Crapitalism is brought to you by the Left

Influence peddling comes from crony capitalism*, and crony capitalism comes from big government.  So if you are pro-big government, then stop acting surprised that big corporations buy influence.  You are the problem, not the solution.

*Also known as Crapitalism.

The forms of capitalism are observed, and indeed the Ruling Class is very eager to appropriate its language – for example, by referring to Big Government tax-and-spend programs as “investment.”  But beneath this free-market veneer is a squalid normalization of corruption, in which politicians confer billions from the Treasury upon those who donate millions to their campaigns.  It’s not always a straight cash payoff (although if you haven’t read Jason’s book yet, you might be surprised to learn how often it is.)  Often what crapitalists purchase from Big Government vendors is the incredibly valuable service of anti-competition – laws, and more often mere rules promulgated by the endless bureaucracy, that burden competitors and keep established, well-connected interests on top.  A great deal of behavior that would have been dismissed as the most vile corruption a few generations ago is now standard operating procedure.

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One thought on “Crapitalism is brought to you by the Left”

  1. But big corporations are evil, and Obama hates big corporations. Right? (please pay no attention to the millions Dems get from big corporations… move along, stay stupid, nothing to see here)


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