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Subsidies hurt everyone, but mostly the poor

This should be a common ground issue, But none of the Leftist or RINO politicians will fight them.  Via: So Jeb! now wants to phase out sugar subsidies:

This story is one which delves into some of the dustier corners of the political closet, particularly in Florida. One of the major powerhouses down there in terms of political clout is the sugar industry. They have some of the most well funded lobbyists in the country and their influence weighs heavy on plenty of elections. This is a long running thorn in the side of conservatives because the sugar industry relies heavily on big subsidies and government support programs so they can fight off competition from foreign producers. The crony capitalism is thick in the air around a couple of families who control the industry and they’ve had their hooks into plenty of politicians from both parties. Marco Rubio has taken a lot of cash from these guys and still supports subsidies for them, but this week Jeb! Bush seemed to finally take a stand after years of similar behavior and said that he’s in favor of “phasing out” such subsidies.

Subsidies are pure Crapitalism, keeping deep-pocketed donors rich, prices high, and competitors out of the market.  They need to end.  Every one of them should have, say, a 3-5 year phase-out so as not to be overly disruptive to the marketplace.