Shane Claiborne, false teacher

A Christian website did an interview with “Christian” Leftist and pacifist Shane Claiborne — Christian Pacifist Shane Claiborne.

Shane is a foolish, muddled-thinking man on many topics.

He opposes Christians owning guns.  But there is nothing wrong with owning guns, because self-defense and protecting others is completely legitimate.

He uses weasel-words to justify his pro-abortion stance. He claims to love his neighbor while letting them be slaughtered with impunity. He doesn’t care deeply about eradicating it at all, as he claims. He endorses candidates who want to force you to pay for abortions up to the child’s first breath.

But he says wants a “better conversation.” Sure. Abortion kills 20,000 children per week and the death penalty kills one person a week who survived 10+ years of appeals.  Abortion is the ultimate in violence, literally crushing and dismembering innocent human beings.  Guess which one the pacifist fights?

And the notion that God won’t reach whomever He likes is false. Shane acts like it is bad that you might kill a murderer before he supposedly would repent, but that just makes the murder that much worse. After all, on his logic the murderer may not have just taken the victim’s physical life but his eternal life!  These anti-capital punishment types shoot themselves in the foot with their arguments but no one points it out to them.

And he leads the “Red Letter Christian” group, another tip off that he is a wolf.  “Red letter Christians” tip their hands at their foundational error. Jesus is God and is in agreement with all of scripture. He quoted the Old Testament extensively, and referred to its most controversial elements without apology: Sodom & Gomorrah, Adam and Eve, Noah, Jonah, etc.

And Jesus didn’t hand-write the Gospels. They authors had some eyewitness accounts and some reliable second-hand accounts, just like the epistles. And all were inspired by God.

The “red letter Christians” are nearly always false teachers who pretend that the only words of the Bible that really matter are direct quotes of Jesus (i.e., the words that are printed in red in some Bibles). Their logic fails on many levels, and they can’t even get their own pet verses right.

If they were the least bit consistent they’d agree with Jesus’ “red letters” that say you should live on all the letters. Matthew 4:4 But he answered, “It is written, “ ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ ”

The red letters say to live on all the letters. Why don’t they obey that simple teaching?

The “red letters” crowd is full of nonsensical hypocrites.  Black Letters Matter!

He also says Trump’s Christian supporters don’t look like the Sermon on the Mount blah blah blah, as if the fornicating, perverse, coveting, Molech-worshiping pro-aborts of the Left do represent the SOTM? What a tool.

And on racism he’s also completely wrong. Abortion kills blacks at a rate over three times that of whites, and that’s not an accident. Yet he defends the act that kills more blacks in a week than the KKK ever has!

And black-on-white violence and murder are more than 10 times the inverse. Is that racism? Why does Shane ignore it?

Run, don’t walk, from wolves like Shane Claiborne.

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