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Privatize Social Security

Lotteries are illegal unless the government runs them, and so are pyramid schemes like Social security.

For most people, the government extracts over 15% of their pay for FICA.  Technically, half comes from the employee and half from the employer, but of course the employer could give it to the employee since it is already part of their total payroll costs.

So if Social Security were privatized you could invest a full 10% of your pay in a personal account and the government would still have over 5% of your pay for general welfare.  But that isn’t enough for them!  Most people pay more in FICA than they do in Federal Taxes (again, when including the employer portion).

If business leaders published financial statements the way the government does with respect to FICA receipts they would be put in jail.  Enron pales by comparison.

Remember, Social Security programs may be good public policy if administered properly, but they don’t qualify as individual compassion.  That is a foundational mistake of liberalism: Taking other people’s money at the barrel of a gun and considering it compassion on your part. 

And I’m not being dramatic.  What do you think happens if people don’t pay taxes?  Does the government just try to reason with them?  No, they take away your property and/or your freedom, and they will point a gun at you and take you “hostage” if they have to.  I always wonder how pacifists ignore this when they are demanding government taxation and controls. 

Real compassion is donating money out your wallet. 

Am I saying that we should let old people die in the streets?  Of course not.  But there is a much better way than continuing the lies and the pyramid scheme that is destined to fail.

Why is it that liberal politicians are pro-choice when the “choice” is to crush and dismember an innocent human being, but anti-choice when it is (allegedly) your retirement money, the school your kids attend, etc.?