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Watch Youtube Videos twice as fast!

I love time savers like this.  Listening to Podcasts at 2x speed (actually is is more likely 1.5x) lets me cover a lot more material on my commute.  Now this: How to Watch Youtube Videos Faster (2x speed) – Apologetics 315.

Go towww.youtube.com/html5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link that says “Join the HTML5 trial.” Once you have clicked that link, all videos you play in Youtube will not play with flash, but will play with HTML5. That will enable a speed setting on the video player control bar. Just click it to select your listening speed. Now you don’t have to waste so much time on Youtube.

Warning: Others driving with you may not appreciate the faster speed.  At least I know my wife doesn’t.

A conversation with a false teacher, the movie

I used the Xtranormal site to make this movie.  You can make one yourself for free, then it costs you to make more (the cost is low).

It isn’t as polished as I’d like, but editing was a little cumbersome and it was one of those things that I was either going to publish this way or never got around to it.

Hope you enjoy it!  Feedback is welcome, and as always, feel free to share it on your blog or Facebook page.  If you like this sort of thing I urge you to try one yourself.  They can be clever ways to convey key truths.


There are many false teachers in the Christian church. They teach the opposite of what the Bible does. I respect their religious freedom to say what they wish, but it would be more honest if they called themselves something other than Christians. Their views mock the cross and the blood of the martyrs. The lines I used here are from actual dialog and teachings of these people.

Here it is on the Xtranormal site.


What happens when the government pays people to have babies out-of-wedlock? – This is going to come as a big shock, but you get more of them.  Please read the Wintery Knight’s account and commentary about a man in England who is soon to have fathered 15 children out-of-wedlock with many women, and the taxpayers will be paying for all of them.  How tragic that these children will grow up without a father.  Yet the “loving” government welfare policies are the root cause.

The cycle is vicious and interwoven: Higher taxes make it harder for people to raise families themselves, incentives to stay unmarried drive up illegitimacy, a lack of fathers in the home to screen suitors and offer discipline and protection exacerbate the problem, and on and on.

People need to use some discernment and abandon these counterproductive policies.  How much more evidence do they need?

Then here’s more from Roxanne in The Cost of Single Parenthood, Continued

I’ve blogged many times on the social and psychological costs of illegitimacy – the six-fold chance of living in poverty, the nine-fold increase in the chance of being molested by a mother’s boyfriend or a stepfather than by one’s own father, the reduced chance of graduating from high school, going to college, and having a good life. 

Jazz Shaw posted an article by Angela Lash about similar problems in the polygamous Mormon community.  Physically, psychologically, and economically, polygamy is a disaster for women and children.  The economics are straightforward: men who have multiple wives and children with all of their wives cannot afford to care for them all.  Those “families” most resemble single-parent families . . .

. . .

In case no one noticed, our bodies are not designed for this situation.  The sixth-grade “birds and bees” discussion should have made it clear that there’s something about the union of exactly one man and exactly one woman that produces human life, and that union provides the best basis for raising children.  Deviating from that causes problems for children, problems for society, problems for women, and problems for every person involved except for men.  It’s almost like traditional Western values and Judeo-Christian norms provide the best protection for the weakest in our society, rather than being oppressive – in direct contradistinction to what feminists, progressives, and leftists would say.


What’s the Message of the Bible in One Sentence? – 25 scholars and pastors weighed in.  I didn’t give it much extra thought, but I did think of a note I put in all my hand written notes to prison ministry participants:

God adopts, completely forgives and eternally blesses everyone who repents and trusts in Jesus.

New peer-reviewed article argues for irreducible complexity in birds

Let’s take a step back and ask what counts as evidence for evolution for people who actually care about evidence.

Here’s what counts as evidence:

  1. A smooth sequence of fossils showing the gradual emergence of different body body features across a wide spectrum of body plans.Not just horses and whales, not just micro-evolution. Major changes in body structure, which properly dated fossils, from a wide range of body plans.
  2. A lab experiment that derives a new organ type or body plan from an unmodified organism, like the Lenski experiments tried to do on a smaller scale.
  3. A computer simulation that shows a string of mutations that occur on one organism that would give it a new feature or organ within a reasonable amount of time (less than 4 billion years). The mutations must be probable, and the organism must have improved functionality at each stage of its development. And a calculation would have to be done to show that each beneficial mutation would spread to the rest of the population and survive in the next generation, which is a separate question.

Do we have that evidence in the case of bird evolution (feathers and lungs)? Of course not.

Do we have that evidence in the case of evolution as a whole? Of course not.

People who embrace evolution embrace it on the basis of non-rational, non-evidence factors.

Marxist Democrat Cringes As Russian Immigrants Compare Communism to…Democrats! – The State Senator tries to rationalize it away, but you can’t deny the Russian’s awareness of the links.

Glenn on drafting women – excellent analysis on the inevitable problems.  Do you want your daughters to get drafted?  Because that is the logical conclusion of this.

Evil Health Insurance Corporations Love ObamaCare – Seems like one of the main reasons people wanted health care reform was to get back out those evil insurers – you know, the same ones who contributed to both parties and helped craft the bill.  What a shocker that they like it.  If you ran a business wouldn’t you like it if the government forced people to buy your products and services?

“Eggsploitation” nominated for Best Documentary in California Film Festival

I’ve written before about the physical harm of egg harvesting to women, not to mentionconcerns over exploitation of women as human hens. Even liberal feminists are apprehensive. So the film’s growing publicity and affirmation is welcome news.

15 Reasons the Abortion Industry is Losing Its Support – Hat tip: Robert from Facebook

Funny and effective video about pastors who twist scripture then twist it some more when called on it.  You might have to click again to watch it on YouTube (sometimes the embedding doesn’t work). Hat tip: Touch ya Neighbor Ministries

If you like the Ted Williams story, you’ll love prison ministry

It is hard not to enjoy the story of Ted Williams.

A few days ago, Ted Williams was a down-on-his-luck, homeless panhandler on the side of a Columbus, Ohio interstate highway ramp.

But then a reporter who had “discovered” the “man with the velvet voice” and made a video of Williams demonstrating his golden pipes put the video online. It’s lured more than 13 million hits.

Of course it is great to hear someone beat the odds.  But Mr. Williams isn’t valuable just because he has a great voice, but because he is a human being.

As I thought of his story it reminded me of the seemingly endless examples of transformed and redeemed lives I’ve seen through Kairos Prison Ministry.  Just this morning a man who had been molested as a child and had his 2 yr. old murdered was able to speak of his forgiveness for the perpetrators and talk about how he mentors other prisoners.  A former gang member has turned his life around and is eager and equipped to be the father and husband he is supposed to be when he is released next month.  A 40 yr. old who has been in prison since he was 17 can’t wait to get out and work hard to earn a living.  All of them are eager to share the Gospel with others.  And on and on.

There are many ways to support prison ministry, even if you don’t go into the prison yourself.  You can pray, bake cookies, donate money, support the Prison Fellowship and more.  You’ll never get tired of seeing lives transformed today and for eternity.


Virginity in the NBA: Mission Possible — Great article about A.C. Green (former Laker)

 NY nurse forced to assist in late-term abortion, career threatened — that’s courtesy of the pro-abortion crowd, thank you (yes, that’s pro-abortion, not pro-choice)

A history of who thought the world was flat and when they thought it — Guess what?  It wasn’t the Christians or even the West in general.  But I wonder why this myth persists?  Uh, actually, I don’t wonder.  It is one of those myths that helps advance a particular worldview.  (Hat tip: Duane’s Mind)

The 6 Worst Abortion Arguments Jon Stewart made to Mike Huckabee— I appreciate Huckabee’s pro-life views.

YouTube aborts pro-life videos

YouTube allows almost any surgery video imaginable, like gastric bypass, gallbladder removal, toe amputation, appendectomy and brain tumor removal, and gross-out body parts videos like a buttock fecal fistula or peritoneal cancer – but not abortion.

Neither does YouTube have a problem with videos pertaining to the female anatomy like mastectomies, breast augmentations, hysterectomies or even baby deliveries – but not abortion, unless it is in the form of bloodless illustrations.

YouTube also seems to go out of its way to protect the abortion industry, particularly Planned Parenthood

When a nation turns its back on God–Romans 1:18-32 — terrific sermon by Four* Pointer.  Check it out.


Hillary posted a Christmas ad with zero religious content.  Her “presents” were things like universal pre-K and universal health care, which would take away many of our “choices.”  Two immediate thoughts: Walter Reed Memorial Hospital and the lines at the U.S. Post Office. 

I usually buy gifts with my own money rather than extracting it from taxpayers.

Universal pre-K? Sure, that’s a role for the Federal government. Unless, of course, you care about that Constitution-thingy and don’t have a problem with a nanny-state.

What is most interesting is that any remotely negative comments are being deleted.  I could see deleting troll comments or anything vile, but one would think the ratio would be similar to ads of other candidates – or at least close.

And even if she deletes all the negative comments, which I concede is her prerogative, she must be getting an overwhelming number of them.

The last time I checked, Hillary has 77 comments posted out of 135,292 views.  The ratio of comments to views for similar ads for Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson are 25, 17 and 25 times higher, respectively.  For example, Ron Paul had 2,257 comments out of 160,796 views.

Assuming the ratio of comments to views is consistent, that means Hillary’s team has deleted roughly 17 – 25 times the number of comments that they have posted.  And that assumes that Paul, Romney and Thompson don’t delete anything negative!

That speaks volumes.

Other thoughts

Hillary is easy to lampoon, but then so was W for the Dems and he won two terms. In fact, if she is brutalized too badly she’ll start to get the sympathy vote.

I’m the old fashioned type. Let’s expose her on the truth: She is a condescending panderer with dangerous views.

She is wildly pro-abortion yet pretends to be a moderate.

She is very hostile to traditional marriage (anyone seen the video of her at the Human Rights Campaign?).

She is for open borders and driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.  Or she isn’t, depending on what minute it is.

She is hostile to capitalism.   We should take out full page ads with her comments about oil company profits: “I want to take those profits and . . .”  Yes, we know you do, Hillary.  That is called Communism and most of us don’t care for it.

She said, “I have a million ideas.  The country can’t afford them all.”  Finally, we agree!  That’s because they don’t have any payback associated with them.