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Sojo blog ignores union incivility and more

What a shocker!  The false teaching ghouls who blamed Sarah Palin and TEA Partiers for the Arizona shootings before the bodies were cold have been silent on the union bullying, death threats and violence.  What happened to the passion for civility?  What happened to the charges of racism against TEA Partiers because they were mostly white even though the union protesters are nearly all white?  What hypocrites.

Here’s all I could find on the Sojourners blog — via God in Wisconsin: Scott Walker’s Misguided ‘Obedience’ – Diana Butler Bass

Scott Walker is neither Roman Catholic nor a mainline churchgoer. The son of a Baptist pastor, born in Colorado Springs, the heartland of the Religious Right, Walker is a member of Meadowbrook Church in Wauwatosa, a non-denominational evangelical church. Meadowbrook’s statement of faith, a fairly typical boilerplate of conservative evangelical theology, includes beliefs in biblical inerrancy, sin, exclusive salvation through Christ, and eternal damnation.

Eek!  Biblical views!  Hey, maybe Miss Bass will take the book seriously and become a Christian one day.  She doesn’t believe in sin?  Then how can she criticize anyone for anything?  She doesn’t believe in exclusive salvation through Christ?  Jesus sure did, as did his followers, who noted it over 100 times in the New Testament.

And hey, isn’t it a bad thing to criticize other religions?  And I do mean “other,” because Wallis, Currie et al aren’t preaching true Christianity.  The Sojo blog has many posts boo-hooing the questioning of Islam yet nothing about the Wisconsin unions — other than support for them.  The author thinks it is biblical for us to ask Caesar to do the work of the church.


*False teachers include people like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis and race-baiting Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie

Yea for Wisconsin!

See Entitlement Rage: The Scene in Wisconsin When the Bill Passed | Verum Serum.

Watch the video.  Sure looks like a lot of angry white people.  Must be racists.  At least that was the meme about TEA Partiers.  Isn’t it odd that the mainstream media has ignored racial composition with this issue?

This is what happens when people get entitlements: They behave like that when you try to take away just a small portion of them.  Lessons learned: Don’t give them to begin with, because they are counterproductive.  Make sure you win when they use these violent and immature responses, otherwise you’ll encourage further bad behavior.

It is so sad that private sector people root for these spoiled government employees.  They are the ones driving up your taxes and giving you lousy service in return.  As noted separately, Texas — a non-union state — outscores Wisconsin on all student test scores when broken down by race.

Democrats own the unions, and unions own the Democrats.  Now is the time for any adults in government to curb public sector unions.

Oh, and about those Fleebaggers — if those were Republicans wouldn’t the Left be going on endlessly about dereliction of duty, etc.?  If the Republicans can’t milk the Wisconsin thing through 2012 they need to fire the whole marketing department.