Media bias and a “garden variety slap across the face”

Watch this short (34 seconds) video where Joe Biden compares more severe abuse to “a garden variety slap across the face.”

My point isn’t the fish-in-a-barrel “Joe Biden is foolish and should not be an elected official” angle.  It is that our media is so hopelessly biased that Joe gets a pass on this while it would be run 24×7 across all outlets if a Republican had said it.

Media bias isn’t just about what is shown, but what isn’t.

7 thoughts on “Media bias and a “garden variety slap across the face””

  1. Biden clearly doesn’t get it and his treatment of this subject needs to be heard. However, there are unedited versions of this speech in which he said that the garden variety slap across the face ” is totally unacceptable in and of itself.””

    Before anyone comments, they should here the full sentence, not just the edited sentence. Then, they can point out that speech was given at a “1is2many” rally and one “garden variety slap across the face” is definitely too many. Biden and his boss have, on more than one occasion, shown insensitivity and this is just one more case.

    I suppose if some woman gave Biden a slap across the face, they wouldn’t be charged?


    1. Hi Randy — good points, but I think my conclusion still holds. The media wouldn’t have given a Conservative a pass based on comments clarified elsewhere.


    2. So you ‘re asking us to treat this statement like the media would treat it if Joe was a Democrat? But, he already IS a Democrat, so you needn’t worry about a 24/7 Biden smear as if he had done something so awful as misspelling potato, or anything horrible like that.


      1. Danny, interesting that you brought the “potato” into the subject. That’s one of the issues that got me politically activated way back then. The media did a terrible job covering that issue, as it did with my other hot button, Murphy Brown.

        All I’m saying is that when we complain about Biden’s comments, we need to be fair about the way we complain. Reference the version of this speech that includes Biden’s caveat. The editing that was done in this version wasn’t done in the way we would approve (if it was for example Dan Quayle). To paraphrase and old saying “Edit the videos of others the way you would have would have them edit your videos.”

        Biden is quite capable of hanging himself with his own words, he doesn’t require additional help.


      2. You make a presumption in your last comment that makes the point of Neil’s post. If Biden could have hanged himself, his image would already be a skeleton on a rope. It is not the person, therefore, who hangs himself, but the media; and with much discrimination.


  2. Neil, yes I agree your conclusion still holds. The “clarification” Biden gave was not somewhere else, it was the last half of the sentence. The editing done in the video was poor and needs to be pointed out. Would the left have done the same kind of editing? Certainly. But that doesn’t make it ok. I just think your point is valid even with the clarification.


  3. Well, Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” comment was, in context, quite obviously a pro-feminism point – he requested the resumes of talented women, had so many that he put them in binders, and went through them to find talented women to hire.

    But the media didn’t care, just ran with the mis-statement, and turned it into a sexism issue.

    I would prefer “binders full of women” without the context than “garden variety slap across the face” in context. It’s VILE.


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