More anti-choice behavior from the Left: Planned Parenthood: “pro-choice” for abortion, “no choice” for doctors

Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union are suing the government over rules that protect health care providers’ freedom of conscience.

The Department of Health and Human Services put the regulations in place last month to reinforce federal laws that protect doctors from being forced to participate in abortion and other anti-life practices.

The top 10 misheard lyrics — good for a laugh.  My favorite was mentioned in the opening but wasn’t on the official list: Jimi Hendrix song Purple Haze has the line, ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky, but a high school friend thought it was, ‘Scuse  me while I kiss this guy.  It was like, “Uh, that is so far off I don’t know where to begin.”

The New York Times ignored a 300,000 person pro-life marchThree hundred thousand.  But they aren’t biased.

Obama wants to see the Defense Of Marriage Act overturned, which is helping keep normal states from being impacted as much by the insanity in Massachussetts et al.  Go here to send your Representatives and Senators emails telling them you support it.  Go now!  It only takes a couple minutes.

0 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. An abortion would not have provided me with this moment last night:

    On the drive home after Son#1’s Upward basketball practice with Daughter#2, my son asked, “what is your favorite hymn”? My daughter replied “Daddy”, thinking of her favorite “him“! I melted as big brother patiently explained what he was actually asking. With that information in hand, my daughter answered Hallelujah. In my most modest and humble opinion, two great answers!

    It’s a stretch to tie the above story to abortion, but I wanted to share it with my friends here. Thank you for the indulgence.



  2. Joseph, that is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing that. I thought it was quite appropriate. Everyone born after Jan. 1973 is a Roe v Wade survivor. Abortion isn’t some theoretical thing: Human beings live or die based on whether it is performed.

    Blessings to you for winning your kids over so well!


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