Leftist teachers getting mugged by reality

Public school teachers, who are mostly Leftists, are getting mugged by reality. Why? Because the Obama administration’s Department of Education required equal racial outcomes for student discipline.  Of course, student behavior is similar to criminal behavior in that it is much more dependent on home life (i.e., no solid male presence at home) than race.  Via School discipline issues reach fever pitch as districts fear the racial bean counters:

The bane of “racial proportionality,” which in many ways personified the Obama administration, continues to burden school districts across the country.

Over the last decade, school officials have loosened the “discipline grip,” so to speak, out of fear their schools’ racial percentages may not be viewed as “correct” by government bureaucrats.

Ironically, it’s that very reliable Democratic voting bloc — teachers — which have borne the brunt of this slackening, which no doubt explains why even they frowned upon the previous Department of Education’s race-based “discipline” measures.

Take a recent story from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: City schools have lost almost four dozen teachers since July due to what they deem as “an unprecedented level of misbehavior among children” . . .

So whenever a student misbehaves the teachers must clairvoyantly know the racial discipline ratios to date for their school and/or district to know if they can punish the student.  And you can imagine how quickly the students will pick up on that.  If they know the minority quotas have been achieved then they can do almost anything without getting punished.

Maybe the teachers will reconsider their political views. The elites don’t care if teachers suffer as long as they prop up the charade that disparate outcomes are always driven by discrimination.

And what about the poor students who can be victimized at will by those who aren’t permitted to be punished?  Hopefully their parents will protect them by home schooling or at least protesting — and voting for true conservatives!

And this would be a good time to remind the elites of the one set of disparate outcomes that they ignore: Blacks are aborted at three times the rate of whites and Hispanics at twice the rate. Why not oppose abortion because of that?

This is one of the many reasons we should eliminate the Department of Education to save money and improve schools.  Polices like this are transparently ridiculous and, ironically, racist at their core.  Parents should know that if their children chronically misbehave then the rest of us are under no obligation to fund their education.

4 thoughts on “Leftist teachers getting mugged by reality”

  1. I saw this reality in when I was teaching in Corsicana. We were flat out told that we could not deal harshly with black students because the state was watching our district. They had found that black students are disciplined far more than white students, therefore, we could not take real measures to deal with the black that acted up.


  2. BTW, the principal’s response was to take the offending student on a walk to the teacher’s lounge, where he would buy the student a candy bar and “talk” about the student’s disruptive behavior. He said he was trying to build “capital” with the student so that he could “persuade” the student to change his behavior.

    As the year ended, we took our students to the local, historic movie theater, where the students trashed the place and showed the community for the embarrassment that they were. The principal didn’t last another year.


    1. There is a Simpsons episode where Ned Flanders temporarily becomes principal and in his naivete’ he does the same thing. They were trying to mock the foolish leniency of schools. Leftists are now beyond parody!

      I updated the post to note how crimes and school misbehavior are different by race but that it is because of single parenting and not skin color.

      Sorry you had to endure that insanity!

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  3. The whole nonsense about blacks being disciplined more than whites is just like the claim about more blacks are in prison than are whites. The LEFT doesn’t want to admit that the reason isn’t racism, rather it’s because more blacks per capita misbehave and are criminals. And the cause is mostly the “black culture” which says those who act like civilized people rather than barbarians are “acting white,” and because the huge numbers of fatherless black families due to government welfare policies.


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