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I know this is stating the obvious, but it bears repeating: Obama supports abortion tax in Senate healthcare plan.  He and other Democrats lied over and over about this. 

877 snowfall records were set last week in the USA — and several other reasons why the AGW (“global warming”) hypothesis has been falsified.

Keep in mind that some of the “haters” the media shows you are fakes

Charter Schools: Why Can’t Republicans Make This Issue A Winner? — read it all.  These schools are better for the kids and would be a great issue to highlight why conservative principles succeed.

Republicans do a lot of hand wringing, trying to figure out how to make the Republican Party and conservative governance relevant to the minority community. (This is New Orleans, remember, and the public school system is 95% African-American.) Charter schools are a way to do it without pandering. People will notice when their children achieve in school. And rather than wasting taxpayer dollars, it just makes sense to spend it raising a more educated and more employable voter. 

Sophie B. Wright Middle School was a typical Orleans Parish public school. It had failed utterly, to the point that the School Board was considering closing it and using the physical plant as an alternative high school.

But instead, in 2005, the school became Spohie B. Wright Charter School, headed by Principal Sharon Clark.

In many respects, Wright’s dramatic improvement since it became a charter — it now ranks among the city’s most promising public schools without admissions requirements — illustrates the charter model’s greatest strengths.

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Uses of Stimulus Funds — Yeah, this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind for the Federal Government.  A few:

10.  A $427,824 research grant to design better video games for senior citizens based on their unique “game-play needs”.

7.  Funding a $447,492 Univ. of North Carolina study on the development and use of “African American English” amongst 70 adolescents.

5.  An academic study comparing outcomes of the concurrent and separate use of malt liquor and marijuana ($389, 357).

2.  A $54 million project to relocate one bridge for the Napa Valley Wine Train (!) in order to mitigate the possible impact of a “100 year storm event”.

Roman Polanski ‘overwhelmed by . . . messages of support and sympathy’ (Mostly from Charlie Sheen I’d guess) — Because “award-winning film directors [who] anally rape Qaalude-dosed 13-year-olds” deserve support and sympathy, right? 

While we’re on the ACORN and Roman Polanski topics . . .

 . . . wouldn’t this be a good time to remind everyone how Planned Parenthood aggressively covers up statutory rape and how an Obama “czar” coached a 15 year old boy to stay in a physical relationship with an older man he met at a bus station?

Just as with ACORN, Planned Parenthood pretended that the first video of a volunteer / employee coaching a young girl to hide statutory rape was an isolated incident.  Wrong.  Dozens and dozens of these encounters have been recorded on video and audio.  This has been going on for many years.  And we’re not talking about 18 yr. old guys and 16 yr. old girls.  The examples used are usually more like 32 and 13. 

But Planned Parenthood is getting smarter, though not more ethical.  They posted Lila Rose’s picture so clinic counselors would know if she came in (Rose isn’t stupid, though.  I’m sure she filmed all the spots then start posting them).  That is classic. I wonder if the caption says, “Do not hide statutory rapists for this girl.  But keep up the standard practice for the rest of the underaged victims.”

Your tax dollars at work, people!  Hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Now on to Kevin Jennings, Obama’s “safe schools czar.”  Read this article about how Jennings first tried to deny that he had encouraged a boy to stay with an older man, then became silent on the issue when audio evidence came up that demonstrated he was lying.  Did Obama’s team not investigate Jennings well enough (which would be bad) or did they know this and approve him anyway (which would be really bad)?

Much more on Jennings here.

BTW, Roman Polanski should pay for his crimes.  Regardless of what Whoopi says, statutory rape is still rape.  The guy drugged and raped a 13-year-old!  And he was unrepentant.  He is lucky to be alive.  And how pathetic yet unsurprising that so many Hollywood types are trying to defend him.  If you have the stomach for it, read this article detailing what he did to this poor girl, along with the nauseating defenses offered by some of the most immoral “artistic” people you’ll ever come across.