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Rob Bell = false teacher

Rob Bell is and has beenfalse teacher.  It is interesting how Rob “forgets” that he “just switched” to this position. It is obvious that he always held it but waited until it profited him to admit it. It is another sign of him being a false teaching wolf.

“That’s how the world is and we should affirm that” — Rob Bell on his primary justification for supporting “same-sex marriage.”

Yes, that’s how the world is. And we are not to be like the world. Bell explicitly is following the world.  He is embarrassed of Jesus and the Bible.

He tries to pretend that “same-sex marriage” is no big deal and that we should be focused on other things.  But it is the #1 social issue of our time and quickly eroding religious and political freedoms and splitting the church.

He whines about how people are tired of being expected to be orthodox.  That is the opposite of the Bible.

Run, don’t walk, from false teachers like Bell who just want to please the world.  And warn others of him!