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When a “Christian” Leftist starts to explain the “real” meaning of Christmas, prepare to be lied to

As if you if you needed more evidenced that Obama is not a Christian, watch how he and his wife explain the “real” meaning of Christmas.
Yes, it is typical “Christian” Left gibberish. Look, if they don’t want to be Christians, that’s up to them. But don’t lie and claim the label while stating the opposite of what the Bible does on every key doctrine.
The only good part of this is that it shows how powerful real Christianity is. For example, I can easily and accurately state Muslim beliefs because these are simply facts of history (i.e., they think Allah is the true God, that Mohammad was his messenger, that Jesus did not die on a cross, etc.).
But the “Christian” Left and more explicit anti-Christians can’t even spell out what we really believe — even if they don’t believe it themselves — namely, that we believe that Jesus is divine, that He died on a cross to bear our sins, that He rose again on the third day, that only those who trust in his name are saved, etc.
What was so hard about that?  Nothing, in the sense of how simple and well-documented the concepts are, but everything, in the sense that deep down they know it is the truth and they are actively rejecting it.
They are so desperate to deny it that they don’t even want the words repeated.  It reminds me of a New Age person who would have visceral reactions when I quoted scripture even if she didn’t know it was scripture.  The demon(s) in her knew what it was.

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

My personal corollary to that proverb is, “The best time to start playing guitar is when you were nine.  The second best time is when you are thirty-nine.”  When I was a teen I thought about taking up the guitar but didn’t because I thought I was too old (seriously). 

I could have lamented that and dwelled on how much better I’d be if I had started then, but since I started eight years ago I’ve had a lot of fun and been able to use it in various service opportunities (mission trips, Kairos prison ministry, church stuff).  Starting late was way better than not starting at all.

Am I good?  Well, let’s just say I get compared to Jimi Hendrix a lot — as in, “That Neil — he’s no Jimi Hendrix.”  So no, I’m not that good, but I’m good enough to play the right chords (fairly) consistently and have some fun with it.

I offer that as encouragement to those who aren’t in the habit of Bible reading.  Too many people avoid Bible studies because they feel like they should know it already.  But how illogical is that?  The idea of a class is to learn more.

Swallow your pride and get started today.  Just open it up and use some basic Bible study tips.

Advice columnists have become way too worldly and often give counter-productive guidance.  But Ann Landers once gave wise counsel  to a woman who thought she was too old to take college classes.  The woman said something like, “But it will take me five years to graduate and by then I’ll be fifty.”  Ann responded with something like, “How old will you be in five years if you don’t get the degree?”

To state the obvious, in five years you’ll be five years older regardless of whether you study your Bible.  But you’ll be far better off if you start reading it regularly.

The best time to start reading the Bible is 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.