month before an election drive Mrs. Evans et al into full “Oh, the humanity” mode.  Yet they are completely silent on Conyers, Franken et al and, more importantly, the wicked cover-ups and enabling by people like Pelosi and Cokie Roberts.

While most of these perverts and abusers (Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Harvey Weinstein, John Conyers, Al Franken, Matt Lauer, George Stephanopoulos, Kevin Spacey, Charlie Rose and so many more) and enablers (Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Cokie Roberts and countless other journalists, politicians and entertainers) are Lefitsts, I realize that Republicans have their share of bad guys, too (just a lot less of them).  But you don’t see any Leftists having to defend their equivalent of the “Pence Rule.”  People like Mrs. Evans couldn’t stop complaining about how awful the VP’s standards are for women.  They’ve even tried to keep those criticisms up as this tsunami of Leftist perverts has hit them.  They are truly shameless.  Does it ever occur to them that the conservative principle of having smaller government would help rein in these injustices?  Less power = less opportunities for corruption.

Keep those frauds in mind the next time the Left wrings their hands about a supposed “war on women” from Republicans just because we oppose killing children to their first breath. Those Molech-worshiping ghouls of the Left — including the “Christian” Left — will fight for that above all else.  Conservatives will critique the Left and the Right, including highlighting Trump’s errors, but the Left is all in for their perverse agenda.  Just keep going through the giant list of perpetrators and enablers — who were key leaders in politics, media and entertainment — and mock them for trying to lecture you on morality.

2 thoughts on “Leftist journalists and politicians protected harassers and abusers”

  1. These women, including those in Hollywood, who were cowards until now, have only themselves to blame. As long as they allowed the harassment just to keep their jobs, the emboldened the predators. To come out years later seeking revenge is just plain unethical and mean. It was the WOMEN who allowed it and so they should now, years later, just suck it up (unless rape was involved). I’m sick of enablers blaming the person they enabled. Because of the first, the rest were targets, and with each target abdicating their responsibility to report it THEN, they allowed the predator to target more and more.

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