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Another thing wrong with public sector unions: $65,000 to make change. Seriously.

See N.J. Turnpike Tells Union Toll Collectors ‘Take It Or Leave It’.  The good news is that it looks like they’ll accept the cuts being proposed to reduce to “only” make $50,000 per year on average.

And the $65k was the average, not the maximum.  And they offered sketchy customer service as well:

All in all, nearly $50k a year to make change isn’t a bad deal, considering the abuse some motorists have taken over the years, including:

…threats of violence, vulgarity, and racial slurs have allegedly been directed at drivers (but only on occasion, of course, since most toll takers are of a sunny disposition, as most motorists can attest). And then there are the booth inhabitants who woo female motorists with sexy talk about strip searches and flashing.

View complaints here.

How did we get to this state?!