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Roxanne asks on FaceBook:

If nearly 75% of tea party activists attended college, compared to 54% of Americans, how is it that we are the uneducated rubes that the liberal media keeps telling us that we are?

Why don’t pro-choicers support school choice?

Check out Stand to Reason’s new teen site — great stuff.

Quote of the year, so far:

If I could create one job in the private sector by helping to grow a business, that’s one more than Congress has created in the last six months. Sen. Evan Bayh (D)

Caught on Video: Obama Brazenly Lying About Relationship With ACORN — surprised?

Unholy Trinity Guns for Toyota — good analysis on the overreaction of the government to Toyota as compared to similar safety issues with GM.

Pro-Lifer Faces Knife, Saves Life of Unborn Child — did you catch that on the mainstream media?  Not likely.

Who is really anti-choice?

circle-slash.jpgWhen Liberals refer to me as “anti-choice” I realize it is a predictable personal attack to make it sound like I’m anti-freedom.  As usual, they aren’t finishing their sentences (anti-choice to do what?) and they are ignoring that another human being gets killed when one of the alternatives is chosen. 

My first reaction is that I am not ashamed to be anti-choice, provided that they mean “anti-choice to crush and dismember innocent human beings (regular abortions) or anti-choice to stick a sharp instrument in a baby’s head and suck out her brains (partial-birth abortions, aka infanticide) or anti-choice to let born-alive abortion surviving babies die in closets (the method of infanticide protected by Barack Obama).”

The ironic thing is that other than the legalized destruction of innocent human beings these folks are really the ones who are anti-choice:

Anti-school choice (whether it is the choice of which public school to attend or the option of home schooling)

Anti-choice of parents to know if their children are receiving birth control at school

Anti-choice of parents to know if their children are having an abortion, which involves great physical and mental risks to their daughters in addition to destroying their grandchildren

Anti-choice for medical professionals not to perform abortions or dispense abortion pills

Anti-choice to own guns

Anti-choice of the unborn to determine if they can live

Anti-choice for secret union ballots

Anti-choice to access conservative radio shows

Anti-choice to teach the flaws of Darwinian evolutionary theory

Anti-choice of people to choose how they want health care insured or provided

Anti-choice on the voters of America to decide social issues democratically

Let’s just say that consistency on the “choice” topic isn’t their strong suit.

What others am I missing?