Don’t underestimate the impact of Kanye West

I usually ignore celebrity endorsements on either side, as they can be fickle or even counterproductive (though I do like to see them pop up for Conservatives, given how nearly all are Leftists).  People like James Woods do a good job of articulating their views.

Kanye West’s meeting with Trump was absolutely golden.  The Left is in full attack mode against Kanye now, launching all sorts of racist attacks.  But as they often do, the Left may go too far.  This draws even more attention to people like West, Jim Brown and Candace Owens, who challenge blacks to get off the “plantation” that the Left has created for them.  I love how he calls out Liberals for their manipulation of blacks.

If people see Trump in a non-bombastic way like in the videos it can also modify their perceptions.  When Kanye said he loved Trump and hugged him it made for great TV.

Democrats take the black vote for granted, which is why they now like illegals better than blacks.  The Left has banked on more than 90% of the black vote for decades, and people like Kanye can chip into that – especially if people can see how quickly the Left turns on him.  So the Left will freak out and attack black leaders who give people hope and acknowledge that Trump’s policies are good for blacks.

2 thoughts on “Don’t underestimate the impact of Kanye West”

  1. The response to Kanye from those who are hard core in the bag for Dems is not surprising. They’ve been attacking conservative blacks for some time. But West is probably the most scary to them, as he isn’t an intellectual giant like a Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams or Clarence Thomas. He’s a “regular guy” (sorta), and as such, being both that AND a celebrity, they fear he’ll have greater influence on the common man. I hope so, particularly because it’s so long overdue that the black community wakes up. The Dems depend upon that 90% support they get from the black community, and even a drop to 85% spells big trouble for their dastardly hopes.

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