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On Christian Celebrities

Of course I want celebrities to be authentically saved and serve the kingdom (e.g., Kirk Cameron), and if authentic Christians become famous that’s great, too (e.g., Tim Tebow).  But far too often these aren’t authentic conversions, and even if they are, the growth of the Christians is stunted because fans want to cling to the celebrity part.  But just because you memorize and act out scripts well or are a good athlete doesn’t mean you get a free pass on the hard work of discipleship.

Great points about the lack of discernment for many on this topic: Embracing Christian Celebrities

When will we stop acting like teenaged girls who just received the latest edition of Tiger Beat? Maybe, just maybe we could learn to put the brakes on our desire to shriek, “Mark Wahlburg goes to church.” He sure does; a Roman Catholic church. When it was discovered that Carrie Underwood attends an Evangelical Church, the Christian news sites were agog. It was months later we discovered she supports gay marriage. At the very least, can we proceed with caution before we give our public endorsement of the latest celebrity conversion? • Let’s find out what church or denomination they belong to. If it is wonky, stop the presses. • If they have no accountability, they should not have our endorsement. • Let’s give them time to mature. If they endure in the faith for more than five minutes without tarnishing their profession, then perhaps we can make a big deal out of it. • Let’s give them time to bear fruit and not bare themselves. • Let’s vet them as much as we vet our pastors. Granted, a celebrity spokesperson is not the same as a local elder, but he or she has a higher visibility than a preacher. Let’s make sure they don’t bring shame to the name of Jesus because we have standards that are lower than Lil’ Wayne’s pants. Should our born-again celebrity brothers and sisters make it through the vetting process, let’s make sure that we are more enamored with Jesus than with Hollywood stars. After all, we are Christians, not groupies. Embracing celebrity Christians has to stop.



A terrific brochure: The Truth About Planned Parenthood.  Please read and share!

Great perspective on the most offensive verse in the Bible.  Use it when people try to play the “gotcha” game on politically correct issues.  You’ll not only be standing up for the truth (yes, homosexual behavior is a sin), but you’ll be using it to segue to the broader Gospel message.

“The most offensive thing I believe is Genesis 1:1, and everything it implies.

“That is, I believe in a sovereign Creator who is Lord and Definer of all. Everything in the universe — the planet, the laws of physics, the laws of morality, you, me — everything was created by Another, was designed by Another, was given value and definition by Another. God is Creator and Lord, and so He is ultimate. That means we are created and subjects, and therefore derivative and dependent.
“Therefore, we are not free to create meaning or value. We have only two options. We can discover the true value assigned by the Creator and revealed in His Word, the Bible; or we can rebel against that meaning.
“Any time you bring up questions about any of these issues, you do so from one of two stances. You either do it as someone advocating and enabling rebellion against the Creator’s design, or as someone seeking submissive understanding of that design. You do it as servant or rebel. There is no third option.

University shocked when Muslim espouses Islam’s view of homosexuals – they assumed that their enemy’s (Christianity) enemy (Islam) would be their friend.  Not so.  I think they are just afraid of criticizing Islam, so they go for the safe target, Christianity – even though we’ve done more to elevate women than any other worldview.

I guess the pass given to Islam shouldn’t surprise me.  The political left is just as willfully blind to the way Islam and Muslims treat women.  Women who are suspected of shaming their family’s name are beaten, maimed, or killed with the approval of their societies and even their own family.  But trying to prevent mothers from killing their pre-born children is somehow a war on women.

A couple links from Glenn’s Random Apostasies and Heresies . . .

Pat Robertson Claims Second-Hand Goodwill Sweaters Might Carry Demons — Thanks, false teacher Pat Robertson, for continuing to make Christianity look bad.

Tony Jones goes full-blown false teacher by denying the need for the cross (among other things).  The good news is that Jones got too warm and took off the sheep’s clothing. Now he is an unapologetic, open wolf and is unveiled for all to see.

Also note that false teacher Jay Bakker (son of Jim and Tammy Faye) said “Would you agree that the Bible is a flawed collection of writings?”  I love when false teachers out themselves like that.

1 Thessalonians 2:13 And we also thank God continually because, when you received the word of God, which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but as it actually is, the word of God, which is at work in you who believe.

First Baptist of Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress’ Powerful Response to Tebow Controversy – this has turned out well for them and the proclamation of the Gospel.  I think Tebow is still a good guy but he wimped out here.  Hopefully he’ll do better next time. 

Folks, our response to Tim Tebow caving in to the “Gay Thought Police” is coming soon. Here is First Baptist Church of Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress’ wonderful response to the controversy Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013 at the church. It has been very encouraging to watch Jeffress (with God’s help) so effortlessly turn “lemons into lemonade” on this story. When even “TMZ Live” sides with Pastor Jeffress over Tebow on the story (a TMZ host said Tebow “wussed out on this one”), you know something interesting is afoot in the culture. My sense is that even as “gay power” grows in America — with all its accompanying intolerance and anti-Christian bigotry — there is also rising a societal disgust with speech-stifling political correctness. Maybe truly hate-filled homosexual militants like Wayne Besen (who smears Jeffress as a “hate pastor” HERE) are actually helping the pro-family movement. Let’s hope so.

Kind, loving, tolerant “reverend” says Al Mohler is just like a Muslim terrorist because he holds the same view about marriage that Obama did until just a few months ago.  Fortunately HuffPo allowed comments that eviscerated the wolf’s attack.

10 Reasons to Quit Soft Drinks – or at least only drink them sparingly.

This speaks volumes.  When business people have to cut expenses, they cut non-essentials first and minimize the impact to customers.  The government should minimize the impact to taxpayers, but instead Obama & Co. are deliberately and unnecessarily making our lives more miserable and dangerous simply to convince the masses that we still aren’t spending enough.

Southern Poverty Law Center Silent as Floyd Corkins’ Plea Agreement Confirms: SPLC ‘Hate’ List Guided Him to Family Research Council

Potential mass-murderer and deranged LGBT activist Floyd Corkins used the Southern Poverty Law Center’s spurious “hate” list to target FRC.

“Floyd Corkins II, 28, acknowledged in a plea agreement that he intended to kill as many people as possible during the August shooting at the Family Research Council. He also planned to target other organizations that oppose gay marriage if he wasn’t stopped.

Corkins intended to smear the sandwiches in the faces of his victims to make a statement about gay rights opponents, he acknowledged during a hearing Wednesday.” — AP report on Corkins’ plea deal


UK midwives protest ruling forcing them to perform abortions — this is getting more and more common.  Religious freedom: You’re doin’ it wrong.  The Obama administration is forcing religious organizations to pay for birth control, some of which are abortifacients.  This is unconscionable.  At least the Supreme Court got one thing right as far as the hiring practices of religious groups.

A summary of Dr. Laura’s Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands — this is just the intro — be sure to read the entire post.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger has written another book that deserves a place on the best seller list with six of her other books, such as Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives and Ten Stupid Things Men Do to Mess Up Their Lives. The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, from this unmarried man’s perspective, is an excellent manual for women on how to get want they want from men and marriage and, generally, how to be happy. Dr. Laura makes a number of important, practical points, based on her experience in private practice, from advising her radio callers, and from literally hundreds of letters and emails she received from men and women while she was writing the book.

Barack Obama fought the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which protected infants who survived abortions from being murdered, but the media calls Rick Santorum the extremist?!

Peer-reviewed paper in medical journal challenges Darwinian evolution — Wait, that can’t be right!  Everyone knows that there is no such thing as that.

A new article by Dr. Joseph Kuhn of the Department of Surgery at Baylor University Medical Center, appearing in the peer-reviewed journal Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings, poses a number of challenges to both chemical and biological evolution. Titled “Dissecting Darwinism,” the paper begins by recounting some of the arguments raised during the Texas State Board of Education debate that challenged chemical and biological evolution. Those challenges include:

1. Limitations of the chemical origin of life data to explain the origin of DNA
2. Limitations of mutation and natural selection theories to address the irreducible complexity of the cell
3. Limitations of transitional species data to account for the multitude of changes involved in the transition.

Why do people hate Tim Tebow? Why do people want Tim Tebow to fail? — It is interesting watching the haters get so riled up about Tim Tebow.  Why wouldn’t feminists want a guy like Tebow, who would be faithful to them, have their long-term best interests at heart, not want to take away their purity, not risk them having to get a disease, an abortion or to be a single parent?  One pro-abortion group tried to raise funds by asking people to donate money for each touchdown pass Tebow makes, so they could somehow profit from his success.  He is similar to Sarah Palin in that his life and story mock the pro-abortion theme that we need to kill the unborn if they aren’t perfect or wanted.

Your tax dollars at work: The administration of the most pro-abortion President ever thought that taxpayer-funded abortions in the U.S. weren’t enough.  They needed to increase abortions in Kenya as well and hired surrogates to spread their message.  It stills sickens me to hear alleged pro-lifers rationalize their vote for Obama.

Stan does his usual excellent work in examining this comment by William Lane Craig:

The counterfactuals of creaturely freedom which confront Him are outside His control. [God] has to play with the hand He has been dealt. — William Lane Craig

Craig is really good but isn’t perfect.  That was a truly odd comment of him to make, but when you peel back the layers it is actually consistent with his worldview.  Whether it is Arminianism or Molinism, they leave the final say to humans on many issues.

MLK, Jr believed homosexuals could –and should– change — Oh noes — what will the fake Christians do with that fact? Oh, they’ll just say he would have changed his mind, just like Jesse went from pro-life to pro-abortion.

Yet another reason to like Tim Tebow

He even does prison ministry, including talking one-on-one to literally hundreds of death row inmates.

A funny bit via Doctors Recommended that Tim Tebow Be Aborted – Blog – Eternal Perspective Ministries.

He started the season as the third-stringer, and everyone freaked out. Then he got a start and won, and everyone freaked out. Then in his second start, he played horribly and got crushed, and everyone freaked out. Then he went on a winning streak, and everyone freaked out. Then he went on a losing streak, and everyone freaked out. Then he won a playoff game, and everyone freaked out.

Victim count: football scouts, football media, Tebow haters, Tebow supporters, John Fox, John Elway, his teammates, me, you. At some point along the way, he’s made everyone look stupid…

Brett Favre used to be the go-to name for members of the sports media in need of a column or segment topic. But he went away, and the collective football media panicked. Fortunately, in stepped Tebow. This alone could turn thousands of grateful sports media members to religion. And I’m as guilty as anyone else. In the past two months, I’ve written approximately 127 Tebow columns. But I’ve also started tithing. Thanks Tim!

…Will a wholesome, handsome ex-football star who can draw the religious vote and appeal to the tens of millions of Oprah-loving pop psychologists win 51 percent of the vote in the 2024 presidential election? No, he will win 91 percent of the vote in the 2024 presidential election. The 9 percent who don’t vote for him will just be hard-core Raiders, Chargers, Chiefs, Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Ron Paul fans.

…He can’t be stopped. He can’t be killed. He just keeps coming for you. Coming for us all. He doesn’t want to kill you. He doesn’t want to eat your flesh. He just wants to win. He’s the world’s first wholesome, positive zombie. The only screams you’ll hear are his … celebrating another touchdown.

Pro-choicers tend to hate Tebow because of his faith and because his life shows one of the many errors of their philosophy.  His mother was encouraged to abort him because he might have medical problems — as if we would kill human beings outside the womb for those reasons!

Having said that, it is creepy when some Christians seem to worship him.  He’s a great guy and an amazing role model, but still not Jesus.  Yes, God is sovereign, but it isn’t like He is going to make sure that Tebow completes every pass he throws.  I’m glad that they are rooting for Tebow, but I hope they use his example to get out and impact the lives around them for Christ.

It is sadly ironic that pro-choice women would oppose him.  Why wouldn’t they want to hold him up as a role model?  He wouldn’t try to have sex with them outside of marriage and take their innocence and purity.  He wouldn’t use them for his pleasure and not commit to them.  He wouldn’t encourage them to have an abortion if they got pregnant.  And on and on.

I’ve been a Steelers fan for 40 years and rooted for them last Sunday, but I have to admit that I was by far the least disappointed I’ve ever been at one of their losses.


Great summary by Steven: Flap Over Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad Shows Pro-Abortion Side’s True Colors — you can see the commercial there as well.  I also enjoyed Randy’s commentary.

See the background at Focus on the Family.  I highly encourage everyone to watch the video interview with the Tebows. 

Hard to believe the NOW-types couldn’t just let it drop and had to complain that the ad promoted domestic violence, and of course they were more incensed about this ad than the Go-Daddy bits. 

Betty White & Abe Vigoda = best Super Bowl Commercial.  2nd place = the Doritos dog collar gag (our dogs wear Invisible Fence collars so we can relate).

Did Sarah Palin write a few notes in the palm of her hand for a speech?  If so, who cares?  If anyone makes fun of her, just remind them how far superior Palin’s retention and communication skills are relative to President Teleprompter.

And Hillbuzz makes a good point about how savvy Palin is about getting ahead of issues and mocking the far Left with them. Enjoy the pictures.

President Obama mispronounced corpsman as “corpse man” three times in a speech.  I doubt anyone who only watches the mainstream media (sans Fox) even knows that.  I’m quick to forgive slips of the tongue, but this would have been played for decades if it was President Bush — just as people still remember Dan Quayle for the “potatoe” incident.  Only Obama’s gaffe was far worse.

Planned Parenthood’s star spokespeople can’t finish their sentences. I’ll help.

From Planned Parenthood responds to Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad:

Tim Tebow‘s controversial planned Super Bowl commercial for the Christian group Focus on the Family is drawing an ad response from Planned Parenthood. The group released an online public service announcement with former NFL player Sean James and Olympic gold medalist Al Joyner directly addressing the Tebow spot slated to air during CBS’s telecast of Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7.

Just more evidence that they aren’t pro-choice, they are pro-abortion. 

In the ad, Pam Tebow, mother of the former Florida Gators quarterback’s mother, is expected to recount how she chose to ignore doctor’s advice to consider an abortion and chose to give birth to her Heisman Trophy-winning son instead.

Said James in the minute-long PSA: “There’s a lot of talk leading up to the Super Bowl about an ad focused on sports and family. The ad features a great football player, Tim Tebow, and his loving mother discussing a difficult medical decision she made for her family. I respect and honor Mrs. Tebow’s decision. My mom showed me that women are strong and wise.

Many women are strong and wise.  But what does that have to do with whether they should be able to have their unborn children destroyed?

And why open his mouth at all?  Mrs. Tebow made a choice.   If you really respect her choice, why post a rebuttal?

She taught me that only women can make the best decisions about their health and their future.

Complete the sentence: “She taught me that only women can make the best decisions about their health and their future and be able to have their unborn children crushed and dismembered.”

As that sentence and those following show, these folks just spout platitudes that no one would disagree with if the real meaning didn’t involve unrestricted abortion on demand.  Remember, it is a scientific fact that a new human being is created at conception.

We’re working toward the day when every woman will be valued.

Nearly 100% of gender selection abortions are done for the sole purpose of killing female human beings because they are female.  How does that lead us towards valuing every woman?

How does it value women to tell them that to be equal to men they must be legally able (and willing?) to have their unborn children killed?

Where every woman’s decision about her health and family will be respected.

And what would that decision be?  Complete the sentence: “Where every woman’s decision to abort her child will be respected.”

Joyner says Super Bowl weekend is a “perfect time” to honor both sports and family. But he adds: “I want my daughter to live in a world where everyone’s decisions are respected.

Complete the sentence: ” . . . where everyone’s decisions to have their unborn children eliminated are respected.”  But what if the father wants to have the child?  Is his decision respected? 

My daughter will always be my little girl. But I’m proud every day as I watch her grow up to be her own person.

Complete the sentence: “But I’m proud every day as I watch her grow up to be her own person and have the legal right to have my grandchildren destroyed.”

A smart, confident young woman. I trust her to take care of her itself.

Complete the sentence: “I trust her to take care of her itself and eliminate her unborn children if she doesn’t want them for any reason.”

We celebrate families by supporting our mothers, by supporting our daughters, by trusting women.”

Complete the sentence: “We celebrate families by supporting our mothers‘ right to abort their children for any reason, by supporting our daughters‘ right to abort their children for any reason, by trusting women to abort their children for any reason.”

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards issued a statement Wednesday saying the group “respects the ability of every woman,” including Pam Tebow, “to make important personal medical decisions for herself and her family.

Complete the sentence:  “respects the ability of every woman to make important personal medical decisions for herself and her family including the right to have part of that family destroyed for any reason.”

But if Focus on the Family has its way, “millions of women would no longer be able to make important personal medical decisions for themselves and their families when it comes to abortion,” she said.

Hey, she actually mentioned abortion!  And yes, I oppose “important medical decisions” that result in innocent human beings dying.

There is a reason they don’t spell out what they really mean.


Another global warming lie: Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen.   But just because these guys have been caught in amazing, fantastically expensive lies that they personally profited from doesn’t mean you can’t trust them, right?

Question: Would every Liberal-controlled school system be better if a hurricane hit it?  Answer: Probably.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan, one of the Chicagoans brought to Washington for “The Golden Age of Hope and Change” (aka, “The Unmitigated Disaster of Unprecedented Proportions”), said recently that “the best thing to ever happen to the school system in New Orleans was Hurricane Katrina”.

He’s right.

New Orleans public schools were terrible before Katrina.  Post-disaster, they were rebuilt from the ground up, along a charter school model that’s already showing great progress.

I’m actually glad to see NOW — the National Organization of (un-aborted) Women — protesting Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl Commercial, as it will draw more attention to it. 

So, the point is that people who think Roe vs. Wade should be overturned lose their right to free speech? Does this principle apply to all Supreme Court decisions? If so, I guess we’d better get started on the Obama impeachment hearings, after the embarrassing disrespect he showed the Supreme Court during the State of the Union address.

. . .

It’s nostalgic to read a press release from NOW again. The organization was last seen sinking into the bubbling tar of the Clinton impeachment saga, babbling incomprehensibly about how sexual harassment really isn’t such a big deal when pro-abortion Democrat presidents do it.

. . .

The Tebows are not planning to use their Super Bowl minutes for a sermon, or to impose their views on anyone. They only want their chance to testify that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not an equation that balances out to zero.

Homophobia is the “irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals.”  It applies to a remarkably small number of people, none of whom I have ever met.  It is a petty, childish putdown used by those who try to silence others who dare to criticize anything about homosexual behavior.  These people can’t argue an issue on its merits so they resort to personal attacks.

Sadly, the attacks are often effective.   Immoral and illogical, but effective.  What many people do suffer from is the rational fear that they will be called a homophobe.  Because of that, they don’t dare to share the truth of God’s word or to oppose things like teaching 5 year olds how “normal” homosexual behavior is.


STUNNING ADMISSION: UK scientists admit they make up data for political reasons to support Church of Global Warming

This story is getting absolutely no coverage here in the US, but it’s stunning to us.

UK scientists are actually admitting they make up data to promote the Church of Global Warming, because they “want to put political pressure on governments”.  So, these people invent data, such as the reports on Himalayan glacier shrinkage, create a global hysteria, dupe the Nobel Prize Committee into handing out a meritless award for research that is fabricated and fatally flawed, and the US media deigns not to report any of it.

The Nobel Prize, at this juncture, has essentially become no more prestigious than something found at the bottom of a Cracker Jacks box.

And not even one of the good prizes, like the fake tattoos or a decoder ring.

Tim Tebow already catching flak from pro-aborts regarding his Super Bowl ad.  Good for him.  This will cost him much in the way of endorsements, but he is making a case for life and his faith in a very public way.  How ironic that pro-aborts insist on the choice to kill innocent human beings but can’t live with the choice not to watch a commercial they don’t like.  Oh, the humanity!

And note the silence of NOW and other “feminist” groups on all the other commercials that objectify women. 

Bizarro world and illegal feticide: Lady charged with crime for deliberately falling downstairs to end her pregnancy, while an abortion would have been completely legal.

Quote of the week by Mark Steyn that highlights just how in denial the Democrats are.   Good news for Conservatives, I suppose.  (Hat tip: Wintery Knight)

In that interview about how he hadn’t given enough interviews, he also explained to George Stephanopoulos what that wacky Massachusetts election was all about:“The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office,” said Obama. “People are angry and they’re frustrated, not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

Got it. People are so angry and frustrated at George W. Bush that they’re voting for Republicans. In Massachusetts.

Great witness by Drew Brees — Go Saints!


Touching story about the “female Oskar Schindler,” Irena Sendler, who risked her life saving thousands of Jewish people in WWII. 

Looking forward to this one: Confirmed: Tim Tebow Superbowl Ad Set to Run 

No details have been released regarding the content of the ad.  Many consider it likely, however, that the ad will be related to Pam Tebow’s decision to carry her son to term after she had contracted amoebic dysentery while she was serving as a Christian missionary in the Philippines. Doctors urged her to have an abortion because drugs she took to combat the disease might have affected her baby’s development; she ignored their recommendation and gave birth a perfectly healthy child.

Tim Tebow, who was home schooled before becoming a college football star and is well known for marking his eye black with scriptural verses, has also been involved in his family’s Christian ministry.  Last year he made headlines when, in response to a reporter asking him if he was “saving himself” for marriage, he said that he was.

If you already exercise regularly then ignore this.  If not, ask yourself this: What if you had walked 3 times per week for 20-30 minutes for all of 2009?  Would you feel better?  Would you have regreted the time spent?  Would you have developed relationships with a walking partner?  And so on. 

Let that be an encouragement to do something in 2010 and for the rest of your life.  You don’t have to be a triathlete.  Just do something and do it regularly.

Interesting: Fox News carries 100% of both Coakley’s and Brown’s speeches, but MSNBC and CNN carry several times more of Coakley’s than Brown’s.  But Fox has the bias, right? 

Great reminder from Stan that Christians should love, give and serve with joy and not (just) out of duty.